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panakj rai trivedi July 16, 2011
sir, as i have apply for the post of jm-1 in officer cadre in D category since 23/3/2011.but when all candiate are invited for interview at jaipur why me not and also no information to my self or my branch head that this candidate does not participate in interview and no application has been return timelyand no proper answer given at personal department h o jaipur that what is the reason to give information at the time when interview has been startednow.what type of behaviour our high officials and the higher authoritycould not search of... read full review »
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Century Cleaners
Hardik Golwala July 16, 2011
Very bad service. Owner was very rude and lazy to count the no. of clothes. Me - I want to laundry these shirts. Owner - He empty my bag and asked How many? Me - Don't know exactly but around 40+. Can you please count? Owner - Sorry, we don't count and it's too much work for me ( at that time no customer there apart from me even though refuse to count). Me - I never had issue in last ten years with any refuse to laundry due to high no. of shirts (~45). Owner - This is what I always do.!!! Me - Wow, I don't... read full review »
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Dr . Robert Guida
Becky288 July 16, 2011
I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Guida in march he did a terrible job I totally cannot breath I am totally depressed I actually had to go on anti anxiety meds from this ordeal He is not skilled not talented . I am considering my options I might pursue legal actions he butchered me. From a-z my surgery is a nightmare read full review »
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Great Clips Haircut
guyinlowell July 16, 2011
I have a widows peak with a cowlick. I would have thought that a professional hair cutting salon would know how to cut my type of hair. I was wrong. The haircut came out lopsided and looking like a bat toupee. Great Clips refused to give me a refund to get it fixed somewhere else. read full review »
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Hot AirBalloon Ride
sheiman July 16, 2011
The Great American Balloon Co. does not provide it's services as stated. We have tried for to go up for FOUR years and have never went. Several perfect flying days with zero wind zero chance of storm/rain only to hear that the conditions were dangerous. This company is a complete rip off as they have no intention of flying. read full review »
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muskat July 16, 2011
http://jwesleyhospitals.com/ John Wesley Hospital (UK), 1-5 Beacon Park Road, Plymouth, Devon PL3 5DR, United Kingdom. Tel: +447035968027 - 7035968027 +447035958199 - 7035958199 Fax: +447031924042 - 7031924042 E-mail: info@jwesleyhospitals.com read full review »
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Nippon Oil & Gas
kfcj July 16, 2011
JOB OPPORTUNITIES@NIPPON OIL AND GAS COMPANY MALAYSIA. Sunday, April 25, 2010 From: "nippon recruitment" <nipponrecruitment71@msn.com> To: undisclosed-recipients HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT NIPPON OIL EXPLORATION (MALAYSIA), LTD Lot 1168, 3rd Floor Wisma Interhill, Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre, 98000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Tel: +60 10290 2643 Fax +603 2033 4506 ATTN: APPLICANT, The NIPPON OIL Recruitment has reviewed your CV as published on www.recruitmentdirect.co.za and finds interest on your... read full review »
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crmson July 16, 2011
Dont apply, this job doesnt exist, it is used by some criminals to steal your money... It is a scam 100% ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ROSNEFT OIL & GAS COMPANY OJSC Emploi: Ressources humaines dans Australie This is to inform the above stated professionals that the ROSNEFT OIL & GAS COMPANY is in need of: (1)Mechanical Engineer (2)Civil Engineer (3)Chemical Engineer (4)Electrical Engineer (5)HSE, Safety Engineer (6)Environmental Engineer (7)Geologist (8)Safety... read full review »
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Master Drilling Recruitment
inston July 16, 2011
Be carefull, this job doesnt exist, criminals are using this scam to steal your money. Master Drilling Recruitment is a scam job offer 100% ----------------------------------------------------------------- Master Drilling Recruitment Publicado en: Empleo: Ingeniería en Nueva York Última actualización: 15/05/10 MASTER DRILLING COMPANY Plot PC 23, Engineering Close Central Business District Victoria Island – Lagos – Nigeria Reply only to agipoil_masterdrilling@live.com Ref... read full review »
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pirat July 16, 2011
http://carltonchambers.com/ Carlton Law Firm TEL: +44 -7024027790, +44-7024063929 LANDLINE: +44- 7024041676 SMS: +44- 7960554113 FAX: +44 -8704953788 Website:http:// www.Carltonchambers.com Email: Travelsguide@Carltonchambersmail.co.cc travelguide-Carltonchambers@live.co.uk read full review »
