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Everest Cash Advance Reviews

saffire48 June 15, 2011
i got a loan for $400.00 in January 2011 and I have paid back $1260.oo so far and they keep taking money out of my account I can not closed my bank acct
rosa oceguera May 18, 2011
Unauthorized and Unlawfull taking money from bank account
On a desperate day while rearching for pay day loans on internet I came accross this site which seemed reasonable. I submitted my information including my bank account, at no time did I agree to anything on the internet. I received a call later from a representative of this company who contacted me about the loan, this person told me for a $300 loan I would be charged $100 in interest which seemed kind of high to me. I informed this person I would think about it and call them back, which I never called back or agreed to anything or received any type of details except for the $100 interest on the loan.
Rosa Oceguera
tel 619 779-9086
the next day i notice the loan on my bank account, I was hesitant and confused about how they just put the phone day without a final decision from me, but being desperate for money i left it at that.
couple of weeks later I saw the first bank withdrawl of $90 which I figured they were going to be taking the loans payments in installments. Not after seeing more than the $400 I was told I had to repay that I contacted the company (3 weeks ago) at that time a very rude representative informed this were only interest charges on the $300 loan, so far they had deducted an excess of $655 dollars. this person told me they would continue deducting money every two weeks if I did not pay them that day the amount of $295 dollars. I was in shock, could not believe what I was hearing. Anyway, i informed this person this was a rip off and was going to submit a formal complaint, which I have with couple of organizations, including Consumer Affairs. Till now they are still deducting money from my account and my bank seems to have no control over this . PLEASE HELP, I am a single woman with financial probles and trying to manage not loosing my house.
ta green April 20, 2011
violation of hippa laws and unproffesionalism
i had used this company in the past with no problem- company called spouse to verify loan info- when i called to question why and explained that this is my personal information and employer and checking account, ect...- and that they were calling the wrong number to verify- i did state that were violating hippa confidentiality and then the told me my loan was denied and i would have to reapply with my info- which was my info to begin with- and was hung up on not once but three times
shepee April 2, 2011
unscrupulous business practices
I sent the email telling them I wanted to pay my loan in full. When they only took out the fee the following pay period I emailed them again about the mistake. They claim they did not receive the email and took out an extra $57 dollars for extending the loan an extra two weeks. I called them, sent them proof of the two emails regarding the loan repayment. They never return my emails and when I call they tell me they will get back to me. It has been a month.

If you are thinking about getting a loan from them I suggest you go somewhere local. There are so many hidden fees and the cost of the loan is higher than local payday loan branches. You would be giving this Caribean company access to your bank account. You are not protected by American banking laws. Don't do it! A company like this does not deserve your hard earned money.
parkwood1cb February 4, 2011
Unauthorized loan
I took out a loan with Everest's sister company VIP loan Shop. The next day I had another deposit from Everest Cash Advance as well as VIP loan shop. I paid back VIP but am refusing to pay the interest fees from Everest as I never authorized this loan. both arrived for $750. The interest was $225 on each.
Everest will not except my partial payment for the 750 less the interest. I have now closed my bank account and not sure what to do next.
krismar November 27, 2010
Loan theft
I did get a loan from them for $400. I paid it back three fold. The only way to stop them is to do a syop payment at your bank. Then the harassment begins. Your family, work, friends, people you don't even know in your neighborhood will be called, but atleast you know there is a real person that feeds their family off of stolen money. How they sleep at night doing the job they do is beyond me. Hey mom what do you do at work, "I steal money from hard working people". I have been fighting them for going on five months, $90 every two weeks, can't get anyone on a phone but they call me everyday and hang up 15 times.
booker earl reese November 12, 2010
payment of loan
i have been trying to pay off this loan for the last 8 weeks & they keep deducting fees from my checking account of 180$
everestripoff November 1, 2010
rip off
After taking a $300 cash advance in July, and were told the finance charge would be $45, $90 per pay period (2X mo) has been debited 6 times! I cannot find the paperwork, no emails about how to pay off, who to contact, and finally got hold of someone today by phone, and was told the payoff this week will be $345 (and that they are "discounting" it for me is the claim now when asked why $45 fee this time instead of the $90!). I have used other such companies, and at least they put some towards the principal after 5 payments, plus send reminders every time with payoff, interest, etc. If you need to use one of these types of companies, DON"T use this one!
fluffycats December 2, 2009
payday loan money theft
This is an online payday loan company. They have debited my bank account and continue to steal from me. I have asked for a refund and they do not respond. I don't know who these people are but they are going to answer to this. I will spend as much time as necessary, trying to recoup my money. I have paid them their $300 loan back and them some-$990.00 total payments. This is not right. Do not deal with these people. They are hiding behind another business name because you cannot find any information about them. I am very sorry to read that most of these payday lending companies are traced back to Indian Reservations. So, do not deal with this company. They only list an email address and telephone numbers. No physical address like a REAL BUSINESS would.

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