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CitiMortgage Reviews

Grace4me1 October 22, 2011
Watch out for these scammers
Citimortgage is the most corrupt mortgage company we ever had. When the economy started the downward spiral and interest rates went way down, they advised us to get a loan modification. We had no idea what this really was, only what they told us. We signed all the paperwork and sent it. Months went by (only supposed to be 90 days, according to the contract), with them repeatedly asking for the same documents and claiming they were not sent. Since we do foster care and adopted, we get a subsidy. They wanted proof of how long we would get it, and how much we would get. Other than court documents (violating the children's privacy, we thought), we had nothing to send them. We went over and over this issue. In the midst of it, my husband was transferred with his job causing us to have to move. We sold our house and were ready to move. They kept trying to convince us to do a short sale even though the house was sold. We had to make up the difference since we didn't get the amount we owed. We were prepared to pay it. Closing date was set so they canceled the loan modification and started foreclosure proceedings that last month. They made way more money with us selling the house. They make no sense whatsoever. At the last minute, they tacked on a bunch of interest and didn't provide a closing statement until three days before the closing. We had no idea they were going to do this. We were not able to buy the house for which we had the contract in our new location. We lived in a hotel for over a week with our household belongings in a truck waiting our direction. God provided a wonderful rent-to-own new house for us. That doesn't mean we didn't go through a lot because Citimortgage are scammers. They cheat and connive to get their money. They also lie. We were told the interest would be waived. When I called to find out when we would get a statement confirming that, they told me this man had no authority to say or do that. Like I knew that? We even received a letter in July of that year (we closed in December) saying our mortgage was paid off. "That was a mistake," we were told, and, "We have no record of sending it." I sent them two copies at different times. They always claimed they had not received it. Where does their paperwork go? About a month after we moved, they sent a letter saying they would be happy to provide financing for our new home. Are you kidding me? I would rather not buy a house than go through these people. They reported falsely to the credit bureau saying we hadn't paid. Of course, that wasn't true. We had paid every month. Evidently, it has something to do with the way they handle the loan modification. DON'T TRUST THIS MORTGAGE COMPANY - EVER! You'll end up paying big time for their mistakes. So now, they changed names. Was this to get out of the lawsuits against them filed in several states? Why are they getting away with this? Because the government intervened? Who is the government that bailed them out? Mmmm - I think it's you and I. They don't deserve even one star.
Judith Gilbert July 4, 2011
ESCROW payments
I pay my escrow shortage every single year. Last JULY, 2010, my mortgage payment started to creep up slowly...July 2010, then more August, more September. My escrow analysis is performed the 3rd week of August every year. My payment should never have gone up until 10/1/10. I sent 2 checks in September 30, 2010. One was an escrow shortage and the other was a spread overage to keep my payments down. Instead of going down, my payments went up. I spent weeks on the phone with a manager and they finally corrected everything, then February someone triggered another escrow analysis. They said my taxes and homeowner's insurance went up. I told them they go up every year and I already sent in 2 checks to pay that. Then in February of 2011 my payment went way up again. I sent in a check for almost $500.00 and that would keep my payments where they had been before the new increase until September, 2011. Th manager that had been helping me has been on vacation so another manager did a so called investigation and said my payments should never have gone down even though I had sent them over $1100.00. I told them it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here and that I am called the NJ attorney general's office and also my attorney. The manager tat had helped me before is returning from vacation tomorrow (7/5/11) and if he does not fix this freak'n mess I am moving farther up the line. I started with Principal Financial and never had a problem until CITIMORTGAGE took over.
crf18 June 7, 2011
My husband is currently deployed and we are purchasing our second home. Our first home, which we still own, is financed through CitiMortgage. In order for me to close on my second home, while my husband is STILL DEPLOYED, we must show proof of payment history with CitiMortgage because CITIMORTGAGE HAS NOT REPORTED ANY PAYMENTS FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS TO THE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES. When I tried to resolve this CITIMORTGAGE REFUSES TO ACCEPT MY GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY to act on my husband's behalf.

I don't know if I will be in breech of contract now under my new home and/or if I will lose this house. VA requires the payment history directly from CITIMORTGAGE. CITIMORTGAGE refused to even mail this statement to the address on file.

As I told them, my first priority when my husband returns next month, after closing of the second home, is REFINANCING OUR FIRST HOME AND REPLACING CITIMORTGAGE once and for all!!
