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Bearicuda Bins

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Bearicuda Bins Reviews

oceanhouse2 June 6, 2018
My Bearicuda Garbage Can Works! Had Amazon and HD Model and they Failed
Bought two other cans from other companies over the past 5 years, they eventually failed, locks, bent metal etc! I found the Bearicuda can has worked the best for our use. We have a family of 5 with one 95 gallon and one 65 gallon can. We recently purchased the Stealth 2 and have the Stealth 1, both work great but Stealth 2 is the best hands down! so awesome, its a fully automated can meaning it auto opens so neither myself or the hauler needs to open the can on the day of trash service. Also there is no metal on the can whatsoever, looks like a normal trash can except its very attractive looking and no one knows its bear proof so its not going to get stolen. Thanks for making a great product.
Demmick fandwerk April 22, 2018
On our 3 bear bin
The bears ripped one of our beer bins in half and crushed another one. Also after about two years locks don’t work so when the bear knocks over the bin, contents just come spilling out. Obviously we live in an area with a lot of beers but was paid over four hours for each been so when it says bear proof you think you would be bear proof. False advertising.
rd.jr.johnson.iplaw@gmail.com October 21, 2016
My Bearicuda Bin Works Fantastic And Customer Service Is 2nd To None
Almost a year ago and after a lot of internet research on bear proof containers, I purchased a 96 gallon Bearicuda Stealth II bear proof container through a local waste disposal company. I am not in the waste disposal company’s service area but they sold me a Bearicuda regardless. The waste disposal company selected Bearicuda products to service a portion of one of their city service areas shortly before I purchased my container. This particular city passed an ordinance requiring bear proof containers in certain portions of that city. With all that being said, I encountered an issue with my container. I got on the Bearicuda website over the weekend and left a detailed email. Kevin from Bearicuda Inc. respond promptly Monday morning. The issue was not a warranty item related to Bearicuda, however, Kevin contacted the local waste disposal company and together they resolved the situation beyond my expectations. Amazingly the issue was completely resolved that same Monday. Some of the best customer service I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Remember, I am not a customer of the waste disposal company from which I purchased the Stealth II and it was not a Bearicuda warranty item, yet I sit here typing of the positive experience I encountered with both companies.
klacilla October 8, 2013
Bearicuda Garbage Can Very Happy With My Purchase
I own this exact can, have had it for 4 years, some serious claws marks and some teeth marks but no penetration. Can has held up very well. Its called the Bearicuda Bin, very happy with my purchase and as far as complaints on my bearicuda, I have none, very happy. I live in Northern Jersey and can't believe the bear population, who would have ever thought?
klacilla October 8, 2013
Response to Bearicuda Advertising Claim and Guarantee
My name is Kevin Lacilla the President of Bearicuda, Inc. Kelly is truly not giving everyone both sides of the story here. We have been in business for 18 years and this is the only complaint we have had that I am aware of, although it is very difficult to please every customer especially sicne we are one of the largest providers in the industry for Animal Proof Garbage Containers.You will find, to my knowledge that Kelly is the only person in our company history to have ever complained. I am not saying even one complaint is something to be proud of but having only one complaint during this term of doing business begs the question “Is Kelly being a bit unreasonable”. The answer is clearly yes and let me explain why” First Kelly and most important claims “There was a disclaimer on the order page for this can, and it did not mention raccoon chewing damage as an exclusion”. Not only do we have disclaimers on the entire web site but we put it directly on her electronic invoice emailed to her which stated the following: Though BEARicuda Bin™ trash cans have been rigorously tested, we cannot make with a 100% guarantee that a bear or any other animal will never penetrate any of our cans. All animals are unpredicitable and many (such as bears and squirrels are very tenacious). All our cans have been an effective deterrent against all types of animals in which most never penetrate the can although cans maybe damaged in certain instances because this is the byproduct of having an animal trying to get into your trash. Because this kind of damage can occur Bearicuda Bins, Inc will not refund or replace the can. Example, squirrels because of the extreme sharp teeth and after prolonged periods of time could potentially gnaw into the can where other larger animals cannot access. This is a rare event, but must be noted because no poly can on the market today is completely impenetrable. In 