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joyce b June 21, 2011
Failed to activate phone, web, text in timely manner
After 17 "Customer Care" representaive my phone was activated. A personal friend in a retail establishment was able to activate the phone. It took over 13 days and multiple additional representatives (not including the first 17) establish the correct information, including payment, name, address, contact information and service type before all services, i.e., phone, text and web were actually completed.

I am still waitng for Ms. Strum who took the 18th complaint who said she would listen to the recorded request and establish where the problem was and promised to get back to me. I am still waiting for her call.

I found the representatives to be abusive and rude and not to care or do their jobs. .
Jim Beatty June 3, 2011
Deceptive sales practices
Here is a copy of the email I sent to boost and am forwarding to the ceo and board of directors of sprint (their parent), I have omitted my personal info from the fcc complaint info but the complaint number is authentic:

Please be advised that I have filed another complaint with the FCC, this one focusing solely on your deceptive and, I believe, illegal sales practices.

1) you knew the tower was out in February

2) your authorized agent did not allow me to handle the phone till it was activated and paid for, which was March 4, 2011

3) at the point of sale, I complained that the phone had no signal

4) your authorized agent misrepresented a material fact in order to falsely persuade me to accept your faulty merchandise by telling me, “take it home, it takes a couple days for the signal to come up”

5) I returned the next day and complained again that the phone had no signal, your agent inspected the phone closely and looking very closely at the signal meter exclaimed, “Look! There’s 4 bars!” handing the phone back to me, what he was falsely describing as “4 bars” was the segmented flat line.

6) I have subsequently made requests to both Boost and their authorized shyster…er… dealor for my money back which both deny.

7) To date, I have spent $60 for the phone, $10 for the activation fee and another $150 in service fees for a phone which does not work and has never worked from the first day and was sold to me by misrepresentation of material facts while Boost had FULL knowledge that the tower was out form the MONTH prior.

8) I don’t believe that it is legal to sell a product by misrepresenting material facts concerning the product and I want all my money returned.

Here is the FCC complaint information:

Acknowledgment & Fax Cover sheet to submit additional information.

Filing for: John Doe has been received by the FCC. Thanks for your information. When inquiring about your complaint, be sure to reference this number: 11-C00303868 and, be sure to mention that you filed this complaint over the internet.
Angry Cellphone User May 25, 2011
Customer Service, Auto-Reboost, Voicemail
Boost Mobile's customer service is next to non-existent. If you happen to be able to reach a live customer service agent, after endlessly going through their automated system they will tell you that whatever the problem is, auto reboost system not working, voice mail not set up and not able to be set up through their online system, etc., that they will put you through to the right department only to put you back into the automated system!!! Nothing EVER gets resolved! As awful as Virgin is, Boost is SOOO much worse!! No matter how great a deal they offer, go with someone else!
Tracey Cahill May 14, 2011
my spending amount request for service suppose to be 45.00 not 55.00
my bill on phone should be 45.00 not 55.00
pea34103 May 11, 2011
Shrikage Scam
This company has THE WORST customer Service I have ever encountered. Trying to get through to a CSR is virtually impossible .I am set up on the $50 p/month Boost Shrinkage Plan. The payments have been coming out of my checking account like clockwork until today (of course they say there's insufficient funds in my checking account ?! not according to my bank but of course it couldn't be Boosts error?!?). When the shrinkage was supposed to start. They stopped my service. And I also noticed looking into my Chase account that they charged me twice for the month of March. Of course when I did get through to Customer Service on the 8th call I was put though to a manager who assured me I would be satisfied with the outcome... said He had to transfer me to the payment processing department. Disconnected. Imagine that. Happened 3 more times after that. One rep even suggested that go to my Boost retailer. Of which there are no Official Boost Retailer on their site. So I went to Radio Shack where I purchased the plan and phone. Who surprise surprise also could not get a hold of anyone at Boost. They did manage to pull up 4 Actual Boost locations in the Phoenix area. I am headed there tomorrow. It's sad that no one in Boosts Customer Service Department could help. So here I am no cell phone service and double charged. When I get my money back. AND I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK. I will pursue the VP for customer relations/ sales Dennis Weikle of Boost directly to advise him of just how poorly he is doing.
nevergoonbuyit May 5, 2011
Fraudulent Activity
A friend has a cell phone on my Verizon Account, she wanted to change to her sister's Boost Mobile Account and take the number with her. Boost Mobile asked for my Verizon Account Number and PIN. I called Verizin questioning the leglity of them having my PIN. Verizin and I arranged to give them the number and PIN, then change the PIN. Boost Mobile then decided they need my Social Security number, I don't think so. I am not their customer and I will never be their customer, so what kind of scam are they running if I gave them access to my Verizin Account to transfer the phone number to their customer and then they want my SSN?
Dredre09 April 29, 2011
Biggest rip off
I have been with boost mobile now for about 2 months and I have had enough. Almost every single time I try to make a call it says, the number or code you have dialed is incorrect. I get text messages at 4 am from people who actually texted me earlier in the day and sometimes I never get the messages people send, and people dont get the ones I send them half the time either. The customer service is horrible. I am on the $50 a month plan and when I went to pay my bill they charged me $3 in taxes and didnt tell me I needed to pay an extra $3 so they said I only paid $47 towards my bill and turned my phone off. I called customer service and the first two people I couldnt even understand and they didnt know what they were doing, I explained the situation and they still made me go and pay the damn $3. So when I start explaining to them about my text messages and it not letting me dial out they just blew me off and said oh Im sorry Im not sure what the deal with that is. Tomorrow I am switching back to my old service. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON BOOST MOBILE. I PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET IT.
Nikki Harris April 22, 2011
Unauthorized number change
Hello my name is Nikki Harris my complaint is that my number was changed without my final authorization by a boost rep. I have been adatemately and franticly trying to get help to recover the number 2022774041 which is the number that was changed. I have been helped and I appreciate all that the reps have done to try to recover that number. But that is not enough to my satisfaction. I would like for someone from the corporate office to contact me immediately so that I can explain this disservice to me and maybe it can be resolved. That’s my ultimate concern and hope that someone can please recover my number 2022774041. You may contact me at my current boost telephone number 2023695026 or my email nharris_charles@yahoo.com.

Thank you very kindly
liljal23 April 17, 2011
my phone dont have any miutes so i cant text and i put minutes on it
my phone does not work and i put money on it and it is not working.
turelinator March 23, 2011
Unresolved Issue after 1 Month
After a month of frustrating emails back & forth with the so-called support personnel, and being dropped from no less than 4 support calls, my issue of not being able to install Gmail email on my Samsung phone remains open and unresolved. They are requested to email me stating when they will call me so I can be talked through the problem, instead they just call and leave their inane voice-mail message stating they attempted to contact me. They repeat this message in emails and all I want to do at this point is speak to supervision or management.
The install of my gmail account fails with an unknown error to Boost Mobile, so that last support rep said someone in an advanced part of support would get back to ma and of course, never has. The entire problem may have something to do with the password I use for my gmail account, and since it contains special characters at the end of it, especially an asterisk, there seems to be a fundamental problem with the process accepting it on Mobile's end.

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