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World IT Consulting -Mumbai/Wiztech Consultancy-Dubai
yagnik July 1, 2011
Do not Join WorldIT-Mumbai/Wiztech-Dubai Company This is inform you all, about WorldIT-Mumbai/Wiztech-Dubai CEO Dinesh K Desai is number one fraud Company. Please do not join the company if you are offered/selected. They take your certificates, passport and then start blackmailing you. He doesn't provide relieving letters at the time of leaving the company. He also doesn't provide positive feedback for your future companies. The main objective of creating this blog is to get awareness of every individual about the fraud company... read full review »
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Smell | Smells | Odor | Smelly | Odors | Rid Smell | Smell Out
NoOdorMobi July 1, 2011
IMTEK is the leader in ecosmart reusable odor removers. Our green deodorizers rid smell without harmful smelly cover-up's. Nasty smells just don’t stand a chance! Our safe people, planet & pet smart smell removers really work to get the smell out. Use Smelleze® Smell Eliminator and smell the difference! read full review »
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North American Spine - DALLAS
NAS Dallas Inquiry July 1, 2011
For those having successful or non-successful surgeries with NAS (Dallas only, please), will you please update your post to let others know if you still feel the same as you did when you posted your initial comments?. I am researching to find the best "fit" for my problem (3 lumbar disc bulges, arthritis - would get the Accurascope procedure) and so far it is NAS in Dallas. A lot of the complaints are for the Dayton NAS or regarding Dr. Rothstein, who can no longer practice in the U.S. and is currently overseas. Please update your... read full review »
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US Elite Gear
us elite sucks July 1, 2011
US Elite Gear is a rip off. I ordered various products from them and they delivered ALL fake items. Upon my search of their company I found out they work out of a office and have no real store, only a online store that they rip people off!!! I would not suggest or recommend to buy anything from this company. The slings I ordered were used. The pouches looked like they came from World War II. The boots arrived crushed in the box that had other writing on it, like it was second hand. Beware of this company, in my opinion they deal with closeouts and second hand items. NOT THE REAL DEAL HERE!!! read full review »
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australian institute of commerce and technology
nai101010 July 1, 2011
Dear sir/ madam i registered with a course a couple of months ago and i found out that different students paid a different price for the course and if i did the course the price of the course would go down, also i paid $11, 990 each student paid a different price, and the standards of this organization is unacceptable i have put a complaint in here and nothing has happened, there are no coffee facilities, they also fail to clean the rooms and toilets remain uncleaned and i am always cleaning the toilet before i sit down because some... read full review »
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Oil of Ulay
Dalia M June 30, 2011
Have been using OOU since donkeys' years now.I bought one more bottle for this month's usage from BigBazaar(Gurgaon).Immediately in a day or two, caught onto the fact that my facial skin is not seeming soft enough.Would like OOU to probe onto this as its never happened before.I repeat I use none other product other than Oil Of Ulay(gentle) on my face for decades now. read full review »
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HireRocket - GeoWeb Jobsa
JSWjr June 30, 2011
I signed up for their online job posting and alert services. After seeing no value in their services over Monster or Careerbuilders, I sent an email requesting cancelation of my account and promptly replied with confirmation of cancelation...THREE TIMES IN THREE MONTHS! After each cancelation confirmation, 30 days later i received an email from the company stating they had again deducted the membership from my account. This most recent email from them was the third deduction from my account which was not authorized. There is no phone number to... read full review »
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Mocha Frappachino
paigevictoria June 30, 2011
I went into Starbucks and they were completly dead, I was standing at the counter for about 5 minutes without any customer service, and finally the woman came over to me and was completly rude. I asked for my Mocha Frappachino in size small and she gave me a rude look and asked why not the large? I was shocked, and just walked out. read full review »
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AIM Technical Consultants
revenator June 30, 2011
Everything here started out fine. My contract stated a paid cell phone plan, the promise of ramping up and managing the very first IT department in this company, and the project manager/operations manager showed such enthusiasm for the future of the company that I was sold after my first interview. I signed a promising contract, was promised a raise after 3 months, and began my employment there. It only took a month for the owner of the company (whom I have never met prior to being hired) to butt heads with my hiring manger before he fired my... read full review »
