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Dean Graziosi Complaints - Real Estate Mentor ripoff

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Denver, Colorado, United States

Dean Graziosi Complaints - Real Estate Mentor ripoff Reviews

GotScammedOnceAgain May 2, 2011
Insiders Edge Seminar
I went to a Dean Graziosi seminar called the "Insiders Edge". The Seminar was held here in Denver April 14, 2011 and It sounded good. That's about it. The two liars that did the presentation were, "TOP OF THE LINE SALES DOGS". These guys completely told everyone in the room bold face lies. He told us that with the Insider Edge Course you will receive a software that will find buyers and find Sellers and all you have to do is plug in the data. Then he went into the motivation speech plus physiology told told everyone to "pull the trigger". He told everyone in the room that they guarantee in writing that will walk you through 1 completed real estate deal within 90 days or your money back. So i took action. I mean why not. I was suppose to get a software that he said i would never have to leave the house that produces buyers and sellers and 90 days guarantee in writing that they will get me a real estate deal that covered the 2, 000 bucks i spent. This is what this sales dog is saying the whole entire time. I didn't purchase the product there because i left my credit card home. I ran home got my credit card called the number on back of the Insiders Edge magazine and order the material. Dean sends you a box of candy and a note that says, " Thank You, Dean" before the 2, 000 dollars material came. I'm thinking ok whatever i just want my products so i can take action. I need this for my family sake. So the product gets here a few days later and I open the box and there was no instructions, no paper nothing, no receipt so I begin to go threw the material and open a CD box called My Grant Masters that lead me to a website that anyone would have found with no password. So now i have to call customer service and see where is my password along with the SUPPOSE software i was suppose to be getting. The lady was complete rude calling me a liar as if she was there at the seminar when the sale hound dogs told me that was part of the package. She tells me there's no software that comes with this package and no 90 day guarantee that if they don't find you a deal over the 2, 000 bucks your put in you get your money back. The guy Steve worded it that exact way but she said he was suppose to say if you complete a deal in 90 days they will give you your money back. She had an attitude from the start. (Back to not having the password to the 2, 000 material that was in reality worth 197.00) She's treating me like i'm completely dumb and the password along with all the other instructions are right in front of me and i'm too blind to see them. So she send me to different departments only to get hung up on. I called back and started the process all over again only to get tossed back and forth between each department like a football and nobody knows nothing. At this point, i'm heated and begin to go through the material further. Dean material was so upsetting. I immediately called back to to get my refund. Heres what you get. Three books full of fluff. Nothing but wisdom, motivation and very little information. Honestly you will learn way more from his book. I spend 2, 000 dollars and he's talking about Mindset, Marketing Trends, and much more fluff. So i finally get a number to contact the refund department. HERE'S THE GOOD PART. The lady tells me there only a 3 day warranty. Let me repeat that again. The lady tells me its only a 3 day warranty. I explained to here that i just got the package today. I told her i purchase the product over the phone and i thought by law i get atleast 30 days. She tell me it doesn't matter if you haven't received the material yet 3 days is 3 days. So be aware that's what's there pitching when you call to get your money back. It might just be a scare tactic because they know a handful of people won't check in on it or take legal action. Well lucky for me it was the 3rd day. Dean is a smart marketer but he's only in it for the money. He is a sales dog just like his associates. He associates really is tearing down his name by the day. There out here lying, deceiving, doing everything in there power to get the funds off your credit cards. It's a shame that people get sucked in by Dean's soft voice and cheap marketing techniques that he mastered over time. When i went to this seminar i went in quiet desperation and seeking help. I was 30 days away from being evicted from my home and maxed out my credit card to get this material. These guys aren't in it to help the people at the bottom. It's all about marketing and making the most money. It's truely sad. I didn't even attend the workshops. I got a call from " SUCCESS ACADEMY " another one of Deans Graziosi Sale Dogs Team trying to upgrade me into there before i received the Insiders Edge Course and on top of that competing against them. He tells me that the workshop was a waste of time and all there going to do is trying to upgrade me. He starts telling me the prices that that there were going to try me with 10, 000, 15, 000, 30, 000 and that's when i realized this was a upgrade game to these con artists. I really appreciated his honestly. Then he goes into his super sales pitch. He basically told me that i needed one on one coaching. I was thinking at that time what did i pay for in the Insider Edge then. That what triggered me to all this in the first place. He basically told me indirectly that it was a big game. Then he starts his sales pitch and end up asking me to spend 3, 500 hundred bucks to get into the Success Academy. I'm thinking i haven't even go my Insider Edge course yet. These guys dont quit. One more thing before i go. I couldn't get a hold of a coach to save my life. I called the customer service while i was waiting for my course to get here for the coaching number. She told me it comes in the mail with the Insiders Edge material which i didn't get. So i called them and ask them where is the coaching hotline so i can begin to learn while my package in on the way. She doesn't know and directs me some where else. They had someone call me back in a few hours. I get the number and guess what. I was on hold for 30 mins and eventually hung up. So i Called again same result. I left a message no one called me back. So i am thinking what if i was in the middle of a deal and no coaches will be available. From the looks of things the coaches are on vacation. I tell you it's a shame after you give up your hard earned money how they treat you. I feel sorry for all the people who got taken advantage of. Not right or cool Dean.

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