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LORI GIBSON January 14, 2010
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AlbertBrouwer January 14, 2010
This site is fake! We have ordered a pair of uggs through a credit card transaction (stupid us). The credit card transaction is confirmed and after that you never hear anything again. No confirmation, no shipping nr, no reaction on emails, unreachable by phone! They present themselves as a US company, but really are Chinese. Do not buy from this site. And beware: they have a lot of 'sister-sites': uggonly.com, tiffanysonly.com, etc. read full review »
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Hermes 6089-deep blue ostrich/gold hardware (35cm)
Hotluxuryshop January 13, 2010
- Hermes 6089-deep blue ostrich/gold hardware (35cm) - Top Grade, 100% mirror image -100% genuine leather - Size: W35XH26XD18 cm (1cm=0.394 inch) - Made of original edition, with all correct markings in every details - comes with the tag, carebooklets, dust bag;all markings and accessories are exact -100% material object photography, what you see is what you get. Tags:Replica Handbags, Hermes Handbags, Hermes 6089-deep blue ostrich/gold hardware (35cm) Product Url: http://www.hotluxuryshop.com/product/?3178.html read full review »
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schatzismom January 13, 2010
The boots were ordered on Dec. 22, 2009. They have never been sent. The funds were taken from my checking account and never replaced. Yesterday I reported them to Pay Pal. Shortly therafter I received an email stating that my order had been cancelled. This is a lie. I went to the bank yesterday to trace the funds and they received the money on Dec. 24, 2009 and have never placed the funds back into my account and have never sent the merchandise. It appeared the OneUgg was one of the more reliable sites however now I know they are... read full review »
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denisepbond January 13, 2010
Paid for uggboots but is a fraugualant website and took my money and now have found out is not going to deliver. read full review »
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Angela Moloney January 12, 2010
I ordered a braclet from this company before I read the reveiws, I immediatley cancelled the order but they still took the mioney from my account and have put a 'continous authority' to my bankers for more money. I have been in touch with my bank, Barclays, who say they are looking into this but in the mean time this company could still request and get more money. Why won't the bank 'stop' the payments? Why is this company still allowed to sell on the web when there are so many complaints about them? read full review »
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Emad Al Sousi January 12, 2010
Please note that I bought a mobile set APPLE IPHONE 3Gs 3G S 32GB BLACK /WHITE for USD 320. I transfered the money to thier account via Western Union on 07.01.2010. But as of today, no feedback. I sent several e-mails but no respose. Thier phone number is always busy & not replying. Please advise what to do? my e-mail address : egs2005@gawab.com Mobile # 00966507700259 read full review »
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Hollygirl January 9, 2010
I purchased a pair of Ugg boots and I beleive they are an imitation. They have a chemical odor and the inside of the boots are some type of fur, not what I have seen on their website nor the department stores. I have emailed them several times to return...they do not respond to my emails!!! read full review »
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Milton Martin January 9, 2010
Each one of the four watches I received from Overwatches.com is not what I ordered from their website. They substituted incorrect watches. I wish to return the four incorrect watches for other models or for a refund of the $268.00 I paid for those watches. I provided "Tom" at Overwatches with a photograph of each incorrect watch I received, but he has refused to cooperate and accept the return of the watches, even though Overwatches.com has an established "Return/Exchange" and "Refund" policy printed on their website. read full review »
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Tenzing January 8, 2010
Hello;<br /><br /> <br /><br /> I order some T shirts and Polo from abercrombieonsale.com. When i opened my parcel it was different items. They have send me wrong items without informing me and they charged me more than actual price. They didn't refund my money. I asked for refund beacuse i had send back thier items to them and they didn't refund me. When i try to call there no. no one is picking up the call. People Please don't buy any stuff from abercrombieonsale.com ok. They are fraud. read full review »
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Why you need this if you can't even improve your service
Good Job January 8, 2010
You guys are the most best people in faking facts, good jobs. read full review »
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Priscilla McGee January 5, 2010
ordered ugg boots on 12/04/09 . money out of checking acct. received no boots. no phone number to reach them. read full review »
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Pet Carrier
Mpetcity January 5, 2010
1. Come to know the company through Alibaba.com (Duosiyibei) 2. Contacted the sales personel, Season Chen 3. Agree to the price USD28.00 each bag and ordered 15pcs bag (5 different design) without (JUICY COUTURE) wording on it. 4. Total amount paid USD420.00 through Western Union. 5. About 2 weeks later, the parcel arrived. But inside only have 5 bags, each design 1pc and with the logo of (JUICY COUTURE) on it. 6. Manage to contact the sales personel Season, and let her know the matter. She agree to resend the order after... read full review »
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Mofaud January 4, 2010
I purchased an item on Dec 6 '09. I was not allowed to use paypal, they insisted I pay the money into their account. The money was in their account on Dec 11 '09. They promised to ship the item immediately upon receipt of payment. To date I have received a few e-mails promising to send my stuff. When I enquire on their online help, they just don't respond. I think I have been ripped off. read full review »
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louis vuitton product
poppy12 January 3, 2010
