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nannymilton July 11, 2011
Just want to let people know not to use this site the company is con merchant and try to rip you off also when you try to speak to them they are arrogant and sarcastic, Avoid at all costs as i guarantee you will not be happy with the level of customer service. read full review »
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Top Notch Personnel
Concernconsumer2009 July 11, 2011
This company is Fradulent, please be careful in dealing with them. This company has been a long time but under different names. THey have changed their name a couple times. They cheat everyone and if you check the BBB they have a rating of a 'C'. They have a 'government alert' on their BBB account. It was under the husband name then when the heat was on them he placed it under his wife name Cheryl. They have changed the name of the company a couple times. Would you want to deal with a company like that? Clients and employees, BE CAREFUL! They have a lot of enemies out there read full review »
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Pivitol Fitness
charleston3 July 11, 2011
I signed up for a 2 year contract in January. In March I injured my toe. After I was able to walk again the doctor filled out the injury form for pivitol fitness . He said it should be 6 weeks before I would be able to wear a closed shoe. Pivitol fitness only allowed a "freeze" membership for 6 weeks. I did not heal as the doctor said I should and it has been 8 months since the injury. We don't know how long it will take to heal and I still can't wear a shoe. I can't work out because of the dress policy, and Pivitol Fitnes is not even willing to work with me. read full review »
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www.90% redbottomshoes
kc3 speedy July 11, 2011
i paid for a pair of redbottm shoes for 115.00 it was taken out on june 20th but i never recieved the shoes nor would they return a respons i was scamed. My bank said their name was Hot mall.com i hope u can help my email is kamallighthouse@yahoo.com read full review »
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fffhh July 11, 2011
The site is diplaying a floor mat for which is printed with the face of GANDHIJI. read full review »
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Smile Surgeons
loveallcreatures July 11, 2011
Dr. Stuart Goff is a very unethical human being. That coupled with a license to practice dentistry is a nightmare. I was once a patient of Dr. Goff's, I believed he was a doctor and looking out for the well being of his patients. How wrong I was! He managed to sell me a treatment plan that was ourtrageously expensive, later I found out that most of which i didn't even really need. I suffered through needless treatment, days of pain and missed work. After speaking to a friend, I decided to get a second and third opinion. I wa... read full review »
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cruun July 11, 2011
This is a job scam! There is no job! Subject: URGENT JOB VACANCY IN LONDON, From: The Hilton Inn <hr@thehiltoninn.co.uk> Mon, 27 Jun 2011 00:04:06 To: undisclosed-recipients: ; and others Cc: Bcc: THE HILTON INN INTERNATIONAL UNITED KINGDOM LONDON, CONTACT PERSON MR.JEFF WATSON, 39 SUITE 3, STREET 9, READER ROAD, UNITED KINGDOM, TEL; +447017411510 +447017435940 FAX; +44(0)170-432-278 EMAIL:hr@thehiltoninn.co.uk WEBSITE: www.thehiltoninn.co.uk OUR REF; HHI/JB/VOL/0864/11 read full review »
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Dr.M.Nagaraja July 11, 2011
I, Dr.M.Nagaraja is a qualified Radiologist. As a preemployment health check-up package I did ultrasound scan (abdomen) of 350-400 campus interview candidates for TCS company (in 2007-2008) in the clinic "Doctor & Medicne' in Ejipura, Koramangala, Bangalore as tie up with Religare (that time it was SRL Ranbaxy). Even after 3 1/2 years they have not paid a single rupee. It was hectic in the traffic of Bangalore to go all the way from C.V.Raman Nagar to Koramangala in early mornings with my own scan machine, my own vehicle, fuel at... read full review »
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xgirl July 11, 2011
Hello, I'm from Romania and in one of our job sites I found a job who soud like this: We are looking for men and womans who whant to be a hight risk personal bodyguard...The earnings in one month is 3000 euro - 20 000 euro, depending of country and assigment. My boyfriend called and he finds out that the must participate in a training course that cost 2000 euro. The company site is www dot interguardiansecurityagency dot com . I searched the company in Romania and the BBB site, I couldn't find it any references about... read full review »
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London Russell Hotel
Venicez July 11, 2011
Hi there. I just want to ask if the job offer from Russell Hotel is genuine or fake? I paste the copy of their email below: RUSSELL HOTEL CORP. HQ 1-8 RUSSELL SQUARE, BLOOMSBURY, LONDON, WC1B 5BE, ENGLAND. Tel +447024055615 Fax: +447024092777 Website: www.londonrussellhotel.co.uk Dear ____________, After reviewing your attachments, we have decided to employ you However attach is the employment/success letter that you have to see and if you accept, you are to follow up as instructed by contacting our... read full review »
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Dr. Martins Okoro
qp July 11, 2011
Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Business District, P.M.B. 190, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria Our Ref: NNPC-RC-HRD/NP/09-1407 Dear Applicant, Following the recent recruitment exercise of expatriates staff personnel by Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The screening and scrutiny of your Resume/Curriculum Vitae which you submitted to us through our Recruitment Consultant (Human Edge Limited) with other verification procedures carried out. The... read full review »
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Druidz July 11, 2011
NOTE that Sparkleled Ltd, the owner of sparkleled.com appears to be a legitimate company, and it looks to me as if their name/reputation has been 'borrowed' by this scammer. Colin Guo is the name of the main contact listed on the Sparkeled web site and I am NOT suggesting that he is a scammer, he's just unfortunate to have had his identity borrowed by one. If this was genuinely from Sparkleled Ltd then it would use their phone numbers (listed on their web site) and their legitimate email addresses. read full review »
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Recriuit Circle
shinysun July 11, 2011
Hi all, Received something similar: For Internal Use of Employer (Please don't delete or modify while replying to this email) Monster Resume ID: ____________ Personal Folder ID: _____________ Dear ___________, This is Simon Lim, Senior Search Manager with recruit circle. We are a group of recruiters with a variety of positions available and some of our positions might be suited for you. If you are currently looking for career openings, do email us your cv to careers@recruitcircle.com. Warmest Regard... read full review »
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Statoil International Energy Company
Sceeband July 11, 2011
Attention I wish to inform you that, we have gone through your answer script and the certificates you have sent as a proof of qualification, you have emerged as one of our best employees who has successfully passed the Interview as it was expected. Your eligibility to work in our company has been confirmed by the Company's Management. So you are expected to get all your traveling documents ready through the assistant of our zonal coordinator who is working with Canadian High Commission in India. You are to contact our zonal... read full review »
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Steven James
elmizero July 11, 2011
"From: Steven James <deluxconsultinglimited@gmail.com> Sent: Wed, June 15, 2011 9:15:46 PM Subject: Re: App: Exec cook/chef Job no 7425301/ CONTRACT AGREEMENT (JOB OFFER) DELUX CONSULTING LIMITED 14, ADEOLA HOPEWELL VICTORIA ISLAND, LAGOS, NIGERIA. TEL: (+234- 8070513345) CONTRACT REF: TOTAL ELF/ EPNL/ 2q11/ 2011 FOR THE ATTENTION OF xxxxxxxxxxxxx, The management of Delux Consulting Limited wishes to inform you that you have been offered the job. Attached is our contract agreement for the job... read full review »
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biscoot July 11, 2011
From: <hr@tidalenergyghana.com> Date: Wed, Sep 2, 2009 Subject: [Fwd: Ghana Visa/Residence & Work Permit Application] To: XXXXXXX The below message was the message we received from George Immigration Chambers in regards to your 3 years visa, work and residence permit, they also call to inform us that the total fee for 3 years visa, work & residence permit is USD1, 650.00. Kindly submit all the requirements to them, and also note that all expenses are 100% reimbursable, and it is against to Ghana Immigration... read full review »
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Chemmanur Jewellers
rahul raj ramesh July 11, 2011
I saw a big advertisement that there are huge vacancies for chemmanur jewellers in Dubai as they are opening a new branch in karama. They called for interview but they are not checking any details about qualification and experience.They told about their business their new schemes about their history and we had a written test on their historyon first week.Then on second week they asked to bring passport and visa copy to all members who admitted wriiten test but in different sessions which contains only 15members per one session.And they asked... read full review »
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Bharti AXA life insurance .Co
Phool Ahmad July 11, 2011
Dear Sir, My name is PHOOL AHMAD, I worked in Bharti AxaLIC at saharanpur, A I am alrady submmit my PF form on 19-jan-2011, But this is to inform you that i had no recived any amount Or no reply regardiing my mail from your side, so plz tell what i do? so sir plz inform me regarding my PF account detail are below, Name:- Phool Ahamad PF Account No:- MH/48185/22992 My Bharti Emp Code:- 25769 Location :- Saharanpur, Email ID:- phooldonis@yahoo.com read full review »
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WongLY July 11, 2011
I have engage a Cambodia maid from TSE. And due to some issue with the maid, i have changed to another Cambodia maid. After paying all the renewal charges, they didn't provide us any renewal document as along as after 6 months. Later then, we were told to pay some renewal fees again, which cost us RM 800 for a simple Fomema. If you check around, a Fomema is only RM 190, and they mark up more than 3 times for a simple handling fees. Please be very careful about their services. Don't be mislead that their service is good before settle... read full review »
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new survey componey world vision.net.in
Sameer2012 July 11, 2011
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Urban Planet
John1967-12 July 10, 2011
