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Eyemart Express Reviews

Taxprof August 7, 2013
No issues with my order- happy customer
Unlike the reviewers above I had no issue with my order in Reno, NV. I purchased two pairs of progressive bifocals in their least expensive plastic frames just to try out progressives. The lenses I received are Essilor SmallFit polycarbonate- by far not the best lenses on the market, but were a free upgrade from the regular plastic that were normally included in the special 2 for 1 price. They did not have the plastic in stock in my prescription, so I was treated well and upgraded to polycarbonate. The glasses were ready in 2 hours 15 minutes including the yellow tint I had put on one pair to use as shooting glasses. Total bill was $115- about $80 base price plus the $30 tinting upgrade. I even received a text message letting me know when the glasses would be ready. I have worn them for three weeks now and would say it was a very nice experience. I have worn glasses for ~40 years and bifocals for ~20, just new to progressives, but not new to buying glasses. I got what I paid for, inexpensive glasses, but the service I had was really great and the saleswoman was truly helpful.
DO NOT GO April 9, 2011
bad services, bad quality glasses
Bait & Switch. 1 complete pair -just ordinary frames with lined bifocal lenses- plus one lens only -in my own frame- cost me over $400 bucks and took 3 weeks to get. The exam was separate. I was shocked when they told me the price and they did not even help to lower the price, when I asked why they just shrugged. Unfortunately, I paid it since I had spent so much time there. When I got the glasses, they were wrong. I could not see. I asked for a refund and they said they do not give refunds. Also, when I asked them to go over my pricing, they added $50 on the 1st pair and $30 on the second for a lens warranty that I did not request. I told them they had a free warranty and they said it was for the frame only, that I had to pay the warranty for the lenses. There was no choice. I protested. They failed to ask me if I wanted it. I asked for the $80 refund and they refused. When I told them I could not see, they told me I needed to see the doctor. As for the exam, it was the usual, nothing exceptional, but the doctor did seem like a nice guy. He said he "retired" to Birmingham. I was actually expecting to see Dr. McDowell who my friend saw a few months ago and highly recommended because she had diagnosed a serious eye infection and treated her eyes. Dr.McDowell was not there and they did not even tell me when I signed in. I will not be going back. I do not recommend this place to anyone. To expensive, too many lies and no answ
topgun April 5, 2011
price, service
Agree with the bait and switch review. They advertise 2 pair for $119. I got charged $380 for 1 pair and could not see out of them. They said they did not give refunds and if I could not see (since they were made perfectly to my prescription) I should see the doctor, since he was probably wrong. Good, blame the doctor...Also, Dr. LaCour's exam a joke. Sort of a sour fellow. Charged me more to get drops in my eyes for dilation. Wants me to come back for more office visits. Just padding the bill like for the glasses. Will never go back! And the receptionist did not seem to know what was going on. Kept laughing at everything.
kathleen griffith March 18, 2011
told glasses would be ready tuesday and they would call here it is thursday and i called them and was told the part did not work dont know when maybe saturday oh yesthey have they have the money iask if icould have it back i nwould go somewhere else
macdaddyskuz March 1, 2011
I worked for Eyemart Express for 2 years, when I first started working their were multiple people fired including my first boss and then every employee (except for myself) then after... yes I said everyone was fired except for myself. They got a new boss and new employees training and all of that fun stuff. About 6 months after that my new boss was fired and they got a new person in there. It was amazing how much they fire and get new people to replace them... why do they do that? I found out after talking to each of the general managers that they will hire whoever will work for less money and that's fine that's business. Here is what I am mad about... I put my two weeks right after my 2 years anniversary which was at the end of the year. A couple weeks after that I called the HQ because they didn't pay me for my sick time which is also time and ahalf. So I called and they said they know they owe me that money but their not going to send it and also never sent me my money for vacation time. NEVER WORK FOR EYEMART EXPRESS is all I have to say. I am in the process of getting my money and hopefully gettting a class action law suit against Dr. Barnes Eyemart Express if I have enough money for my attorney.