95% of cases you will find your can a complete deterrent for bears and all other animals. Yes Kelly did claim she had a raccoon problem but our disclaimer does say “or any other animal”. Where Kelly is correct is that we did say Raccoon Proof” and for that we shipped her a Brand new can that was an upgrade to the one she had. She ordered a 68 gallon and since we were out of 68 gallon cans I asked her if she would like a 95 gallon can as a upgrade at no charge. I shipped her the bin but she then called me on the 4th of July, in which I responded to her and she said “This can is too tall and again you people have falsely advertised the height of your can. She said the height was 3-4” taller than what she actually measured. I told Kelly there is no advantage for us to try and make the can 3-4” higher on our web site. I told Kelly we measure to the lip of the can and that was probably the discrepancy. I apologized to her, but she then conveniently said she had no use for the can because it would not fit in her wooden garbage bin. I told her to the $90 we charged her for shipping would be credited and to please keep the can. She said she had no use for it and wanted a credit. She then proceed to post a complaint with the BBB and yes, we then decided to refund her. We did everything to try and please Kelly but she was unreasonable. The bottom line is that the customer is always right despite there being two sides to the story. I wish I had just credited Kelly from the beginning, that was my mistake and I have apologized to Kelly for that, but she continues to try and belittle the company which is not fair and the reason for this lengthy email. She also claimed about freight charges and not honoring the guarantee. We honor guarantees for defects in workmanship, this can had no defects just someone who did not read the disclaimer, but in all fairness it did say Raccoon proof so this is why we shipped her another can and then did credit her after the height of the can was a problem. Here is what our shipping disclaimer says “The TOTAL invoice amount Does Not include freight charges on any our Bear Proof Cans. Many of our Bear Cans ship out using UPS or a "Common Carrier" Trucking Company, whichever is less expensive. Many of our cans are classified as "oversized" by UPS and can have additional charges by UPS. We will add the correct amount to your credit card once we know the final shipping charge from the appropriate carrier. Two charge amounts can appear on your credit card, The first for the actual product charge you see on this invoice and the second for the freight(Again, you will not see the freight amount appear on this electronic receipt, a final invoice will be mailed with the correct shipping charges). Feel free to call us for the exact freight rate within 1 business day, otherwise the order will have been processed and most likely shipped. We will add the correct amount of freight to your invoice within this 1 business day and your order will be processed. If an item is refused upon delivery or if customer decides to return the product for any reason the customer is responsible for shipping charges. Kelly is correct by saying we did change the raccoon proof on our web site, everything else in terms of what you are reading here right now appeared on her invoice without question. I Kelly posted her invoice that was emailed to her you will see exactly what is written above. All in all Kelly is the customer and we should have just refunded her from the beginning because she was unhappy, that was our fault and I take full responsibility for that. I guess sometimes when you are dealing with difficult people some pride gets in the way, especially when they are not very cordial. Kelly would disagree I am sure, but all someone needs to do is go online and try to verify what Kelly is saying by another customer complaint from her date she posted on backwards. This will speak volumes about our company. Thank You Kevin
kellycares July 6, 2009
False advertising, fake Money back guarantee
On 5/31/09, I made an online purchase of a "Critter Can" from Bearicuda Bins that was advertised as "Raccoon-proof" on their website. The can arrived about 7 days later. The total cost for the bin, including shipping, was $274. Within 2 weeks of use, the can had been chewed through by raccoons. On June 22, 2009, I emailed Bearicuda and asked for my $ back under their money back guarantee. Kevin Lacilla the owner refused to honor the guarantee. There was a disclaimer on the order page for this can, and it did not mention raccoon chewing damage as an exclusion. Mr. Lacilla pointed to another page under refunds that excludes chewing damage from squirrels (not raccoons). He has refused to honor his guarantee. Moreover, the bin is NOT "raccoon-proof" and it was false advertising to have advertised it as such. They have since changed their website description of the can and their guarantee language, adding raccoon chewing as an exclusion, after I brought the problem to their attention. Please note that all language on website was changed AFTER I complained.

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