Today July 10th 2011, I was shopping in Surrey Central city mall at Urban Planet, when I moved to cashier, lady was busy, and asked me to went to another cashier, I moved there, and I was inline behind of couple who decided to continue shopping, there was also lady behind me with the same nationality as cashier, When couple who was before me, continued to shop, cashier told me, not the person behind to move to cashier, who asked me previously to come to this cashier, I told to cashier, that I was told to come here, from that cashier, and... read full review »
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Ernstings Family - Selling hazardous garments with Fraudlent Oeko Tex Label
MaryRose_Germany July 10, 2011
Dear Sir / Madam, Large German retailer (Ernstings-Family 1350 stores) selling Hazardous Garments with fraudulent oeko tex label I would like to share an important message with you. Large German discount stores is selling Hazardous garments to innocent customers with Fraudulent Oeko tex labels. Even Children clothing is sold with Hazardous prints, stoens, stud with fraudulent oeko tex label for all the brands including Disney. Customers buy oeko-tex labeled (marked as : Confidence in Textiles) products hoping they are not having... read full review »
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medicaid or whatever it is these days
phlange banjo July 10, 2011
i am a veteran of vietnam and i had my leg blown of by a grenade thrown by some slant eyed bastard i was denied health insurance because i was considered a liabilty can you fucking belive it i am as stated before a veteran of one of our bloodiest wars besides that one that gave the blacks freedom not that i have anything gainst them i hope they read this and contact enus thats me read full review »
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tonys pizza
i recently purchased 40 tonys pizzas for 20 of my clients and when i cooked them it was dry they all hated it so i shot them all with my DEAGLE .50 it is nickle plated with gold accents deagles rule biatch! fuck glocks read full review »
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Pevonia Botanica Skin Care Products Online
PBSmith July 10, 2011
After thousands of dollars and years of hard work promoting Pevonia Botanica's products for them, they took my account away using strong arm tactics, lies and ridiculously incompetent and inaccurate detective work. They are so disorganized that instead of making sure their accounts are given updates on the current rules for online sales, they accuse them of things they never did, or perhaps did without knowing they weren't supposed to. They have screwed all of the small business people who have made them a success as mine is not an... read full review »
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Aqua Massage Centre Southampton
J.LM. July 10, 2011
This company sold a session of four Hydro Therapy Massages to 291 people on group on. They booked me in for my first session on 10th June 2011 (after much difficulty trying to get it booked!). I turned up. The building was shut with a note in the window saying "aqua massage customers call this number". I thought it was to let me into the building but I just got a voice mail message saying ...We are sorry we cannot honor your massage, the beds have not turned up yet!!!??? What??????? My friend booked and paid for this deal for me back... read full review »
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mens tshirt and polo shirt
Janet Rivera July 10, 2011
I bought 18 mens shirt and polos worth almost $200 in abercrombie and fitch in Willowbrook Mall space #137. Afterwards, I asked for an extra bag because Amanda, the manager, only gave me one bag for all those 18 items. She said, "No, we're not giving anymore bags" in a rude fashion and I saw right beside her were a ton of extra bags. I asked her again, but I got the same reply. I know that this isn't how a manager should treat a client. The date and time of this event was 2011-07-10 at 13:53 at cashier ID # 01609963. I work... read full review »
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kitridge July 10, 2011
i ordered a pair of MBT sandals. they were a fake. look good, but material not up to par and sole is not right. flat instead of rockered. feel wrong on. i have authertic MBTs and these are definitely not MBTs. came from china from a websit address of mbtonsale.com. As i said they look pretty good, but definitely are not MBTs. If you have ever worn authentic MBTs, you will know right away that that these are not when you put them on. read full review »
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Bath & Body Works Inc
Terese July 10, 2011
I have had poor service from your company site. I placed a order, got confirmation that it was in stock then 4 days later, I received cancellation. This store fails to stock products of high demand. When the product line is mentioned to any staff, on line or in store, they all say it is a very popular line. It is not available, why? I think it is because you place these particulars in stores on line with a huge price mark up, over and above non sale retail. I would think you would value product reviews and carry what is popular and sought after...SHAME ON YOU! read full review »
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GLEN FARIES July 10, 2011
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SMAHESH July 10, 2011
AS MY PHONE IS NOT WORKING SINCE 20 JUNE 2011, IN THIS REGARD I APPROACH WITH BSNL JHANSI OFFICE WITH SDO MR GUPTA 9415134000 on 20/6 reminder 23/6, 5/7 8/7 but no body approach, then with Mr. Kongari ji DO phones with same dates, then also with DGM on 08072011, but there is no response, i would like to disconnect my phone/ withdrawls . because no body is caring for the same, i am a journalist in profession. 0510-2320045 read full review »
