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Dino November 1, 2010
Billing scam
I took out a loan with Cash Call in 2007 for 5.000 dollars and they automatically withdraw 254.00 out of my account every month with the basis of that going to intrest i will not be finished paying them off until 2014 and if the funds are not available they try to go withdraw the funds again then charge a 15.00 fee. It is a sick disgrace to pray off inocent people who get caught up in bad situation with these easy no collateral loans. They also call you up and treat you as if you are *** if the funds are unavailable don't they relize if people had money they wouldn't of borrowed in the first place. They should be stopped or at least have another way of billing for the loans
Dingram October 19, 2010
Ripped me off
I took out a loan from cash call in 2005 I made payments of $330.00 on a $10, 000.00 loan, I paid them for 3 years when I called to find out what my pay off was they told me $10, 000.00 I was in shock so I paid on this *** loan for another nine months, thin I lost my job and my unemployment only covered the basic they didn't want to hear this so they started to harass me, then they offered me a buy out that was $3, 400.00, but I was told I had paid back $15, 000.00. how dare they ask me for more money to my knowledge I paid back the loan with interest.
Excopper72 October 10, 2010
Greedy company
I was approved for a loan in the amount of $2600. I advised the rep. that I only wanted $1500. He stated that I could send $1000 back and make payments on the $1500. Well... I thought what the heck, and did not send the $1000 back. I am still paying on the loan. Three years later and I still owe $2000. What? I know this a ripoff! I have paid back over $6000 already. I am unemployed and scratching for money, and this company will not assist with this situation. I offered a settlement of $400.00 and they didn't even return with a response. isn't $4000 enough. I spoke to a rep who advised my interest rate was 96% !!! How greedy can a company be. They are crooks and take advantage of those in dire straights.

Damage Resulting = I am currently trying keep my already damaged credit score intact but CC is making it very difficult. I lose sleep and have tension headaches as a result of this unethical company. I have three kids in college and my money is gone. What can I do?
excopper72 September 20, 2010
Rip Off
Cash Call is a Rip Off, This company offers loans at an outrageous intrest rate. I was recovering from a divorce and a damaged credit score. I HAD a great paying job and no problem making payments on the $2600 and intended on paying it off early. I then lost my job and have been struggling for nearly two years. I have paid the company over $6000 and they say I still owe $2000 dollars! Everytime I am late the loan compounds at 96%. I am unemployed and stuggling. I offered to settle by paying $500 (they already made a ton of money on this loan) and they didn't have the decentcy to even call me tell me they would't accept my offer.

Mike June 8, 2010
Glorified loans sharks
Cash Call was operating in the State of Nevada for a short period of time. My daughter got a loan of $2, 600.00 paid over $1, 000 then fell on hard times. She was sued, never served properly then a Judgement was rendered for over $5, 000.00. They are taking $800.00 a month from her on an illegal judgement for which a Judge issued a Stay order for in April and the attorneys in Las Vegas refuse to give her any money back.

This company and anyone involved are all crooks. Please do not do business with them in any State.
TopK91 February 8, 2010
Bites and threatens people
I had an account with them a long time ago...paid on it every month and allowed them to take the payments from my account. Until they took two payments out in one month, then my home caught fire and I closed my account and moved. Now they are threatening to suopena my husband to court and they are just a collection agency. I dont appreciate their cruelty and smug attitude. The stink! I have since opened other loan accounts and paid them off but as far as they go...they arent getting a dime out of me ever again!
poolbuilder January 25, 2010
Recently I found myself in the need of a few quick bucks thus I contacted Cash Call. I did the online application and waited and waited and waited. A few days later they called me and said they needed a copy of a check and my Drivers Lic. I sent it. I waited and waited and waited some more. Almost a week later they contacted me and said they needed the info again because they could not read the fax plus they needed a "Certification" letter from the Social Security Dept. Needless to say I drove all the way downtown to the local Soc. Sec. office and waited in line to get the letter. I faxed it and then waited and waited and waited some more. I called, faxed and emailed not less than 4 times. They finaly contacted me again and said they now needed a copy of a utility bill. I sent it and, yep you guessed it, I waited and waited and waited. I to this day have not heard back from them ( going on 3 weeks) after I jumped through every one of thier ridiculous hoops. As far as Im concerned I dont need the money that bad.

Possibly the WORST customer service I have ever witnessed.
Linda J.Jones November 29, 2009
I took out a loan with Cash Call 4 years following my divorce. I was having financial difficulties and thought this was the answer to my problems. I was very wrong! According to my calculations I have paid out over $15K to Cash Call (original loan amount was $10K) and the balance of loan has only gone down less than $800.00. I have called several times and requested statements providing a breakdown of where my money is going. Every time I have called they promised me they will send the statements and they never do. I assure you if I had known the interest rate was going to be approximately 92% I would have never taken out the loan. I do not remember reading that the interest rate was that high. Even in my desperate situation at the time I would have said no way. I really hope we can get a lawsuit against them because this has to be illegal. I also noticed that the amount of my monthly payments have changed over the years without any notice regarding why.
mkaren8601 October 19, 2009
Harrasement, and unethical interest rates, unfair notification of interest rates
Cash Call gave me a loan, which I was grateful for, and more than willing to pay back. After the process had begun, I realized that they had misrepresented the APR, it was not 9.95%, it was 99.5%, no joke. I was locked in, and had no way out. I made my payments every month, until I lost my job. They continued to take the money out of my checking account, even after notifying them that I had no money. They cost me over a thousand dollars in overdraft fees, I lost my car, and got thrown out of my house. They called my phone, and the numbers of my references over a hundred times in ten days. I notified them that they were harrasing me, and the person at Cash Call cussed at me and told me it was my fault. They were totally unwilling to work with me, and have now sold my debt three times starting the whole process over again each time. Instead of the debt being off of my credit in seven years and 180 days, they are keeping it on my credit indefinitely. I have already paid them what I borrowed, plus several thousand dollars, please help. I would love to be involved in a class action law suit against them if any attorney is willing to help the hundreds of thousands of people that have been unethically treated by them.
zman_881 September 9, 2009
Ok I have been reading some of this post on here. I have to say that I am in the same boat. Three years ago my car broke down so I got a loan for 2500 since I had bad credit I didn’t have any were else to go I went to cash call. I payed them 252 dollars a month for 2 years. I was losing my job I called them and asked to help with the interest, they said that they wouldn’t and I still owed 2500 on the account. If you add up what I payed it was over 6000. So I closed my checking account and know it is in collections.

So I have an Idea, I think this company is guilty of predatory lending because I think they pray on people with bad credit and the poor. I know that was the case with me. And I think that rich people and people with good credit could get a loan with a good company. I say that we STAND up as a group and lets file a class action law suit. I would like to get everyone that had a loan with cash call that had bad credit together and let’s fight this. We could all put money into a pot and get a lawyer. TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS LETS STOP CASH CALL. SO email me and lets go zman_881@yahoo.com

PS..To those that say that cash call is in the right. SCREW that man yes we signed a contract but that still does not give cash call the right to screw us over we needed the money they preyed on our bad times.

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