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Antarctic Air Duct Cleaning Santa Monica

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3002 Main St, Santa Monica, 90405

Phone number: (310) 742-0936

Antarctic Air Duct Cleaning Santa Monica Reviews

Ana Klein December 1, 2021
I could not ask for more about the service. Thank you!
The entire job went perfect! The technician that I hired for my air duct cleaning service was amazing. I'm impressed because he was able to finish it on time. I'm also happy because I was able to hire this guy from this company at a very affordable price, and it was nice because he performs very well. I could not ask for more about the service. Thank you!
Stamm Quinton November 29, 2021
Highly recommended!
This is a great company for any cleaning service. They are well-equipped, well-organized, and amazing people to work with. It is very easy to book an appointment and provides wonderful service on just the first visit. Their technician is the best and did the cleaning out of my dryer vent thoroughly. Highly recommended!
Debora Smith November 25, 2021
Wonderful work, guys!
You earned my respect! They were responsible for the impressive duct cleaning here in our house. I was completely astonished because they were able to finish it on time, and I can tell that their technician is highly trained and very capable. I'm sure that from now on, their services will be my number one option. Wonderful work, guys!

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