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Aemilius Cupero

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Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Hong Kong

Phone number: 8125-6598

Aemilius Cupero Reviews

davodjohn21 November 2, 2021
The team was helpful throughout
The team was helpful throughout. They were informative, friendly showed empathy to my problem, and guided me on what to do and say. They were very knowledgeable. I was impressed. The result successfully got my money back. I would recommend
aaronsmith56 October 29, 2021
They saved me
They saved me from a fatal financial breakdown after being scammed. Truly the best financial recovery service hands down.
MartineMiller123 October 25, 2021
I have been presented with an excellent
I have been presented with an excellent dispute presentment service which enabled the reversal of my transaction, by this team. The countermeasures they took were extremely effective. I almost did not understand what was going on, but they explained everything to me until I got everything. I am not used to co-operate with legal issues like these, but it went pretty much alright and did not have to do much. Much thanks to these amazing guys.
MariaSmith897 October 21, 2021
Undoubtedly the best
Undoubtedly the best law and investigation service providers! I initiated a case with this company for my little brother who got all confused and ended up paying some fake brokers who claimed to give back some potential profits. They conducted proper research and filed a lawsuit for us. I am very delighted and thankful to these heavenly people for saving my brother from a financial breakdown. Hopefully he can now pay his university fees.
gracerager4567 October 18, 2021
I do not know how exactly they did it, but they definitely got me back all my money that I had lost to a binary options firm. Although they did explain me something about raising a dispute, I am too old to understand all that stuff. Nevertheless, they said I do not need to worry, and just follow a few simple instructions that they gave me. Good god, they really helped recover all that I had lost. My best regards and lots of good wishes be with these fellow gentlemen.
jadeaskew43 October 14, 2021
Thanks to these guys
I really had a hard time recovering my funds but Aemilius helped me through the process. I barely had to do anything. Thanks to them!
VikasRathi78 October 11, 2021
Helpful lot
The helpful lot back at Aemilius has been extremely nice to me and helped me out a lot! I remain thankful for their guidance and commendable service which brought me back my money.
carlahouston89 October 8, 2021
Great Work
I took the bait of having double profits in a single month from an abominable investor on Facebook who also claimed to be a public figure. Stopped responding me just after 2 weeks of the date I made the payment. I reported their account to Facebook, but that seemed to have no effect. Finally, I approached these recovery professionals. My problems were finally put to end by them. A few phone calls are all it took. I appreciate their quick response to my query. Great work.
MoniqueAdams October 4, 2021
I was treated with ample of attention and respect
I was treated with ample of attention and respect. Their focus on customer's need was well maintained. They claimed to have recovered from the same guys that stole from me in the past as well for a different customer. That was such a relief to hear. I spent 6 months care free, listening from them every once in a while. They have handled my case professionally. Full marks for everything from my side. I've had a wonderful experience.
Jodi45678 September 30, 2021
A colleague of mine told me to approach this company
A colleague of mine told me to approach this company to get a chance to possibly get back my money that I had lost to some overseas broker who stopped replying me and just disappeared. I phoned them and explained everything, they took my case. They phoned me back a couple of days later saying it might be very difficult for them to trace back the fake broker die to insufficient information. However, a week later, they called up again and told me that they might have found a way to get to them and raise a dispute. That was a shock of joy, all of a sudden. The case went on for a few months and finally it ended with the result in my favor.

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