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Hardy Steel Company Limited
July 16, 2011
I got a strange and suspicious job offer from Manfred Distel of Hardy Steel Company. After we exchanged 3 e-mails and my sending him my CV and diploma scan he already offered me a 2-year contract to be signed as soon as possible. I've checked this company at the British Companies House - it does not exist. Their adress and phone numbers are also a fake. Also, take a look at the e-mail (@yahoo!!!) EVERYBODY WATCH OUT AND STAY AWAY!!! This could be fraud or even worse, human traffic. These are the two e-mails. What do you all think about... read full review »
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Elzo Kobavashi
wiggy July 16, 2011
Another money laundering position. From: "ITOCH EXPORT COMPANY" <itochcompany@yahoo.com> Reply-To: itochcompanyjp@yahoo.com.hk Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 Subject: Work from Home FROM THE DESK OF MR EIZO KOBAYASHISA C E O, ITOCHU CORPORATION EXPORT COMPANY JAPAN. Good day, USA/CANADA Assistant on Financial Matter Permit an introduction. My name is Eizo Kobayashi-san, President of ITOCHU CORPORATION based here in Japan.Our company exports cement, sugar and textile materials for world trade. We... read full review »
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J Patterson Chambers UK
Job Scam July 16, 2011
From: Chevron Texaco <chevron.customercare@w.cn> Date: Thu, Sep, 2010 Subject: RECRUITMENT UPDATE : CHEVRON EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT//CHEVRON CORPORATION THE DESK OF THE I.T. OFFICER CHEVRON TEXACO Seafield House, Hill of Rubislaw, Aberdeen, AB15 6XL, United Kingdom Website: www.chevron.com Recruitment: chevron@london.com Dear CHEVRON EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT//CHEVRON CORPORATION Greetings from CHEVRON CORPORATION. This is an affirmation that you have emerged Successful and being appointed for the position... read full review »
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Relogg International
Jeshuf July 16, 2011
I recieved a job offer and was sent a employment contract from Relogg International to work at a British Military base in Afganistan. This was by far the one of the best examples of an employment scam I have seen, they have a nice website and their contract to me was very nicely put together. After investigating, I and others believe without question that Relogg International is a fake company. They are not a London based company as they claim, their London address is fake and their UK phone number is a forwarding number to another location. read full review »
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Valu Clean Cleaners
Alan Slutsky July 16, 2011
My wife took one of my suits to be pressed. We have been customers of this dry cleaner for over 10 years. When my suit was picked up and we got it home, we realized the jacket did not match the pants. My wife and I both went back with the suit (at separate times) and spoke with the owner, Sung Lee. Sung Lee said we switched jackets because the tags on the jacket and pants match and there is no way they could have made a mistake. The fact is the jacket is not mine and they have another customer who will eventually realize that they too... read full review »
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kist63 July 16, 2011
The website below is being used presently in a job/fake cheque scam. The areas that appear to be targetted are the US, the UK and Spain. read full review »
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skump July 16, 2011
OSAKAQUEST GROUP OF COMPANIES. Malaysia office: Address: No. 2455, Jln Batu Kawa, Batu Kawah New Township, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak. TEL; +6 016 655 9629 TEL; +6 016 655 9404 TEL; +6 016 319 1642 FAX: +6 085 443 393 United Kingdon Office: Conpany address: 16 beaconsfield, Romilly Road, Barry s.glam cf63 6lf .s.wales United Kingdom (UK) Tel:+44 753 837 3882 fax: +44 753 837 3882 Email: info@osakaquestcompany.com hrs@osakaquestcompany.com hart@osakaquestcompany.com Website... read full review »
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Dental Arts
Lucille68 July 16, 2011
I am a senior citizen on Social Security. Last July I had 6 bottom teeth removed in one sitting. I was told the cost of the dentures & extractions would come to $554.00 out of my pocket and it had to be paid in full before the dentist would work on me. Four days later after the extractions, I went back to the dentist, and when I got home my denture wasn't with me. I called the office and the office manager, whose name is HELEN said I didn't leave them there. If I wanted a new denture, the cost would be the same even tho I already had... read full review »
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Lixuslabs.com - Eroids.com is one and same steroid scam guy.
