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BudgetSavers Reviews

Kasey D. May 18, 2011
fraudulent charges
Since August of 2010 this company has been withdrawing approx. 29.95 monthly for 'membership' fees. I did not authorize or sign up for anything like this. As of 5-15-2011 they have withdrawn over $269.00. I have requested my membership be cancelled on several occassions and have a printout stating is has been cancelled and no more charges will appear, although I'm never given a cancellation number. I am tired of this fraudulent activity and demand my money be returned.
Lucia Clements May 14, 2011
Link to get $100 free gas does not work
Phone call states you get $100 free gas card when you enroll. When you get paperwork, letter states they promised you $100 in Gas Rebates and give you a link (www.budgetsaversonline.com/open/form/100gas) which does not work. When you enroll on the site, there is a free gift button which gives you this Membership Services Gift Request Form which you have to fill out and mail in to the validation department. Address for gift request is PO Box 5427 Hopkins, MN 55343-2427. This is most likely done to put people off. If they make you work for the 'gift' many people won't bother. This form in turn is to generate a 'most up-to-date Free Gift Selection Form' which gives you access to their widest and most current assortment of free gift inventory. Is that $100 of free gas or gas rebates as the initial welcome letter. NOT WORTH THE EFFORT. By the time this all happens, they will have been able to charge you the first monthly membership fee...Unbelievable.
Lalee April 19, 2011
free gas just for trying
I recieved a phone call that sounded worth it for once. I would pay a monthly fee of 29.99, only after recieving the info packet in the mail and reading the material over, and just for trying it (charged my card 1.00) budgetsavers would give me 100.00 in visa gift cards. Obviously I am on the same boat as ya'll... Screwed!!! No visa gas cards anywhere to be found. my subscriber Number is 1130612144 and my cancellation number is 107349637... This is a scam please don't fall for it and lose your hard earned money as I did, along with my bank now being in bad standing because of budgetsavers (budgetbreakers rather)!!! Yours truly, Laura V.
Gail Lucas April 12, 2011
Phone solicitation
How can I opt-out and stop these withdrawls from my checking account? They tell you this is free, that is free, let's face it, nothing is free. HELP!
Bobshore March 18, 2011
Company advertises to join Budgetsavers for $29.95 and you receieve a $100.00 gas card but when you go to the web site they send you www.budgetsaversonline.com/open/form/100gas there is no such form.
ARemillard November 20, 2010
charges to my account
I have been charged the initial $1.00 fee and would like to cancel that is all I approved. I did not approve a charge to my debit card of $29.95 and want a refund. I can not afford this company to charge my card with any amount. I do not want or need anything.
gas card rewards August 22, 2010
visa card
Received a rewards visa card last month. Gas station took card I did not get gas. Called budget savers about situtation. They said to login into my account in a month to see if the card has been accepted by the gas station or my account is credited the $10. I cannot get into my account. They keep saying info invalid. I got new password and tried again and keep getting the rewards sign up sheet. Give advice.
wishful1228 March 10, 2009
budgetsavers call me promised walmart card gift card and 40.00 gas card they managed to get my credit card number somehow and tried to take money from it what fakes i called them today about trying to use my card all she said was can i help you with something? then tried to say she sent cards in mail today FRAUD
Mad in Texas December 30, 2008
This company charged me $19.95 and then shared my credit card with Homeplay and Todayscapes. They both charged me $19.95 too. How do they get away with this! Beware if you see these companies on your bank statement. I called them and the operator told me "don't get testy with me".
October 24, 2008
took money out of my acct for other companies
This company called me and asked if I wanted to sign up for all this different stuff and get gas FREE and then I can cancel within the 30 days. He talked so fast I could hardly make sense of it. I asked a lot of questions and he insisted that I would get all this FREE stuff.
Well, within a couple of days I started seeing different charges on my bank acct. with all these different companies names on them.
I immediately called every one of the toll free numbers and canceled them...all of them. They can forget about the FREE gas, too. I don't even trust trying to use them since I cancelled, because I'm afraid they will start charging my acct again.
Lucky for me, I'm moving to a different area of PA and will be closing down my current bank acct in a few weeks. At least they won't be able to charge any more.

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