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ALIBABA/ALIEXPRESS/Kingston Datatraveler usb 32gb flashdrives

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ALIBABA/ALIEXPRESS/Kingston Datatraveler usb 32gb flashdrives Reviews

ATakrite3 January 3, 2011
BEWARE and AWARE of "Alibaba" and "Aliexpress" sellers
...If only I had came over here first to check out this business. Unfortunately, I was scammed by a particular seller: HAI RONG ZHANG from "Alibaba", a business that was totally new to me recently as I was looking to get a fair deal on flashdrives. HAI RONG ZHANG sold me 2 deceptively DEFECTIVE Kingston Datatraveler 32gb usb flashdrives priced at $24.00 each last September. I should've followed my 1st mind to not go through with the transaction after receiving vague responses to very direct questions regarding the above's "policies" (which weren't listed on the site suspiciously). Got the products, tested them safely, was HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED to find them to be duds, emailed HAI RONG ZHANG expediently to state the problem and get return instructions, WAS GIVEN MAJOR RUNAROUND by both this seller and so-called customer service as I am right NOW, being that it's the new year !!!*-$#@?//*@%## Was another waste of money AND time in shipping back the duds and found it suspicious as "they" were pressuring me to send back the duds that I was wanting to THROW them at 'em at that point. They were VERY slow in responding to my emails and when they FINALLY did, they acted as if they were from another planet...listen...the WHOLE thing was a very undesirable experience. Mind you I've had some EXCELLENT shopping experiences online and there's some GREAT sellers and products waiting for our business...and of course there's predators waiting to RIP US OFF both in high and low places. I'm NOT saying that "Alibaba" is a bad business 'cause that wouldn't be fair to those merchants that do practice honestly, but do be CAREFUL of who you deal with personally, especially abroad. Also, BE CAREFUL OF BUYING NAME BRANDS from those who are abroad...these are great lures for rip offs !!!

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