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EPS 90 Electronic

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cammua November 26, 2012
My Company Was Ripped Off By EPS 90
http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=eps+90+reviews&ei=UTF-8&fr=w3i&type=W3i_DS,202,0_0,Search,20121148,17094,0,11,0 All the reports My contract was a month to month and even though I never used them when I was under contract. They say I signed a yearly contract. They continue to charge me and state that they have no idea where certain charges come from they continue. Now they chrged me an annual fee that i never agreed to and their company says i did. I have proof. Do not use eps 90 their employees tell you what you want to hear to get your business. dop your homework my friends. Now i have to cancel business bank accts, etc. The contract , The purpose of this letter is to offer you the best deal possible and to address your terms listed in your email. This letter offers your company listed above the following: 1) Equipment (shiping and handling), set up fees and any other costs are incurred by EPS 2) Refunds as promised 3) No annual fee through EPS 4) No monthly minimum fee of $25 5) Your rate will be under 2%; it will be 1.89% 6) Your free equipment will be returned upon canceling service with EPS 7) No cancelation fees I just was charged the yearly... WRONG!!!
A1AutoRepair August 23, 2011
EPS 90 No Credit Check EZ Payment Plan GREAT Program - great company
I switched my processing to EPS a couple months ago to get their No Credit Check Payment Plan as my business was losing several customers a month because i didn't have a payment plan. I'm so glad I did: the EPS90 program is a great addition allowing me to set my customers up with a payment plan has increased business by over 25% so far. The program is very easy to use, EPS trained me to follow a few simple rules when approving a customer for the program which keeps bad checks out and they guarantee payments. I recommend EPS to everyone I know, not only has the EPS90 program increased my business but they beat my old processors rates which is saving me a lot of money.

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