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TTC Marketing
Alan Snipes July 7, 2011
I was terminated by this company by accusing me of fraud when no such thing existed. They made up a reason to fire me and did not even discuss the issue with me before deciding to terminate me. I was on the phone with a customer and because the customer never terminated the call I was accused of fraud. My computer screen never indicated the customer was not on the line but they had made their decision befroe even talking to me. read full review »
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lilian88 July 7, 2011
i will letter read full review »
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orient skyland trading FZCO
donntisbe July 7, 2011
Last week, I informed my managers that I will be going back to my country to see my father who is in the hospital and is suffering from a stage 4 cancer, my family informed me that the doctors tell them that my father is not going to live any longer as to the severity of the illness. Now I already made a booking for a flight home which I paid by myself and then they told me that they will not release my passport due to an issue regarding one of our company customers was not able to pay some credit balance to the company. My question is, do... read full review »
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andrew hall
erica dunnnes July 7, 2011
i dont want to get into specifics but about mar, apr i booked a couple of training session with this personal trainer andrew hall i went to about half of the ones i had actually paid for because i got tired of him coming onto me, and i felt harressed ... good luck read full review »
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Sweetley Salon
Emy_chick July 7, 2011
Never have I ever been treated with such disrespect and never have I been made feel the way that I felt today when I walked out ten minutes into what was supposed to be an hour long facial at Sweetley Salon in North Hills, CA. I have been coming to this Salon for a couple of months now to get my nails done, waxing, etc. I work in the area, the prices are ok. A very friendly Tracy always welcomes and accommodates the customers|. Today was a completely different experience that made me wonder if perhaps I'm not the first who this ha... read full review »
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urban July 7, 2011
Healthhaven.com or Health Haven and its thieving owner Larry McElhinney are currently ripping people off by promising fraudulently to provide advertising services that provide visitors and high quality backlinks to your website while they are banned from Google's search engine. Here is their pitch : Pay-Per-Day™ Advertiser Benefits...Advertise your entire website for as little as $1 per day. Our unique system uses a proprietary technique called 'Indexed Advertising'. Here's how it works: Our spider... read full review »
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Dr. Rakesh Bansal (Skin Specialist) is a doctor in ESI hospital Okhla Ph-I Room No:101. He is a very angry man and he has no sense how to talk with patient and if he feels unable to attend the patient he used to shout on them and said that I have no medicine to cure your illness just show it another doctor or hospital. He mostly says the female patient to show me where is your problem (When the female patient is not feel comfortable to show him that part which actually suffered). He misbehaves with them. Dr. Rakesh Bansal has no sense how to talk with patients. read full review »
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timex watch ltd
sanat kumar July 7, 2011
Sir, 1. This is a complaint against Timex group India limited which sells watches of Timex brand in India. 2. I had purchased a Timex watch (Brand: T2N289) on 21OCT 10 with a warantee period of 02 years from the authorised dealers of Timex watches namely Timex Showroom 1317, Jangali Maharaj Road, Pundol Building, Opposite Modern High School, Pune, Maharashtra 411005 020 2553 9210 () ‎ 3. Though the watch was mentioned by the seller to be automatic in all features like 24 hr system, day, date, month and year. 4.it wa... read full review »
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air jordan shoes
gkingmart1 July 6, 2011
this is company wholesale air jordan shoes, nike shoes, handbags, t-shirt, sunglasses and so on read full review »
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foreman mills
maria small July 6, 2011
I was in foreman mills store today on July 6, 2011 about 4:00 until 5:00 one whole hour in line today in Lanham Maryland and experience the worst department store customer service. I stood in line along with so many other customers and their was no manager or other cashiers around to help the other cashier. It was only one line open and one cashier working by her self and her attitude suck with the customer that was ahead of this lady and i was who she was given attitude toward.The young lady in line with me ask for the manager and when the... read full review »
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Covers.com Expert picks
GilbertSam July 6, 2011
Covers Experts picks are anything but expert. They continuously lose, but worst of all, they continuously lie about their records or their streaks. Everybody on the site claims to be 6-0 or 10-1, or some BS like that. I bought their picks three times. First time 1-4, second tome 3-3, third time 1-4 again! I can take losses, but every time, for the next ten days, they advertsised that they were 8-1 or 7-0 or 71% or something like that. This was a complete lie. Covers.com is the shadiest, most dishonest website I have ever visited. Do yourself a... read full review »
