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Daniel B. CMT December 6, 2009
soft plagiarism
Bloomberg News calls on qualified experts to explain stocks, bonds and foreign exchange, but only publishes interviews or gives proper credit when it wants to.

In my case I was sent on a fool's errand. Reporter Theresa Barraclough, a Bloomberg News reporter, sent me an email and offered a press interview if I would answer a long list of difficult questions. (see below) that required hours of research as well as an hour interview with her by phone.

Note that Bloomberg does not pay a penny for expertise, it gets it all for free then charges about $2, 000/month to each of its subscribers to get exclusive Bloomberg News stories.

After getting all the answers to her questions, Ms. Barraclough and her bosses Rocky Swift and Brian Fowler did not publish my interview or offer any explanation at all. After I complained, they stated it is their standard procedure to not publish an interview when they are too busy writing the latest story.

I am a recognized expert in my field but they refuse to cite me as the source of analysis for bonds and FX that raised their understanding and informed their writing on these topics in news stories that appeared during the same week. They tricked me and said its nothing personal, they do this all the time.

Here are the questions she sent:

To: DANIEL B****
At: 11/24 4:33:07

Hi Daniel,
Here are the questions. Speak to you Friday

What's your outlook on the yen? Do you see it continuing to strengthen versus the dollar? At what point do you think authorities will intervene?

People seem to be losing faith in the dollar - is this justified? How likely is the dollar losing its reverse currency status? What does the U.S. government need to do/prove to restore confidence in the dollar?

Would you recommend buying commodity related currencies, such as the aussie/kiwi dollars?

What is your general outlook for currencies? Where do you see value? Where do you see risk?

What trading strategies do you recommend?
Where do you see USD-JPY, USD-EUR, EUR-JPY by the end of the year?

Japan Bonds
Japanese bonds seem to be in a bullish phase at the moment -- do you think that it's justified? Aren't yields too low already?

Are deflation concerns encouraging investors to buy bonds? Hasn't the deflation story been around for ages in Japan? Are negative breakeven rates looking attractive?
Given that yen and dollar labor spreads are very narrow (thus low hedging costs), wouldn't it be better for Japanese investors to seek oversea government bonds with higher yields?

What do you think about bond issuance in Japan? Japan's debt burden is reaching almost 200 percent of the nation's GDP - does this scare you? But the majority of investors is domestic, while countries such as the U.S. borrow mainly from abroad. As Japan is essentially self-financing - does this lessen the risk of default?

Where do you see yields by the end of the year?

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