Marcus Wilcox June 3, 2011
modification error
After they received my income package with current income tax form, they requested I resend the same package, several days later. Both packages were added together, which doubled my income, then told me I didn't qualify for a modification since I earned too much!!! They are putting my little home in forclosure, which is located in one of the poorest counties in Michigan, and the mortgage (which I had been paying on prior to being let go from my job), has a total mortgage is only $37, 000. I have been employed for almost a year now, can make modified payments, but they don't care!!! They just want to be rid of me!!! Heartless, cruel company. I'm seriously think of calling Fox tv, problem solvers for help.
JonFromChicago May 26, 2011
Illegal Escrow Adjustment
In October 2010 I received an Escrow Account Disclosure Statement that claimed my starting balance as of October 2010 was negative $29.XX. I contacted citimortgage at least 5 times about this issue now and never received a response that adequately explains this negative starting balance. I received a letter stating "Per our records, your escrow balance was $24.XX after the October 2010 payment was received. However, the projected payments of $26.XX and $26.XX for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) due for September 2010 and October 2010 were deducted from your escrow balance. As a result, the escrow analysis performed on your account on 10/10 reflected an estimated negative starting balance of $29.XX." The problem with this explanation is that it is wrong. Reviewing the "Account History" on the back of my October 2010 Escrow Account Disclosure that the response referred to, one can easily see that the September 2010 payment of $26.XX had already been deducted from my balance. Therefore, the minimum balance should be less than negative $1. As the October 2010 document states "Under Federal Law, your shortage will be spread over a 12 month period", so -$1 spread out over 12 months is approximately $.08 per month. Citimortgage's adjustment of more than $2 per month was over 3000% too high. It seems like federal law should require the "projections" to somehow reflect reality. The only way that the account balance could reach the projected -29.XX is if two payments are made from the escrow account without receiving a new payment in to the escrow account. Since I make one payment per month and citimortgage purchases PMI once per month, this should never happen.

Sure enough, two months after making the extra payments, citi reduced my escrow contribution. The money at stake here is very small, what bothers me is Citimortgage's complete disregard for the law and my complaints.
J. Liebahrt May 13, 2011
Placing name on loan w/o notifing
I've been dealing with CitiMortgage since November 2009, I had called them after my mother past away to find out what the monthly payments where and to catch up on the payments since her death. She and I had purchased the home together in 1985 she primarily lived in the home. Every time I called I was told I wasn't legally liable for this loan, never could get an answer of why, since she and I signed the papers. I contacted CitiMortgage from November 2009 thru May 2010. Was told to go online to do a loan modification, in May I was told I couldn't do a Loan Modification cause my name waan't on the loan. Now during this time I was told to hold off on making any payments until the loan modification was completed. In the middle of May 2010 after being told I wasn't on the loan that my mother had refinanced the home in 2004 that I would have to assume the loan over. Filled out the paper work, then the next thing I get is Foreclosure papers in my mothers' name, around the first of June 2010.I contacted the Law Firm explained what I've been going through, went and filled the response at the court. During November 2009 thru May 2010 I had talked to over 50 CSR at CitiMortgage getting different answers. I contacted CitiMortgage asking them what was going on, since I had filled out the Assumption papers to get the loan modification finally going. Upper management informed me they had stopped all work on the Loan Modification and the assumption has been stopped. From June 2010 til September 8th, 2010 I didn't hear a word from CitiMortgage until September 8th, 2010 when they had called. I returned the call on September 9th, 2010 giving them my mothers' last four digits of her SS number as I've done on numerous times. Being told that as of August 28th, 2010 the loan was placed into my name and that I should be happy so that I can get the Loan Modification going again. I was applaud to the fact I never informed of this until after the fact. Again started the loan modification again, having CitiMortgage dropping the ball, requesting information that I had already submitted in several times. Then was informed in November 2010 that I wasn't approved for the HAM program, I wasn't even doing that I was told I was doing a Traditional Modification. So again had to restart all over again. Then the case manager dropped the ball, and again had to restart the process again. I've have jumped through hoops, I fell as if I've been on a roller coaster, during all this. Was told that it went to final underwriters on April 3, 2011, would call in get a message "We are please to announce your papers have been sent please review, sign and send back in" and the CSR couldn't find anything in the notes, to that fact. On May 2, 2011 had to send in my daughters Birth Certificate and a letter from SS on her award letter, being told on May 6, 2011 it's gone back into final underwriter, on May 11, 2011 getting a message left on my cell phone "We are please to announce your papers have been sent please review, sign and send back in", I call and talk to a CSR I'm being told that isn’t correct actually something about I was sending in $325.00 for what she couldn't tell me, then a note that they have started Foreclosure oh but what no they placed that on hold. I get home and call the one person at CitiMortgage that I semi trust and she couldn't believe what they are doing, it stated something about $325.00 but she couldn't see what it was in regards to not unless