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Cruz (born Jacob Taio Cruz on 23 April 1983) is an English singer-songwriter, record producer, occasional rapper, and entrepreneur.[1] In 2008, he released his debut album Departure, which Cruz wrote, arranged and produced himself. It achieved initial success in the UK and earned him a MOBO Award nomination. In June 2010, Cruz released his follow-up album Rokstarr, which includes the number one singles "Break Your Heart" and "Dynamite". In November 2010, Cruz collaborated with Kylie Minogue and Travie McCoy on his single... read full review »
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Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet
Salex July 6, 2011
Took my mother to lunch at Hibachi Grill. We waited over 20 minutes for a seat. There was no one hardly in the restaurant I could not understand why they would not seat us. So we sat ourselves and began to get the buffet. No one would wait on us for drinks etc. We were purposely ignored. We ask a kitchen employee who was bringing dishes out to the buffet if he could get our drinks and he did, but the waiters ignored us. I did not want to pay because there was no service provided to me and they were very rude to us. I did pay for the food and... read full review »
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Courtyard Miami Beach Oceanfront x USPS
Wanderlei July 6, 2011
Bought a ring from an Ebay seller and asked to be shipped to COURTYARD MIAMI BEACH OCEANFRONT - 3925 Collins Ave. Miami Beach - FL, c/o a friend of mine who was spending vacation there. USPS tracking records says the package was delivered on June 15th, 11:29 a.m. – The hotel said it did not receive the package. Do I trust my friend? Yes! She got items for me worth more than $ 150.00. She had no reasons to lie about a ring worth $ 20. Despite the many e-mails to usps and to the hotel, neither one nor the other, bother to answer me... read full review »
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Delta Dental Insurance
MichRL38 July 6, 2011
I had tooth and gum pain that began in mid-May. I have been struggling with it since. My gums are very inflamed, red and swollen, making it very difficult to talk and eat. I have not been feeling well because of it. Sometimes, I feel like I'm running a fever because of it and feel tired a lot of the times. I have also been breaking out into little red hives, which started soon after the mouth pain, so I think they're related. I had an appointment with my periodontist today. I had taken a sick day from work because I did not know what... read full review »
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MaryBGallatin July 6, 2011
Has anyone else had a bad experience with Figleaves.com? I had liked the company until this latest experience. I ordered 7 bras from what I had thought was a U.S. company. About a week or so after returning a number of the bras, I receive a $78.33 bill from DHL for interntaional shipping from the UK. When you place the order, they do not tell you that you will have to pay a separate cost for international shipping. They told me that I should have noticed a pop up window about incurring this kind of additional cost. They admitted that the exact... read full review »
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Indian railway catering services in trains
Akhilesh Saxena July 6, 2011
I was travelling in Goa Exp from Delhi to Pune with PNR No. 2221575790 on 03 Jul 2011. I ordered for a dinner which was served with out water with cost Rs 65/-. On asking water he replied that our company has stopped supplying water with food for last three months & it is no more part of our meal menu. I asked for his complaint book but manager totally refused to provide complaint book & behaved very rudely. I reported the matter to train TT & Conductor, they approched the manager with me, he refused to them also in the same manner. In between... read full review »
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pepsi cold drink
Rasika1986 July 6, 2011
Hi, This is to inform your company that i have purchase a bottle of pepsi ( glass bottle) in pune, ( india) Add:- Kothrud MIT collage road, and i found a substance of dirt fungus in the bottle, i wan your company to contact us asap, the bottle is sealed with me in my custody, I make sure that it is with me, in next weeks times u guys better contact otherwise i have to contact the consumer court. Name : Rasika . P. Dixit Contact Number : 9822251385. Awaiting for your replay Rasika Dixit read full review »
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The operation Manager is very pleasent to you and when you accept employment and ask for assistance the Operation Manager could care less. You are given a quota along with many additonal tasks, such as merchadising, mark downs, go back from other employees that are lazy putting merchadise back, credit cards and working the computer called CAD. Customers are always right and they are not at all understanding of your side. Even if it is false they will write you up. If management finds out you are looking for employment you are let go. Many... read full review »
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IBM Fake Recruitment Offers
blignaut_123 July 6, 2011