Gruee Queen January 4, 2011
horrible glasses
I purchased 2 pairs of bifocal reading glasses. They never had them ready after almost spending the day there. 3 weeks later they called and said they were finally ready. I had made several calls to them, and it always seems chaotic in there before they called me to get them. I got there, could not wear the glasses, they corrected them, told me to go home and try them as bifocals needed getting used to. Then I asked about second pair, all hell broke loose. The idiot did not even know what "1 of 2" and "2 of 2" on the tickets meant! Do they even speak English? Did they ever go to school? I went home to await the second pair. Meanwhile, I am laid out flat for days with migraines from these things. Many trips to the store, and to the doctor for prescription review, and finally I asked to just use the old prescription. They couldn't even get that right!!! And they wanted to charge me another $40 per pair!! They are horrible, don't know what they are doing, and are not even competent.

I complained to corporate and some guy said he would straighten it out. I refused to go back so they mailed them to me. I mailed both pairs back immediatley, that was in early November. Here it is the new Year, no response, no refund, no return phone calls.

NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE MORONS!! THEY ARE LIARS AND THIEVES. THEY WILL WASTE DAYS OF YOUR TIME FIDDLING WITH THINGS, BUT THE GUY WHO MAKES THE PRESCRIPTIONS IS AN IDIOT, CAN'T DO HIS JOB, AND THEY REFUSE TO MAKE IT RIGHT. THE STAFF OUT FRONT IS NOT SO GREAT EITHER. I AM USED TO STUPID IN THIS TOWN, BUT THESE FOLKS RANK AT THE TOP OF THE LIST FOR IDIOCY. THE OFFICE IS CHAOTIC, THE LINE IS INTERMINABLE, AND THE ABILITY TO PERFORM IS HINDERED BY A LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF THEIR JOB PERFORMANCE SKILLS. Corporate is out of touch with what it takes to provide service. I just want my money back so I can go to Pearle vision for new glasses. My old ones are scratched, but I never had a problem from them. Wal mart did my walking vision glasses, and they have been wonderful. I know good service. These morons do not!!!
justgetitright December 31, 2010
wrong prescription/lense to small
Went to the eyemart express because I had heard how great the eye doctor was and was very pleased with my experience. Went and picked out some frames, the employees were very friendly and helpful. Was disappointed to find out that my glasses would be ready in about a week not 1 hour as advertised! Went in to pick up my new glasses about a week later, the man at the counter gave them to me I looked around to see how they felt, I told him they didn't feel right and he just stared at me. I thought maybe I just needed to adjust, so I wore them for a few more hours and finally ended up with a pounding headache. I went back in and talked to the manager he told me the prescription was off. So he sent them out again for new lenses. Picked them up about a week later, they were fine. I wore them for about 2 1/2 months and the lenses were so scratched up I could hardly see anymore! I've been wearing glasses for years and I have never taken such good care of a pair of my glasses and Ive never had a pair look so scratched in such a little amount of time. The frames I picked out pulled on my hair every time I took them off. I called the manager and asked him why my lenses were so scratched and that my frames were pulling on my hair? He told me to come in and they would replace the frames and lenses. I went in picked out new frames ordered new lenses, the employees Im sure recognized my name & face by now and were not so friendly. Went in to pick up new glasses and loved them, they were working just great for about two weeks then I noticed once when cleaning them that the right lense was falling out!! I took them back in and the manager just popped it back in and I was on my way. A few days later I again noticed the lense falling out. I was so tired of dealing with the snotty employees I decided to try and eyemart express in Boise. The service there was even WORSE. The employee said they melted the frame down and if it happens again they would just make me a new set of lenses. And again a couple days later i was back in there with the complaint that my lense wont stay in. The manager this time took them and told me sometimes the warm weather will cause them to loosen. It was now November and I had never owned these lenses in warm weather seasons. He put them back in and again I was in there immediatly this time both lenses falling out. The manager said" it looks like you need new lenses"!! They just keep replacing and replacing like its no big deal, not once was there an apology they dont care about re-ordering because there frames and lenses are garbage. Thats why its so easy to replace. They ordered new lenses and I picked them up two weeks later and here I am today wearing my old glasses because my prescription is wrong. Every time I put my glasses on I feel like my left eye is being pulled to the left corner of my eye. I called the manager and told him what was going on and all he had to say was he would have my file ready for when I came in. I asked him why they cant get my prescription right? And if there was more complaints like mine? He told me my complaint was rare and we need to get it resolved! Im not going to let them replace the lenses anymore I would rather spend the extra $200.00 somewhere else then to ever have to walk into that store again!!! I would NEVER recommend this business to anyone!!
