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December 20, 2013
Poor customer service
they lack customer service in a bad way,they have NO communication skills at all,I ordered graphics for my sons 2010 cobra jr on Nov 13th and didn't get them until Dec 12th,their web site states that it only takes 2-3 days for production,I called several times asking for a status update because this was to be a gift for my 6 year old son and when it got here just as I was scared of my order was WRONG!...I called as soon as I had seen it was wrong and all the woman that answered wanted to tell me was to email them the order # and what the problem is,after being so bent out of shape about this and getting myself so upset that the right graphics wouldn't be here in time for Christmas I called back and talked to another woman who seemed to be more helpful so I thought,when we were on the phone she assured me she would go ahead and put these thru production,the right way and send them to me so that they would make it in time for Christmas and in the meantime I was to send the wrong ones back,I asked about them paying for shipping seeing as how this was their mistake,why should I have to pay for the return shipping and she was supposed to get back to me and tell me what to do but she didn't.So knowing that they say it only takes 2-3 day production I called them 6 days after I talked to them about the wrong order and gave them my order # and told them the problem and at this point was lead to believe my order was in production and that they would change the shipping to make sure it got here in time.So a couple of days later still no email about my product shipping and it being Friday and knowing they are not open on the weekends and Christmas being Wednesday I called again only this time the same woman that I talked to a couple of days before,the same woman that assured me my order was in production told me no that my order was NOT in production and wouldn't be until I shipped the other ones back,I also included my phone # in my first email asking that they (management) please call me...well guess what NO ONE CALLED!! and every time I call and ask to talk to a manager they say they are not in.At this point I am beyond pissed and heartbroken that I will not be able to surprise my 6 year old son with his Spiderman graphics for Christmas

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