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Pure Tablets
SuperPForce February 17, 2017
PureTablets.com is one of the leading online providers in the emerging marketplace for generic medicine. Many generics produced today are known to be produced in the same manufacturing plants that are used for the production of a branded equivilant. Therefore, one can only question why customers in today's online world should not have the alternative to cheaper, high quality generics just like in all other sectors of the marketplace. We have merged our experience and resources in the off-line generic medicine world and combined thi... read full review »
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4you2 Ltd
Peer Boskjold April 22, 2011
I have followed all adwises to get back my domain name www.4you2.com spoken in phone with the company called Networksolutions...many times...since beginning of Januar...still don't got my login back...What to do now...DOS ATTACK???? read full review »
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Cable & Wireless Seychelles
Joenz August 17, 2010
I want to complain about Cable & Wireless Seychelles, a British owned company, based in Seychelles. We all know that years ago, the British will capture what country they can, build a colony and Rip the country of it's resources. Now a different scenario is taking place. Cable & Wireless is nothing but a firm that makes lots of fraud to Rip off consumers. The Seychelles Authority should look closely to the Fraud that cable & wireless is committing. Lately I got an internet bill of more than SR 35, 000 (USD 2... read full review »
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Merchany ID 2524635
nael marar May 20, 2010
I have received the following charge on the 13th of May 2010 on my visa credit card This is a fraud. I have seem on the internet many complaints about this fictitious merchant. Date: 13 May 10 Instance-Support.Com, Victoria Retailer number: 2524635 Business type: Computer Software Stores Town: Victoria Country: Seychelles PIN Used: Signature used Cardholder: 0000 Forex amount: 99.00 U.s. Dollar Exchange rate: 1.44 read full review »
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A M S Georges April 4, 2010
For a few days now, I and few other individuals known to me have been unable to access our hotmail accounts from our desktop computers. We simply cannot open up our account. What is the problem? Annette Georges read full review »
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Meds Easy Reliable Online
October 28, 2008
Meds-Easy online pharmacy stole $335.80 from my credit card and never send me the pills I ordered from them. Mrs Amy Jones wrote me and told me to tell my bank I never ordered from their company, what's totaly false. She told me they are beginning not to trust their credit card company anymore named IDEAL CREDIT SCORE INC. ELMHURST NY. Aren't they supposed to check if they are trustable before making business with such a company. I paid for the product to the pharm on line named GROTEX ALLIANCE LTD. Meds-Easy reliable on line for... read full review »
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