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British Embassy Deplomatic airway bill

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British Embassy Deplomatic airway bill Reviews

pinas_woman30 October 1, 2009
luggage delivery service
A certain Eric Powell Anderson who introduced himself as Executive consultant of Dunlop Oil and Marine Services Limitedin England, has communicated with me through a chatting at tagged.com site on the pretext that he is looking for a gf/wife. I never suspected any ill intention as he had been very kind and so I continue dealing with him. After a month, he decided to visit me in my country to get to know me better. But a week before the scheduled visit, he got an assignment to fly to Scotland to inspect some company orders. And so to keep up with the schedule, he decided to fly to my country from Scotland .To save himself from the hassles of carrying too many luggage, he contracted the services of BRITISH EMBASSY DEPLOMATIC AIRWAY BILL(accordingly a diplomatic haulage service company under the BRITISH EMBASSY IMMIGRATION AND HAULAGE DIRECTORATE in Edinburgh, ENGLAND) to ship the luggage to my address and that I should keep it until he arrives. But after shipping, he informed me that he enclosed a big amount of money in the luggage which he will spend during his visit. I got shocked and scared because i know that constitutes a money laundering act. But despite arguing with Mr. Powell, I cannot do anything because the luggage is on the way. Two days after, I got a call (bearing a Malaysia number) from MR. HENRY COLE, the delivery agent for Asian Region telling me that the luggage was held in custody by the Malaysian Customs Police because they found out about the money. He gave me instructions to pay a fine of US$ 1, 200.00 within 24 hours and that payment be made via Western Union Money Transfer to a certain ABRAHEM MOKENA (malaysian customs police) and they will release the luggage amicably without any charges. He further threatened me that if I will not pay, they will confiscate the luggage and have me and the sender, MrPowell arrested and charged in court. I immediately contacted Mr. Powell but he told me has no money at the moment because he was on a trip in another country and asked me to pay the fine first and that I can have it reimbursed once the luggage arrives from the money enclosed. That's when I suspected that this is a syndicated crime. I tracked down the name and address given to me of the companies DUNLOP AND OIL MARINE SERVICES LIMITED and found out that these are not existing. Am thankful that despite the panic, I remained compose and did the right thing of investigating further. So when Mr Powell and Mr. Henry contacted me again, I confronted them about what I have found out and they simply disappeared. Am sharing this to warn everyone.

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