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beagreen June 30, 2011
I had a set of dentures done by this doctor. It took 4 months before I received anything from him because they would not fit correctly. I did not need to have ant extractions done because all of my teeth had been removed surgically because I had been hospitalized for infections. Medicaid paid for the work to be done and the told me that I needed to have a dedental surgeon cut down the bone in my gums, but theyade no effort to find one that will ecept my insurance. I am a resident in a nursing home and the staff here have not been able to help... read full review »
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JR Right to Bare Legs
D. Banbanaste June 30, 2011
I put in ONE order of right to bare legs almost a year ago. They continued to charge me monthly for supply I did not intend to buy. I was told by customer service I had requested "continual supply" on the web site althought I never did since I wanted to only try out the product for my honeymoon. I was charged 9 times in all and in the end only got a refund after complaining to supervisor for one shipment. I have a whole bunch of supply I don't even want. - sale-bpvxk-2471274808@craigslist.org read full review »
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Manu Srivastava - eGovernments
ManiSS2 June 30, 2011
This guy works for eGovernments and !CLAIMS! to have worked at Oracle and GlobeTrades Inc. This guy is a fraud and is the worse resource. He has psychiatric problems and is unstable. Be careful of Manu Srivastava. read full review »
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Prime Cure Payments
Jaet de Waal June 30, 2011
I upgraded my medical aid at Prosano to the Provider option in 2010.I was told that I could no longer make use of Prime Cure. According to my knowledge all accounts were paid because it was submitted to the Prosano.I learnt only yesterday that there was amount of + - R3000. that is in arrears since 1999. I have never received any accounts nor warnings from Prime Cure who is now demanding the payments from me. I am still waiting for Head office to send me a breakdown. Instead they are threatening with legal action. read full review »
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FUBW June 30, 2011
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Collegiate Entrepeneurs Painting
napplebeeii June 30, 2011
I began working with this company at the end of May (2011) because it seemed like a good summer job, I was promised full time work, and when I was interviewed, the "branch manager" seemed to be capable of doing her job. However, as I sit here a month later writing this I can sincerely say that this 3 weeks of employment was by far the worst experience I have had in the job market. I have been working for the last 7 years doing a variety of jobs but nothing compares to this. After getting hired, I knew that getting paid was based... read full review »
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Canadian Neighbor Company
cwknute June 30, 2011
For several weeks, this site has hacked into my Yahoo email account and sent their website link to contacts in my email "address/contact" list. It has also used my name and Yahoo email address to send emails advertising this fake pharmacy to people I've never heard of. I have tried using the unsubscribe link on their web page but it usually comes up saying that the "Site is active but the server is not accepting now". What can I do to make this go away? read full review »
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rahul_200007 June 30, 2011
Contact:9594225954 Indian Govt Register Hamara Media Network Pvt Ltd Head Office A-506 Kemp Plaza, Mind Space, Off Link Road. Malad, (West) Mumbai-400064 Email : info@hamaraabollywood.com Hamara Media Network Pvt Ltd Company CMD Mr. Rohan Rane This company belong to film industry this is not a fake survey company which are currently operating in india in the name of survey the aim of this company to promote the upcoming bollywood movies as we know producer spend lot of money in... read full review »
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Caltex Oil Company Malaysia
syed asif hussain zahidi June 30, 2011
Appointment Letter Inquiry Respected Sir, I Syed Asif Hussain Zahidi from Pakistan received a mail through Caltex Oil Malaysia Limited that I have got a appointment Letter and they send me a contract/Agreement Letter and advised me to contact with the Ministry of Home affairs for my visa and travelling document. Sir I have 32 years of experience in different fields and holding Bachelor degree in Engineeerring just want to know that is this address which i am giving you is true or false. 1 Is this appointment letter or agreement... read full review »
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pro action diet and herbal cleanse
Ms Denise Powell June 30, 2011