Beware of fake recruitment offers from IBM. The email has a signature as follows and looks like handy work of some Jihadi groups trying to fool people and use their money for forbidden purpose Sent via the KillerWebMail system at shabakah.net.sa read full review »
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Dermatal Skin Care/Dermatol
Betty A Mayworm July 6, 2011
January 16, 2011 - Received jar of Dermatal. Could not use product because I was sensitive to this product. January 16th, I e-mailed a note to Dermatal stating I was returning this product, cancelling all future orders and requested a refund, however, I received no answer. January 29, 2011, I called 888-495-7627 and stated to the personnel that I wanted to cancel my orders and I wanted to return a jar that I had received. They gave me the address: Dermatal Skin Care, PO Box 2999, Riverton, Utah 84065. Meantime on February 16th, I received a... read full review »
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Allen and Rocks
carolyn steinberg July 6, 2011
Live in this upscale community for one year. Gated. Moved because management allows dogs at a fee of $450/per pet. Neighbors do not like when dogs bark. Report to manager. Site manager makes up lies about tenants and has her "workers" go into apts. to report back to her on your unit. There are mice in every buildng. Lots of bird feeders and tenants have corn-on-the cob for squirrels. Noise is terrible, old units and if you don't live on third floor you can hear every foot step. If you live below a washer/dryer, your kitchen... read full review »
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Energy Shop Acai Berry formula
B.Heller July 6, 2011
I was offered the Acai Berry Formula and Colon cleanser by Energy Shop for the reduced price of $9.99. I ordered this and it was delivered but my credit card was charged three times with the sum of £62.69, a total of £250.76 or $400.33. read full review »
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ASPEN Dental Mentor OHIO
mdmentor July 6, 2011
I needed an affordable dental office that was close by. After my other dental office closed I decided to try Aspen in January of 2011. My last appointment, which was yesterday is my last appointment ever at Aspen. I waited for 45 minutes in my chair in the back and watched people walk passed me. I was there only because I had some pain in my tooth where my cavity was filled 2.5 months prior by the mentor Ohio office and I thought something wasn't right because it felt funny. When I made the appointment the lady on the phone told me... read full review »
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dawn macleod July 6, 2011
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Zamani Shoes
AnnehAnd July 6, 2011
Bought a pair of shoes there 2months ago returned them a day after I purchased them and they would not give me my money back said that they dont have to so they gave me a credit voucher which I dont want I want my money back ! read full review »
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loreal recital preference
Elisabeta Rascanu July 6, 2011
I've bought a L'Oreal hair dive No.3-Brasilia Dark Brown and my hair is now Dark Black :( this is really disturbing for me since i have strugled for more than 4 years to take out the black colour from my hair and now after hair cuts and bleaching my hair i just get this coulou back in my hair because of the incompetence and ignorance of others I wont stop to this complaint and i will make sure that everyone will hear my problem :( This is highly unfair from my point of view and im sorry to write this because I've always used L'Oreal and never had any problems with it untill today read full review »
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Arush Impex
Mantu Das July 6, 2011
Dear Sir/Mam, I, Mantu Das Proprietor of Arush Impex, holding two current and a savings account with your Bank and I have strong relationship with Axis Bank when it was UTI Bank and it had no branch in Bongaon or Habra or any other rural place of West Bengal. I build up a good relation since 2002 with Axis Bank, Nabapally Branch, Barasat, West Bengal. Last year Axis Bank opened a branch in my home town Bongaon. It made very easy to increase my transaction with Axis Bank. Therefore I started dealing with Axis Bank. Whenever I visit your... read full review »
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Universal delivery service
feralbass July 6, 2011
DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE THIEVES. I purchased 3 sounders thru alibaba with a company called DKT Navigator Sales (this company) again, DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM, THEY ARE ALSO THIEVES. DKT demanded 50% deposit thru Western Union and 50% on delivery, we agreed, once the deposit was paid the next day they demanded the other 50%. I offered to pay the other 50% once the goods had left Malaysia and they accepted. they presented me a shipping note and tracking details, which showed the goods in transit, so I paid. The following day the... read full review »
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Vincent Watch Pte Ltd
Tatianachoo July 6, 2011
Brought a watch there to fix. Not only did i get chased off as i worked at a watch pushcart. One middle-aged lady staff insinuated that i am disrupting her business and will not be able to afford to pay for any lost watches. Watch service for $3 for the first time i brought it there to fix, charged me $5 this time round. I will never patronise their shop again! read full review »