lixuslabs.com July 16, 2011
Lixuslabs.com is the guy behind eroids who started his website just to make money from adwords and kickbacks and promote his lixuslabs.com steroids is out of his depth it is just some naive kid who does'nt realize what a dangerous game he is playing by talking openly about steroid suppliers businesses. I'm sure the DEA are looking at his site everyday. The safest forum for steroid buying advice is professionalmuscle.com. Eroids.com a steroid review site is owned by www.lixuslabs.com who is same steroid scam guy a... read full review »
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Dr Richard A Ingram DDS
Mike July 16, 2011
I had 10 crowns placed by Dr Richard A Ingram at VIP Dream Smiles. Unfortunately, the dream has been a nightmare. In the last 3 years, some of the crowns have come off around 20 times, and no, that's not an exaggeration. I have lost numerous days at work and spent over $10, 000 on these teeth. When they tried to cement one crown over 3 times and couldn't get it to stay, they offered to have another dentist place the crown. That dentist has worked out fine, no problems with the crown. I was advised by the new dentist that my... read full review »
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BlueGreen Home Healthcare
thePunisher July 16, 2011
This outfit is a TOTAL FRAUD!!! First of all, it is owned and operated by Iraquis who have taken full advantage of this country's aid in starting new business and even Federal and state funding, etc. They will force senior people, who are on Medicare, to accept these "aids" who come to their place of residence to help care for them. What these innocent and unsuspecting seniors are not being told, though, is that the people being sent to their homes are people who have not even been screened and background checked... read full review »
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Dentist Michael Mayers
GaryT July 15, 2011
In my opinion, Dr. Mayers is the worst dentist I have ever been to. He is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. Do NOT go to him. Tell everyone you know to STAY AWAY. Feel free to contact me for more details -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- read full review »
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Taco Bell/Mexican Pizza
bl91 July 15, 2011
Quality of the food is good but everytime the mexican pizzas are ordered they are always at the bottom of a tiny bag and they are crushed 100% of the time. read full review »
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Generic Pharmacy/United Pharmacy /Viagra
Mule July 15, 2011
This Company calls me 2 to 3 times a day. Yesterday 7 times. I am very frustrated. They are trying to sell me Viagra. I tell them time after time, not interested, don't call me anymore, lose my phone number, take my phone number out of your data. They still call me. I get so angry I start cussing them out. They laugh. They are Indians. I even tell them I don't have a credit card. They want me to use either one of my families or a friends credit card. I tell them no. They tell me to go to Wallmart and purchase a debit card and put... read full review »
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easy savers promotions
loveletters77 July 15, 2011
Spoke to steven reed, manager ny letter agreement help customers to get their credits back. (717)-794-4013 manager of Encore Marketing, Gerttysberg, PA told me 14.95 Heyband rewards program that was refunded October 21, 2008. But another 14.95 was taken out September 22, 2008 which was an older credit acct and was canceled. I want my money back and now a letter from ny attorney general has to be signed, I think this is a spoof, scam to sign a document to get the company Encore Marketing from giving me back money they took withou my... read full review »
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Cheeks, Eddie R MD - Academy of Womens & Childrens
Accused of Medical Malpractice several times!!! As for as a nightmare doctor would be, this ******* takes the cake: Eddie R. Cheeks, doesn't treat anybody like a patient, he curses at patients & medical staff, treats women & men who unfortunately come to his clinic with no respect, and it seemed like all he cares about -is collecting patients medical insurance, cursing at children, harrassing women, (he and his staff hates kids), and providing no quality medical care. Numerous complaints have been filed against Academy of Women... read full review »
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Augusta Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists
A Lousy Doctor!!! Radhika K. Subramanian, M.D. She has the Bedside manner of a ROBOT... 06/19/2011 Radhika K. Subramanian, treated me with no respect, This Doctor, didn't even treat me like a patient, and it seemed like all he cared about -was collecting my medical insurance, accused of medical malpractice, and providing no quality medical care. I absolutely, would not recommend any customer to Augusta Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists.. She is a maniac, please DO NOT BE HER PATIENT!!! read full review »
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Janet D LARSON Obstetrics & Gynecology
Janet D LARSON is a Lousy Doctor!!! Just Like: Radhika K. Subramanian, M.D. Which Both of them have the Bedside manner of a ROBOT... On 6/23/2011 My wife suffered a miscarriage, and Larson and her staff treated us like garbage, it was an emergency, & she made us drive for miles to see her, then she made us wait for hours, while my wife was practically bleeding to death, when they finally got around to seeing us, they told us that the miscarriage was our fault, and her and her staff laughed at us, and told us, that it's perfectly normal... read full review »
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Superchorono.com also Futureone trading
nor jacq July 15, 2011
I ordered a $580.00 watch months ago. I have been in email contact with someone, but I still have not received the watch. All the answers I receive are very short: yes, no, we will check, ...etc. They said they would send me a refund to my paypal account, it has never arrived. Then they asked for a while longer then they would refund my money if I did not receive the item. At this point it appears as though this website is a scam and I am out my $580.00. read full review »
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Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc.