I have only just found out as I have not as yet received my regular monthly bank statement that funds have been removed totally £224.90 from my account for goods that I did not request and receive. As used my card to pay for the postage on free samples of the products and have been charged on two occassions in the same month to the total of the above amount. I have since found out that I am not the only one that has been conned by this company and I think it is absolutely disgusting that it is obviously desperate people like myself that... read full review »
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bagwar software
Hi, Mr. sudarshan he is owner of Bagwar Softwares.He is a very big froud person.he is working in IT Nucleus company Delhi since two year.Company given him a good salary and benefit . MR.Sudarshan ne IT Nucleus ke saare client se unke personal number le le kar unhe phone kiya ki IT Nucleus jo kaam aapka 3000/- mai karti hai wo mai apka 1000/- mai kar dunga aisa karke is froud men ne IT Nucleus ke saare clients se apne personal link bana liye . or comapnay ka saara data raato raat copy kar liya jisme saare bill, clients detail... read full review »
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Binary Semantics - Cheap company and cheap boss
SKhanna June 30, 2011
The boss of this company commonly use very foul and abusing languages and misbehaves with employees. With no shame, he often take employee's mobile and review the call logs which I personally believe is someone's personal life and he has no right to peek in there. He do these things to keep track of which employee is being contacted by which company. He ususally ask his recruiter to call us from various PCO and no. to check if we are looking for change and if s omeone falls into his trap, he stop their salary. I left this company in... read full review »
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nasirj June 30, 2011
i have received this mail in which they offer me job is it true or not? FROM THE DESK OF Mohamed Idris Mansor THE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER HUMAN RESOURCES AND RECRUITMENT PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR KUALU LUMPUR MALAYSIA Attention:NASIR JILANI This is an Affirmation that your Experiences and Qualifications where found suitably qualified after much screening/verification of your cv for the requirements of PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS) MALAYSIA, This document attached embodies the approved Terms for the purpose of thi... read full review »
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xpo-anti aging store .com
english customer June 30, 2011
ordered way back in jan returned goods by return of post as i didnt think they were worth the money (unopened) i returned them as per instructions each month i phoned about my refund of £96 and i was told it would take a while in may i was told i would get a refund then in june i was told it was to late to get one i know this is to late to get my money back but i think something should be done about this also i was on a 30 day free trial and the money was taken out of my bank long befor that read full review »
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Coles Auatralian Sultanas
D Turner June 30, 2011
Funny colour - do not taste right read full review »
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kelvin ho June 29, 2011
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u.s ppresident
mitchpav123 June 29, 2011
and i might add i am a tax payer and just this year already regiserd to vote i demand my rightss with all that i had said read full review »
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the presient of the u.s.a.
mitchpav123 June 29, 2011
my complaint is to him he sayds he keeps on promissing the promisses to the american public about creating jobs and it has ben for over two and a half years now and the unemployent raite keeps on going what i thing that he should be demissed for lying to the american public thats what i want read full review »
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management services
mitchpav123 June 29, 2011
my complaint to them is terminating a person for miss dilvery of items and to my nowledge your not saposed to fire a person for miss deliverly of packes what so ever ithat is reverice descrimonation in my eyes with my mrg. at the time being affircan american and me being caucation and if they dont whant a law suite wich o=i dont with them then the best two ways would eather pay me off on what is comming o me our hire me back at a hire position and thats all i want from them read full review »
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Gabriela L June 29, 2011
There is no tel number to contact and they don't answer emails. chraged my CC but it's over 22 days and medication not arrived. THIS IS THEIR Tel Number, I managed to get it: 1 303-800-6139 read full review »
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carrington cleaners
Mary Totten June 29, 2011
I brought my dress which was purchased from Bebe on June 9th and worn that evening for my birthday party to Carrington on June 10th 2011 to be cleaned and to remove 1 spot that was on the back. I went back to pick the dress up from Carrington on June 13 when they said it would be ready...but it wasn't! The man at the counter said that they had a "problem" with the dress and showed it to me and there was a huge ring around the stain. He said they would clean it a 2nd time and it should take care of the ring/stain. I visited the... read full review »