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SAMAYA NAIDOO July 6, 2011
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Eddie Brown Shoe/Sears
foxie09 July 6, 2011
On 6th June 2011, I ordered some clothes onlin for my daughter. amounting about 500USD. I checked and found that an item I paid for has not been delivered. I immediately sent a mail to the customer service, I got a reply the next day which I later realised was an automated email reply. I sent another and someone called MS LIZ replied saying I chose a popular item, it could have been in another shoppers basket. I find this very ridiculous, they website indentifies iI live in the Netherlands, It saves items for 30days in my basket, it... read full review »
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Cross trainer E820
sathmuthu July 6, 2011
Hi, I bought a new AIBI cross trainer 3 months ago, E820. Within one week became faulty. Had it changed three times and repaired twice. For the fifth time the handle broke off. The service is poor and I asked for refund since their product is substandard. They refused refund and said they have had many customers with similar problems but their company policy is against refund. They encouraged me to pay more and get a even higher end product. The support is poor and the customer service officer, Ms clara is unhelpful. Has anybody else had similar problems? read full review »
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pwinMO July 5, 2011
I answered a job posting online (from Careerbuilder.com) for SLUH, was taken to www.affiliated-healthcare.net site. Later I got an email requesting that I take an online medical transcription test. (I applied for a clerk position, not a transcription job.) I then was directed to take a short transcription test, then another email came saying I had passed and that I would soon be hired. Hints were dropped that perhaps this was a work-at-home thing instead of a real job! They kept emailing me saying I had a job in St. Louis, but there wa... read full review »
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JKMINKS July 5, 2011
And yet another complaint against Massage Envy...they just don't get it, they don't respond, they don't try to improve, they don't care! Where do I start...I sign up for a membership and completed my 1 year contract. I attempted to cancel, but was talked into putting on vacation status, it started up again in six months. After another year I I lost my job again and put it on vacation again. However, at the end of that 6 months, my father passed away, I had knee replacement surgery and was still not working. It just so... read full review »
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kraft mac&cheese
luna family July 5, 2011
We were makin our last box for dinner and noticed maggots on the MAC. Thinking it was a one time thing we bought more, turned out to be a second, third and fourth time. MAC and cheese was our family's favorite for dinner now the kids are terrified of it. Tip: check the food before the kids see the defected food. read full review »
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A&J Visions, www.modxchange.com
SForeman July 5, 2011
This website is trying to get members to sign up using bogus job offers. I have gotten 2 in the last month, both nearly identical in text, offering me a job as long as I sign up through this website to respond. Do not do business with scammers. read full review »
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hot dog & sausage
TRUNCUPELO July 5, 2011
hot dog stand in hollywood FL & warehouse in boca raton FL- I work in that disgusting place at the end of the day they count each hot dog & sausage with dirty hands . .EMPLOYEE ONSITE WORKING AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT SINCE SEPTEMBER 09-NO EMPLOYEE TRAINING PROVIDED. Violation Observation 10-02-1 In-use utensil not stored on a clean portion of food preparation or cooking equipment. SPOON ITEMS IN STEAMTABLE STORED ON TOP OF HOT DOG CART_COUNTER TOP 10-08-1 Observed ice scoop with handle in contact with ice. Repeat Violation. 12A-16-1... read full review »
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power nissan tempe
Carlos Hernandez July 5, 2011
Set up interview with Mark R Sortino we spoke face to face and after interview Mr. Sortino Sayed please call me after the this week is over Because I "I need to go and get some ADP trainning for the service writters. well I waited untill monday and called him direct on the cell phone. #4805986152 left massage and then called im direct on a transfer from the receptionest no answer left massage. This continued all week no call back. 2 weeks have past no answer no call backs. Past history of Mark as told by him tech for more then 10 yrs now a... read full review »
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Bdelgrasso July 5, 2011
Don't be fooled by their flashing presentations. Don't be fooled by their claims of knowing how to write resumes. Don't be fooled by their claims that they have "industry experts" to write your resumes. SAVE your money and write your resume yourself and you will get a better resume. I made the mistake of believing the hype and I paid over $500 to get a totally useless resume that resulted in ZERO interviews, not even a single call back. They "guarantee" the resumes they write, the problem is it is a false... read full review »
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