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swilkins July 10, 2011
My daughter worked for KFC for over 2 years, she was always happy in her work and was only off sick once, she would go and pick up stock when the manager had run out, a new manager took over and he is not thing short of a woman hater and a bully, he also continued trading with a cockcrouch infestation. Just before the last manager left my daughter got pommission to have her ear pierced a week later he left and this new one started, he mad her take it out but let the others wear thiers, when i phoned up and complain he cut her hours as i had... read full review »
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Metworldtrading dmcc
S.cherian July 10, 2011
We Tradeway International Ltd; Port Louis, Mauritius have forwarded the above mentioned containers to METWORLD FZC, NOW CALLED AS METWORLDTRADING DMCC, OWNED BY VIZ., Mr. Naveen Ram Gupta, Mrs. Saroj Naveen Gupta, & Mr. Nitish Gupta ...on 14th October 2007. bill of ladding No. SAFM 75044228A/ 75044228B/ 750442288 1st Container Container No. SCMU 2035500 Seal No. ML- MU 0053838 Aluminum Scrap: 7350 Kgs. 2nd Container Container No. MSKU 4388435 Seal No. ML- MU 0053840 Aluminum Scrap: 7430 Kgs. 3rd... read full review »
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Wal-mart in glen burnie Md
maryellen parr July 10, 2011
I went to Walm-mart, got over 107.00 worth of stuff, mostly party things. I had to stand in line for over 45 minute that day and only 3 peoples ahead of me. Bad enough store was warm, I know cashiers were hot. Well this lady I didn't see her name tag, She had brace on her left hand, and dirty looking as far as I'm concern, she was talking to a customer ahead of 2 ladies in front of me, while ringeing her up taken her time, so she could talk to her. If she hurting then she has no business working if can't be letter fast, she wa... read full review »
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diced lamb
chris butcher July 10, 2011
i am seeking clarification with regards to meat products sold at coles. Today (10/7) i purchased diced lamb to have as part of a casserole for dinner that night. On removing it from my fridge I found that it was best before today (10/7)?!? naturally coles was closed by the time I realised so i didn't have anything to eat for dinner. meat is one product which cannot be flexible with regards to its best before date. I don't understand how coles can sell products which are at their best before date. read full review »
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RAK Properties, Ras Al Khaimah
J. D. Nagarkar July 10, 2011
I was working with RAK Properties for a little less than 3 years when my services were terminated giving reasons of "restructuring of the organization" Even 4 months after the termination, I was not paid my end-of-service benefits, balance salary etc. The company officials promised that transfer of dues to my salary transfer account was only a formality and being public Joint stock company, RAK Properties take time. I was compelled to leave the country with sweet promises. I am now back in UAE and request your advice on how to get my AED 106, 000 and interest for 4 months. read full review »
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StopMichaelDavidi2 July 9, 2011
TIME & GEMS, TIME AND GEMS, TIMEANDGEMS.COM, WATCH EMPIRE, LLC, AKA MICHAEL DAVIDI ARE AN INTERNET EBAY ROLEX FRAUD & SCAM AND MUST BE STOPPED. The websites are run by notorious scam artist Michael Davidi. Do a search for his name or the above domains on google. Or check out last feedback on timeandgems on ebay. We are a group of 8 who has been defrauded of more than USD 23000 by Michael Davidi and Time and Gems. If you have any questions, or if you have been defrauded by this guy, please feel free to contact me. Read the... read full review »
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Kettle Of Fish Clothing
GwenNSonnie July 9, 2011
I have never had such poor service and experience online as I have with Kettle of Fish Clothing Co. Since I received my daughter's clothing order from Kettle of Fish Clothing online I have been unable to contact them on over ten e-mails and phone calls...it has been almost TWO WEEKS. They have yet to reimburse me for an outfit I paid for-when my package arrived they wrote "sold out" on the order slip and never reimbursed my account. The number on their website I have called SEVERAL times to also return a dress and there has been... read full review »
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Sally Beauty Supply #02705
Pakele July 9, 2011
The managers are rude, and if you expect any help, well don't. I asked for assistance as I explained to the Manager because I had just come from the Vet and had a dog in the car. I was the first one to the cash register, she would not sell me the perm I had picked out because it was professional, I had to go pick out another. Instead of helping me she took another customer ahead of me, and it took her 10 minutes to check this girl out. I don't care how cheap their stuff is, they do not know how to treat a customer. read full review »
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dream products magnetic slimming panties
Roseanne1 July 9, 2011
Around beginning of May I ordered magnetic dot slimming panties and my credit card was charged but to this date I have still not recieved the product. Would like to find out what the situation is before I go to the bank and put a claim against the amount of the product read full review »
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