that is what I'm needing to put down as a payment. Then a note about Foreclosure, but it's still in the Final Approval for Loan Modification. She emailed three different parties within the company and ask that I call back on May 12, 2011. Called talked to her today, no answers to any of our questions except it's in Pending Review, was told to call back at 7:00 since she was going to talk to her manager about this. Now since I've been told prior to not make any payment and the back balance was going up every month, I told them back in December that I'm tired of being told prior to this that I wasn't legally liable to make payments that I was going to since I do want o keep this house. So I made a payment that I was told the amount needed and that it would go towards December 2010, another lie. When I called to make January payment I was informed that the payment went towards the back balance and oh by the way either in June or July 2010 the payments have gone up, but just keep making the regular payments, once you have caught up on that you can start making the new payment amount. Now dong that the back balance keeps going up, instead of $5000.00 behind I'm now $15, 000 plus. I had a loan placed into my name without my knowledge ruining my credit showing late payments. And being screwed around by CitiMortgage. What is it going to take to stop theses people, from there lying to people, and to actually start doing the correct thing. I had asked them on numerous times to send me out a letter that they stated they had sent to me back in early September 2010 regarding the name changed it took them over 5 months to do that, what funny they have the date on the letter as August 28, 2010, this is how stupid they are there's a print on the outside of the letter of when it was mailed. All I wanted it to get the payments lowered since I new they should have been $624.00, and couldn't understand why they jumped up to over $800.00 and now $900.00. In the papers that I finally got which was only half, then finally went to the actual closing company, I found a fraudulent Quick Claim Deed, dated in 2002 or 2003 with my signature. But as CitiMortgage put it I should be happy they placed the loan under my name, no I'm not happy it's a complete nightmare.
A house my mother and I bought for $65, 000.00, she refinanced for $90, 000.00 without me even knowing about that. I can’t change that but I’m not able to sleep, without waking up having panic attach. CitiMortage need to stop ruining people’s lives, and to get things straightened up and do the correct thing without making it difficult. Or placing names unto a loan without notifying.
suraiyasaw April 21, 2011
Home Modification Program
Although I became unemployed I continued to make my mortgage payments. I applied for the HAMP program in May of 2010 in anticipation of a decrease in my unemployment thus difficulty in meeting my mortgage payments beginning August of 2010. I would call them at least twice a week every month, and each time was told my application was "in process". By the end of 90 days I refuse to accept the same response and was passed from one department to another until I asked for a supervisor. It was only then that the rep told me someone in CitiMortgage had "dropped the ball" on my application, and that it was in the wrong department. From that point on, every single time I called, I was asked for the same documentation which I provided each time. My daughter had moved back with me to help me with my expenses. In accordance with the HAMP guidelines, I used her income along with the little unemployment check I was receiving per week. Again and again I was asked for the same documentation. Over and over I was told I was to send in "updated" documentation to continue the "process". In December I received Notice of Sale because by then I was three months in default. When i called them, they told me that they would not process my application for the HAMP program until all internal options were exhausted. After some heated discussions, I was finally asked for the same documentation which I provided once again. After that point, I kept asking them what should I pay in order to prevent the sale, but was instead sent a letter from the attorney's office demanding a full payoff. The language included a statement that any amount paid towards the mortgage would merely decrease the amount but not decelerate the foreclosure process. Worried about this I called again, and again was told my application was being processed. The day before the sale date, I called again, and this time I was told that in order to stop the foreclosure sale I had to send an updated application. My house did not go on the auction block, and I was so relieved. That is not, however, how this ends. My son told me that there were many complaints about CitiMortgage and their handling of modification applications. He advised me to call them regularly which I did. Each time I called I was told the same thing. One day I received a letter saying that I was denied the modification because I never submitted the documentation that was asked of me. As infuriated as I was, I continued diligently to respond via a letter by mail and by fax. I continued to give them updated documentation over and over again. I forgot to mention that the sale was not canceled, it was merely postponed to April 5th, 2011. Naturally I am anxious so I called them twice or three times per week. I never received a phone call back from my assigned "counselor" although I kept leaving messages on his voicemail. Eventually I demanded to speak with someone else and was told I needed to submit the same documentation. The last time I was asked to send in an updated paystub was exactly one week before April 5th. Up to that last week I kept getting a voicemail message from CitiMortgage saying I was pre-approved for a modification. The day before April 5th, I called. This time I was told that all options had been exhausted and my house would be auctioned as scheduled. I was devastated. The rep had the audacity to tell me that the only way to avoid foreclosure was to pay over $10K, and that she knew I didn't have it. So my house was foreclosed on April 5th, and there was nothing else I could do.
