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Rugen July 4, 2011
I'm puzzled and, of course, will not do online shopping again
This morning when opening my online banking account I noticed a charge for $100.00 from a company called ccbilleu.com. I called the company (I found the number and address on line) and was told that a registration was filled out by my son for a Zanga game website. He did not register for anything. Needless to say, the charge is still pending and hopefully they'll catch it but after reading some of these reports, who knows. Two days ago I allowed my son to purchase a sweatshirt and t-shirt for his birthday from Karmalloop clothing store and our payment went through pay pal. All was well until this. In reading a different report on this website, it looks like they somehow get your mailing and banking information from paypal? The clothing store? I'm puzzled and, of course, will not do online shopping again.
vascoluis May 1, 2011
debit on my credit card
I do not know where it is stated in efrectuado debit my credit card:

Country MALTA
Amount € -24.95

Move Date 04/26/2011
Date Value 4/26/2011
Time 00:00:00
Alexzb3310 November 10, 2010
Credit Card fraud
I have had a charge of $79.14 appear on my credit card statement. I don't know where this charge has come from. The statement states: Ccbilleu.Com+18885969279valetta. Malt.MT Can you help?
Jessica5992 June 25, 2010
unauthorized charges
There has been five unauthorized charges of twenty-five dollars on our bank account! Ya'll need to fix this and ya'll need to fix this NOW!!! I need a number to contact ya'll. If this is not fixed you will be hearing from our lawyer!!!
pattttttrick June 24, 2010
Unethical business practices
This company works with people who run websites that offer services that are never fulfilled. When these sites are used you get signed up for free trial offers to other sites that you had no intention of signing up for. Your card/account is then atomaticly charged until you call and have it cancelled. When I did call I informed them of what was going on and they did not care one bit, they know that people are useing them to scam/rip off people and yet they continue to participate in these misleading and unethical business practices.
janean March 23, 2010
unauthorized withdraws
There has been unauthorized charges and withdraws from my bank acct. I have no idea what these charges are for or how they got into my acct. to take money that had nothing to do with anything that Iv boughten. I see that this is happening to a lot of people but I dont see any ways of fixing it or even stopping it other than taking my money and closing out all accts.
turick November 17, 2009
fraudulent withdrawal on credit card
I was charged amounts on my credit card by CCBILLEU.COM last month for 37, 44 and 26.53 but didn't notice it and again this month 27.04 an 37.44 but never did any business with them. I am going to contact my bank to clarify the situation. My credit card account shows CCBILLEU.COM +18885959279VALLETA
Mike Fuller October 5, 2009
Unauthorised transaction
This company has drawn £20 from my bank account by debit card - this was not authorised by me.

CCBillEU is an online billing company, processing transactions for third parties, so the fault lies with whoever made a purchase using my details.
November 1, 2008
unauthorized charges
I now have a different perspective about CCBILLEU that may be helpful to some of you who have also been automatically billed by them. Late September 08 a billing from them appeared on my VISA. I called CCBILLEU to inquire about it and to explain that I hadn't authorized it. The young man who took my call quickly consulted with a manager then said they would block further charges. Plus he gave me the ip address of the computer where the charges came from. An ip address is an email address converted to a digital code only for use by the ip proveder, companies like CCBILLEU, and others who need to know. He told me it was a Comcast.net ip address and gave me the phone number for Comcast.net customer service.
Comcast.net told me it was for an email address in my area and gave me the phone number for the local Comcast.net customer service. The local customer service rep. comfirmed it was for one of their local customers, by law couldn't reveal who, but explained that with a warrant the local police could get the records.
I filed a police report by phone. While giving the officer the ip address she was entering it into her computer and immediately determined the physical location of the computer where the charges came from.
I hope my experience can assist any of you who have had unathorized charges. Now I don't think CCBILLEU charged my card on their own, but were only going on customer information given to them that resulted in the unauthorized use of my VISA. They were willing to blick any further charges and put me in touch with the ip provider of the computer user where the charges originated. I'm sure they would help you in the same way.

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