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DW Quail Golf

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Georgia, United States

Phone number: 770 720 6515

DW Quail Golf Reviews

Steverinio September 20, 2013
Shame on you!
Despite his web site stating 30 day money back guarantee featuring the product I ordered (the Tour Striker), when I requested a refund Mr. Quail sent me a very terse email stating he does take back used equipment! (I did use the product for several swings and decided this product was not for me). Used? When I wrote back to complain about his FALSE advertising and the fact that I always pay with my Amex card to guard against dealing with unreliable companies, Quail again refused to relent. My next stop was the American Express dispute deapartment which immediately canceled his charge. Lesson I learned - purchase nothing before checking customer reviews.
rrclyoung May 11, 2012
more of the same
I bought it from them (head covers).....they took my money quickly......never received the items. I had to dispute the charge with my CC company......Never got to talk to a live person, just voicemail that led back to their useless website. Filled out their lengthy form (when just the order # should do)....never got an email response back. Finally 3 months later was told that the items I ordered were no longer available, which I know is a lie because I got the same Items from golfsmith within a week after I figured out DWQuail has scammed me.....Long story short, I got my money back cause I disputed the charge and I learned my lesson......don't but from DWQuail golf
shannonpuckett December 3, 2011
Customer service is ridiculous
I would advise anyone not to order anything from this company. You can not personally talk to anyone concerning any problems that may arise. We ordered from this company and we have still not received our order yet. It has been over a month. The way this company is going they surely will be out of business. They surely do not believe that the customer comes first, more like last. I think they are just lining their pockets and keeping the merchandise. I would give them a negative five on customer service and product. DON'T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, it is a scam.
Ira P July 14, 2011
Customer Service
I purchased almost $500 in golf equipment from this company, online. After a long day out of town (Sea World), we returned home at 2AM and found a Fed Ex delivery sticker on our front door. There was, however, no package found. I called Fed Ex at that late hour to see from whom the delivery came and learned it was one of the items in my order from DW Quail golf, but that had apparently been drop-shipped from their supplier in Los Angeles. It was clear that either Fed Ex didn't actually leave the package, or someone unfortunately got their hands on it before I, and I had been victimized by theft. It happens. I sat down at almost 2:30AM and wrote an almost apologetic email to David Quail, owner of DW Quail.
I explained the situation in my email, even allowing for the possibility of re-purchasing the item that I'd suspected had been swiped, I did not necessarily insist that the item be reshipped at their cost, but did explain that Fed Ex would not be able to confirm with their driver until that Tuesday that in fact, a package had been left.

A couple days later, I did get confirmation from Fed Ex that yes, they had left a package. I let Mr. Quail know last night in an email and a voicemail that yes, a package had been left and I'd asked how we were going to deal with this situation. The email'ed response I'd received from Mr. Quail was: "were not going to ship any thing else and we are refunding you in full". I had to re-read the email...I couldn't believe the arrogance. Ok, fine. This is how he feels...he's entitled. A shame, but he's entitled. When I called to ask for confirmation that the card was, in fact, being refunded in full, I was literally hung up on. I was hung up on a few times untill finally, after my 4th call, the man said "you stole from me, f-cker". He then hung up yet again. I had to call back several times...I was looking for an emailed confirmation that my credit card would be refunded in full, and I was not going to stop calling until I'd received same. The best way I can describe my interaction with this company..which amounts to dealing with Mr. David Quail...is surreal. It's hard to fathom the Jekyll and Hyde personality that is this man. it's almost impossible to expound enough in the post the extent to which this experience was upsetting...and offensive...and just horribly wrong. It took repeated calls to this man, calls that had to deteriorate to street level exchange, to get him to send an email confirming his intent to refund my credit card. And to be indicted as thief, in no uncertain terms, after having been victimized BY a thief, is just plain inappropriate and wrong. This business markets exclusively via the internet and their rating is a "C" on the BBB. This is tantamount to " buyer beware!" My experience with this man is that he is not right...something is not right when person makes business personal. This is a loose cannon, at its truest definition. I encourage anyone who is considering purchasing from this entity to please call me first...I will do a better job of elaborating verbally than I probably am in this post, as I am extremely upset at this moment. My name is Ira and my number is: 619 453 5330
It is incredulous to me that a businessman...allegedly...would deal with anyone the way I've been dealt with. I strongly recommend that anyone considering buying from this company be fully prepared for ANYTHING...be prepared for heartache, grief, aggravation and irrational behavior with respect to any customer service related matter. Do yourself a favor...shop elsewhere...no one needs, or deserves, what I got doing business with David Quail of DW Quail golf. Their website is dwquailgolf.com. Take my adivse...steer clear of this operation!

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