I knew then that all options had not been exhausted because no options were ever given to me. Not deed in lieu, not short sale, not short term payment plan, nothing. Today I discovered even more options. All along there was and continue to be a program called UP for people like me unemployed and receiving benefits. Another program I know I qualified for is the Hardest Hit States Program. Both of these options were not offered to me either. The rug was pulled from under me when CitiMortgage foreclosed on my home while they told me they were processing my modification application. I have lost my home but have not lost hope.
I hope that this letter will help others facing the same treatment by CitiMortgage. I hope that with my complaint to FHA, the mortgage insurance I have been paying will not be valid for CitiMortgage since they have not followed FHA guidelines. I pray I get my house back one day if I have to buy it back from whomever that bought or will buy my home.
Valerie Thomas April 17, 2011
I have been paying my mortgage ahead, but they have been holding onto the payments.I filed bankruptcy but not on my home, I am keeping my home.I just received a letter saying i owe almost 10, 000.00 for payments not received and late fees.I've paid and i disagree with them.I think somebody is carrupt at citimortgage now that i've seen all these other people that are so upset by them.Should'nt they have to submit some kind of proof.I can prove I 've paid.
rob65 April 12, 2011
I put in for a home modification request last year with Citimortgage. After claiming they never got it and then confrming they got it January. I got a letter dated April 7th thinking they had finally gotten around to addressing a FHA mortgage modification. Was I mistaken. In March I set up a repayment agreement with Citimortgage and made my 1st payment, signed the agreement and figured I was all set with the next payment due April 30th, while I await news of my modification request. They tell me tonight that the "investors group" has determined the repayment plan doesn't fit the plan. What? They set it up. Now they want to have me pay more within the next 8 days and cut my repayment time period by at least six months. I asked them if they are familiar with basic contract law and amending a contract. I don't think they are! I did not agree to any change in the present agreement, I intend to keep making the previous agreement payments. Don't do business with citimortgage and it time to bring a class action lawsuit to their doorstep for breach of contracts, emotional distress, and possibly a RICO claim.
laurinj April 6, 2011
We have had our mortgage with Citimortgage since 2000. In October 2009, due to a severe injury we had a loss of income and advised citimortgage but they said there was no assistance available to us and our home would go into forclosure. In May 2010 our property for our first mortgage and home equity line was to be sent to forclosure. We put the home on the market and it was to be sold and the closing was scheduled for 3/31/2011. We requested the payoff amount from Citimorgage on 3/21/2011 and were told the request was being processed. We recieved no response and our attorney contacted them again and was told the file was with their attorney so payoff must be obtained from them.
According to the attorney, Powers and Kirn, the file was closed with them 12/2010 and the payoff could be obtained from Citimortgage.
Repeated calls were made to Powers and Kirn, Phalen, Halihan and Schmead and Citimortgage Loss Mitigation Dept, Payoff Dept, Homeowner assistance team, Home Equity and they continued to tell us the information must be obtained from the attorney despite of us telling them the attorney file was closed 12/2010.
I was given a fax number at one point to send a written request to Anthony Craig, who was managing the case and both the fax number and contact phone number was disconnected.
The closing on our house was cancelled.
3/31/2011, Citimortgage Loss Mitigation dept said they sent a request via email to obtain the payoff and it would take 24hours to 3 days.
Again, calls were made repeatedly to their attorney and Citimorgage with no results.
On 4/5/2011 I sent an email to every listed address at Powers and Kirn in regard to the problem we are having and recieved a response right away from their office. I was told although the file was closed with their office, she would contact Citimortgage about our request and the payoff emailed to her shortly afterward.
Every time we called we were told the same thing. Nobody was able to assist us or direct us in the right direction. We were told they did not have the information requested so basically were given the run around while fee's continued to be charged to the account.
I have reported Citimorgage to the Division of Banking and Insurance as well as Consumer Affairs. If Citimortgage was willing to assist us in the beginning we would not have lost our home then would not have had to go through the additional grief we just went through.

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