I was totally ripped off by this seller on ioffer.com and now ioffer banned me for reporting the fraud and warning other users on some of his other items for sale. What we need is for anyone scammed by this seller to contact Paypal in the next 3 months and file a claim against them under the (resolution center). 1 person complaining to Paypal will be meaningless. Paypal helps these criminals perpetuate fraud against the honest account holders there and this is heinous. These criminals can send us anything they want and as long as we get the... read full review »
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dizzymax January 2, 2010
Hi, In the beginning of October 2009 I have bought a mobile phone on internet shop MallMic.com for 158USD. 1 mounth they "tried" to send it to me. But it was always resent back to them by reasons that I can`t understand. I waited for that phone for 2 mounths, wrote them e-mails. And got some kind of answers that meaned: "Wait a little bit more", "Yeah, Yeah. We send it". And then they stopped answering at all... I wrote already 5 emails and got no answer. I think they were waiting before 45 days Complaint Service... read full review »
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jordon profile
naturallov December 30, 2009
I place an order on www.jordonprofile.com, i order a pair of jordon air .I did not get my sneakers but my bank acct. was charged on 12-19-09.I will be contacting my bank, there is no contact info.at all. thank you Jill read full review »
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ugg australia
anthony parente December 30, 2009
on 11-16, i tried to order ugg boots but it would not go thru with my credit card, so why am i being charged and still no boots.i bought the boots from someone else.So hopefully this company will send me a check for 83.46 read full review »
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Kim Bregman December 30, 2009
I order 2 bags from this company and they charged my credit card and notified me that they had been shipped. After waiting for a couple of weeks I then had to go to a website that they gave me to track the shipping and wage a complaint that I had not received it yet...after waiting several more days I got an email stating that they were investigating. The package finally arrived and was held at the post office becuase I was out of town. Needless to say I was expecting the package 2 weeks earlier and it arrived too late to give the items a... read full review »
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knkpatrick December 30, 2009
TOTAL SCAM, These boots are the worst fakes I have seen. If you have been a victim we can all pull together we can really hurt them. Anyone that has been scammed by this company needs to file a police report and forward it to paypal. If enough of us take it seriously and fight back, they will lose their paypal rights. Also if you go to the website whois.net and put in the website you will find the information of the person who registered the site. I assume it is not his really name, but we can try the phone numbers, emails what ever it take... read full review »
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eshopper December 30, 2009
Unable to Return / Fake Ugg Boots / Delayed Delivery Do not buy anything from 4ezlive.com. I bought a pair of Ugg boots which turned out to be FAKE. Once I opened the package, there was a strong paint smell coming from the boots. I wanted to return the item but the company makes you email them for a return address in China. I wrote about 6 emails but they did not sent me the address to return to, plus they said they would charge a 15% restocking fee for a returning item. The address on the original package is all written in... read full review »
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Designer handbags and accessories
TheresaR December 30, 2009
Discount-Coach.com handbags are counterfeit Coach falsely claimed to be genuine: “Our bags are 100% real and authentic coach bags.” These are cheap counterfeit that the company claims to be genuine and authentic. read full review »
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maizy December 30, 2009
This website is fake! Do not believe anything on it! I have asked for a refund and they are holding it hostage. They appear legitimate but will not give any information as to how to contact them except e-mail. They don't even give a return address on the shipping label. Shady albeit bad business practices. I learned my lesson! read full review »
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janette53 December 29, 2009
the above website is selling fake UGG shoes. I've been online and asked them if they are genuine, they replied that they are replicas and that they're produced in China. Be aware of this site if your looking for the genuine article read full review »
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Julio da Silva December 28, 2009
Je vous remercie pour dépôt un plainte auprès du Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Votre plainte a été soumise avec succès. Veuillez conserver les informations suivantes pour l'avenir contacts avec le IC3 : ID de plainte : I0912251802465352 Mot de passe : GEfLZxhHVj Si vous souhaitez afficher/téléchargement votre plainte ou toute information supplémentaire pour fournir à l'IC3, veuillez Utilisez le lien suivant et la connexion avec... read full review »
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LBGyrl December 28, 2009
Website lists replica goods from T-shirts to handbags. There are two email addresses (yahoo and hotmail)cec21ceo@yahoo.com . Susan was the person I supposedly dealt with. After selecting items on their website, the company will send an invoice with payment information for Moneygram, Western Union and Paypal. They will take your money, send you a bogus tracking number showing something that was sent to the EMS shipping facility in China and that's where it will stay. When contacting the company they will keep telling you that the item i... read full review »
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UGG Boots/Buyherenow@live.com
tam tam December 28, 2009
I thought I was purchasing real UGG boots. And they are clearly fake, I am so not happy about this. Im not easy to get rid of. read full review »
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Discount Coach Handbag online
Steffanie Marsella December 28, 2009
my ref #7476036AR9ZEXD1QP I ordered a purse on 12/10 order /32009120876445 my tracking #is EE260450679CN from ups...ups said they can not track this item...I think its a scam..can u help read full review »