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Michael S. Minney June 29, 2011
My wife and I purchased a Proform 390 treadmill from Sears in late February 2011. She began having problems with the treadmill, speeding up randomly, which above all else is unsafe. By the time I contacted Proform the 90 day warranty had expired even though there is a 5 year warranty on the motor (which I feel is part of the problem). The people at Proform had me recalibrate the machine and then had me remove the motor cover and reset a reed control, (which was something a technician should be doing, but I am pretty handy so I agreed to do it... read full review »
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Taco Bell / KFC location
Taco Bell / KFC June 29, 2011
I recently visited the Taco Bell / KFC location on, 4727 N. Midkiff Drive, in Midland TX & there was a meal left out of my bag. The manager was a female with tatoos. She was on the tom boyish side kind of look. I explained to the gentleman who took my order that a meal was left out, then this manager approached him & asked what was going on. He xplained & I gave her my prrof of purchase. She then stated that I was lying. That was so offensive. I'm not the typ who is out looking to rip off cmpanys. I invited her to my table to look at my... read full review »
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All Personally Yours
Mona Nava June 29, 2011
I placed my order several weeks ago and I have not received even an email in response to my purchase. Here I am now, a few days before my son's first birthday and I am empty handed. I have tried calling and the voice mail says that all service reps are busy, there is no option to leave a message or a call back number. These people are extremely unprofessional and should not be allowed to sell on the internet if they are not going to hold up their end of the bargain. These reviews would have been much useful to me before placing my order. How can we get these people off of the internet?! read full review »
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Derek Thresher June 29, 2011
I too appear to have been caught.Ordered Attitude EDT (Armani) 4 June.To date nothing.Have emailed and all emails have been acknowledged with various excuses but now see website closed for 'maintenance'!!At least I am heartened that they only seem to take the price rather than whatever they can get from one's card. Have to confess I was surprised at how little they charged for postage (.95p) but I guess thats part of the con. read full review »
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Jörg H. Rothenbuehler
Jörg H. Rothenbuehler June 29, 2011
I am receiving since three months repeated charges of CHF 42.--- under the label "justanswer *doctors, 415-400-7990. I have never received any answer to a one time request three months ago. These charges are billed to my Master Card on the 20.04; 20.05 and 20.062011. I contest these charges read full review »
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pacific health
Recon June 29, 2011
I receive at least 1 call per day. most of the time they call between 11:00am and 1:00pm est. Today was the first time i was home and felt like finding out why they were calling me. The "lady" was not kind, she was rude and mean and when i asked her to put my number on the "do not call" list. She said "i dont wanna do that for you" and she hung up read full review »
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Ariella843 June 29, 2011
i stumbled up this website Romanovilla and i purchased a Monogram Artsy MM handbag i had my doubts when ordering but they assured me authenticity and if i didnt like it i had 14 days to send it back which totally bought me! i recieved my handbag and i love it, just as they said i would. i enjoyed my handbag until recently the zipper broke so i took it to an LV store and had them repair it. they now have a customer for life.!! read full review »
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Underscore panties
D Lynch June 29, 2011
These are junk. I bought 2 packages and they have not lasted 6 months. The elastic separates and ravels out. One pair developed a slit midway between the front and side. I sure am not happy with this product and will never buy them again. I do like the feel and fit of them but they are not worth the money. read full review »
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lawdo1 June 29, 2011
Do not buy from this company! I sent them money and never received anything! SHOESLEAGUE.COM add to your list of scammers in China! read full review »
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nikefromch June 29, 2011
I found this website: http://www.nike-sneaker.com. They sale nike (wholesale) from China. They take Payment by westernunion or bank transfer saves you 10% on the total order since those payment types don't cost us anything to process. I want to start an online business and would like to know if this is a scam before I buy anything from them. They also have this other store: http://www.discount-cheap.net/index...c2b5f25854e83d Has anyone heard anything from these two sites? Here is their contact info: Eshop China... read full review »
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