sactojlm July 15, 2011
My wife purchased a new Citizen's Eco Drive watch for me for Father's Day in mid-June 2011. It was purchased from an Ebay dealer who noted in the Ebay listing that the watch came with a 5-year warranty. The dealer has feedback in the thousands and lists page after page of Citizen watches. Soon after delivery, the "seconds" hand on the watch came off and was free floating around. There was no abuse, mishandling, impacts of any kind. The hand simply came off. After a few more days, the seconds hand became trapped between the... read full review »
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Center Ice
A skating Mom July 15, 2011
The management at this Rink is terrible. A woman by the name of Mindy claims to be the GM and when I went in to inquire about skating lessons for my daughter she told me the learn to skate was being done away with soon and was quite rude about it.. I ask to speak with the skating director and Mindy told me I was not allowed to speak with him that I had to deal with her. I have been coming to center ice for many years as my other daughter took lesson there and I was very happy with the results. I understand the NESE family ownes this rink and I... read full review »
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Toronto Pathways
freebird10 July 15, 2011
Hello all, I just wanted to let you know that a well-known scam company has just changed its name (again). They used to be called Job Success, William Baxter, Robertson, RDG Careers, etc. Now, they are called Toronto Pathways. The scam, of course, remains the same: they basically ask you to pay them in order to find a job. I met them at a Job Fair last week in North York (Toronto) and then went to their office downtown for the first "interview". Given that I am new to Canada and still a little bit candid about my new country, I... read full review »
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ann hardwick July 15, 2011
hi i bought some meizitang from the seller above and have found out they are fake, these diet pills have a hard casing and the liquid inside is white and thick and should be clear. the casing is not safe for consumption. and she advertisers that they are original miezitang. she is selling them through a site i offer. read full review »
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Gucci / Women's belt
c2heqinli July 15, 2011
At 15:00 on June 22 about my city center in the Gucci store to buy a 150 women's belt 90/85B 803992343. Home after seeing on a separate paper bag on the belt, there is no box packing. Then about three weeks, because the reasons to lose weight, belt size does not fit. Therefore, we again return to that store, hoping to get help, to see if a size change, or a hole in the belt. Found that store managers, he said, because all of the sales staff are busy, so I can not help us, I hope we go back again after ten minutes, or wait and we waited... read full review »
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Meltz Clothing
I purchased an external garment, dress, on 12 July 2011. My credit card was used for payment. Upon reaching home and showing my husband, we decided that the garment did not fit too well as a result wanted to return same. I approached the store the very next day and asked for a refund into my credit card. The manager informed me that the store had a NO REFUND POLICY only a credit voucher. I was not satisfied with this and insisted I be refunded. He arrogantly told me that thats their policy, I take it or leave it. read full review »
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Lals Group, Dubai
Devraj Kalwani July 15, 2011
If you would like to work for world's worst company then please try to get a job in Lals Group, Dubai. Let me tell you something about this company. The owner of this company Mr. Lal Ganwani initially made money from building the well known landmark the Lamcy Plaza. It was burnt by him to claim huge insurance and with that claims the Lals Group started growing in UAE. He is a well known play boy and his partners are rewarded with top positions in company, given shops in his malls. The best example is his VP Personnel Miss ever Hannah... read full review »
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john0856 July 14, 2011
tropigrill always used ot have really bad service. But lately its been bad too. I ordered something made the way i wanted it without sauce, adn the stupid girl at the E colonial location was very rude...and chastized me and then gave me less food than normal...and less meat on my food...they did the same at another location-- gave less meat because i modified my order...and made it wrong...terrible place...they treat customers like dirt...and give them less amts of food...if they modify teh order--- read full review »
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Road Bike Outlet
envirosafe July 14, 2011
I bought a bicycle from Road Bike Outlet (RBO) after finding them on eBay. Upon arrival it had a bad bottom bracket. I had the bike shop that diagnosed the problem repack/rebuild the bottom bracket. When I contacted RBO, regarding warranty service, they were very rude and stated they could not reimburse me and I should have contacted them rather than having the problem fixed. After speaking with several people I finally got them to agree to send me a new bottom bracket. I did not need to use the higher quality bottom bracket they... read full review »
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marshall concord nc exit 54
romanmartha09 July 14, 2011
i bought a shirt on marshalls in concord nc exit 54, i dindt even try it on and two days ago i went back to marshalls and i try to returned and give my money back, and that lady was so ruded and told me that the shirt was very dirty and i change tag, we called the manager and he said is ok we can give her the money back but she got reald mad and said that the shirt was used, and she didnt give my money back, i was one of the best customers of marshall but after this i will never go back again, i rather go to the mall and spend more money... read full review »
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alliqua watch and jewellery company
parmenides242 July 14, 2011
I paid 100 GBP for a D&G watch on ebay that was sent to me with faulty parts- it did not work and the watchsmith explained it was not the battery but the mechanism that was faulty. I contacted the seller and they told me to go to a jewellers to get it fixed. They refused to refund me or fix the watch, and have been happy to scam me. I cannot open an ebay complaint because I was away and the the deadline had passed. read full review »
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