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Gypsy23 December 28, 2009
If you believe what this company tells you, have I got a bridge to sell you too. I ordered a five year series of a TV show for my son for Christmas. I sent an email before ordering asking if it would be received by Christmas which I was assured it would be so I placed the order. They charged my card after about a week and I have heard nothing but excuses since then. Each time I would email asking for tracking info they wouldn't send it and merely tell me not to worry. They finally provided a tracking website which told me it... read full review »
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Kris M December 26, 2009
I ordered a pair about 3 weeks ago and after I ordered them my friend told me they are not real they are counterfeits or knock offs. I was like great. This was the only xmas present I wanted this year. I was super excited to find them cheap. If you go to the ugg Australia website there website is listed under counterfeit. I got them and I was like wow you cant tell they are fake. They have the made in China tag on the inside, they look real. But if you google real vs fake Ugg they fail :( So, I emailed them and told them how... read full review »
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jaxx729 December 26, 2009
I purchased Ugg boots from this company. The company seems real with what seems to be a legitimate website, but it is not. BEWARE!! read full review »
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tiffany jewelery
Gills December 26, 2009
wow do i feel ripped off, i brought a necklace&bracelete set for £87.99 for my 40th Brithday in may, & was chuffed that i then treated myself to a choker type on august £42.59, i new they was not real tiffany but just love the style & only wear silver...on the site claimed 100% genuine silver...Well i took my necklace & bracelet set to be proffessionaly cleaned for them to go brassy & so embarressed when they told me they was definately not silver& rung me & to pick them up ...I got in touch with the... read full review »
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agameman December 24, 2009
I just buy one 400x 1.3MP USB Digital Microscope Camera from www.etronixmart.com. They are in China. I wait about 10 days to receive this item. It is a little slow. Are shipping from China always slow? read full review »
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bea w December 23, 2009
I ordered a paid of uggs on December 5, 2009 and as of today, December 23, 2009, I have not received them. I have sent numerous email to the company and only recieved 1 response. They have been shipped our on December 9th. I am unable to locate a phone number to call them directly. I sent emails trying to cancel without any success. I filed a complaint with pay pal. read full review »
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shoppinglucky03 December 21, 2009
shoppinglucky.com, China professional wholesaler, We provide various highquality and low price products at wholesale price. China products wholesale. To provide the best products and reliable service is all we are working for. Wholesale products reviewed and tested at Shoppinglucky so that when you buy a Chinese products you can be sure of qualityIf you have any questions, please contact our customer service department, we would like to introduce you all these service in details. read full review »
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mugil media network
cenagobi December 20, 2009
my parcel not delivery 10 days 2009-12-09 15:24:00 SHANGHAI Posting   2009-12-09 15:38:00 89 Despatch from Sorting Center   2009-12-09 22:26:59 SHANGHAI Arrival at Sorting Center   2009-12-10 02:47:23 SHANGHAI Despatch from Sorting Center read full review »
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bluejeans December 18, 2009
Order a pair of ugg boots on a wedsite call authentic ugg boots, email address for contact was originally ugganzac@hotmail.com. I emailed this address and got no response. Went back to the site, email was changed to uggsuede.com. My credit card was charged by a company called Kicksneaker. I have been unable to contact anyone about this fraudulent charge. Please help. There are so many others who have had this same problem with this company read full review »
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Kunming Bo Contact Trade Co., Ltd. Kunming Bo Contact Trade Co., Ltd.
A-Fool-N-His-Money December 18, 2009
Kunming Bo Contact Trade Co., Ltd is confirmed to be a scam / fraud / Thief. Yingbin Huang confirmed to be a Thief First Time Buyers use the following information to defend yourself from this thief. This seller took money for product and did not deliver product. They did sent a fake shipment tracking number : EE167406425CN Now seller will not respond to phone or email. This was a "Gold Seller" and TrustPass verified company. Kunming Bo Contact Trade Co., Ltd. Address: 39 Yunda West Road, Economic Development... read full review »
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Electronic Goods
sheo1976 December 17, 2009
Hi, Sometimes back I have recieved a mail in my mailbox containing a link in which it has been promised that the company is providing quality electronic products in a very cheap price as compared to other vendors. To my surprise the price mentioned in there site "http://www.goldtoadonline.com" is realy very cheap. I have contact the e-mail ID mentioned in there contact list to know the detail of how to pay them as I am residing in ASIA. They have provided the following details about there bank accounts and asked me to transfer the... read full review »
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Chineart.com easterncurio.com antiquefurniturechines.com antiquesbeijing.com
DieRoyal December 16, 2009
Also operates easterncurio(dot)com. Horror stories abound: google for 'complaints board easterncurio(dot)com'. Related complain: http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/easterncuriocom-c247937.html My own fact: The above happened in 2009, and mine was in 2006. So they are still as unscrupulous. I visited their 'factory' in Shanghai. It is a mum & dad business running from their home apartment. The owner is called Royal Hsu (Xu)- 30+ spectacled guy. He uses the spellling 'Hsu' to appear non-mainland... read full review »
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