Mommick5 July 27, 2010
False Advertising
Eyemart Express advertises "one hour" for glasses, I went back after 5 hours and my glasses still weren't ready. I have known it to take over 24 hours. False Advertising is illegal.
disgruntled in Tupelo March 21, 2010
Eyemart Express Fiasco
I was in need of a need pair of progressive lens glasses. After seeing TV ads for Eyemart Express almost every night showing you could get 2 complete pairs of progressive lens for $117.95, I decided to check them out.
The first time I went in just to see what kind of frame selection they had. I found several frames that I liked at varying prices, so I asked one of the employees at the counter how much lens would be with my prescription. Without hesitation, I was told they would be $199.99, which is a far cry from $117.95 for two complete pairs as advertised on TV.
After checking a couple of competitors, I decided to go back to Eyemart Express, since there was still a large difference in what was being charged at the other places I had checked. The frame I decided on with my lens prescription ended up being $343.10 after taxes for 1 pair of glasses. Inez was the lady who worked with me, she was great. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I was pleased with my selection and was okay with the LARGE difference in the advertised price and the price I was given. I was also okay with the fact that I would not be getting my glasses within 1 hour or even in 1 day, but in two days.
When I went to pick up my glasses, they were unable to find them. It took them at least 30 minutes of looking before the Lab Tech came out and told me they found them on a back counter, he was cleaning the lens when he brought them out to me. The frame was a little crooked, so he made an adjustment and gave me a card to read. Even though I read all of the different sized words fine, my vision was a little off. I know sometimes it takes several days to get use to a new prescription. so I figured that was probably why I was having the problem.
I wore the glasses for a little over a week. My right eye was burning, pouring water, and feeling extremely strained, almost like my eyeball was pulling to one side. I finally realized that it was the middle segment of the right lens that was giving me the problem. The distance vision was good and the reading was okay. If I closed my right eye and just looked through the left lens, my vision was perfect at all distances. But, if I closed my left eye and just looked through the right lens, I could not see through the middle section. I still was not concerned, just relieved that I finally figured out the problem. I went back to Eyemart Express and explained what I had discovered to the girl at the counter, she looked at me like she thought I was crazy, but that was okay as long as they fixed them.
She carried the glasses back to the lab and when she came back out she said the lab tech said the power was off in the lens and they would remake them. They would be ready in approximately two days. I left feeling like everything was taken care of.
After 3 days, I went back to pick them up. Again, they could not find my glasses. I waited about 25 minutes until they finally came out with them. I put the glassed on and I still could not see out of the right lens. I told the man who brought them out to me that they had not been fixed, he went and got the lab tech from the lab. I told the lab tech that I still could not see out of the right lens. He said, " Well, it was the left lens you had a problem with before". And I said no, it was the right lens that I could not see out of, the left lens was perfect. Do you think maybe the wrong lens was replaced? He said no, both lens were remade. He insisted that both lens had been made exactly by the prescription. So, I told him I would take the lens and go back to my eye doctor and get him to recheck my eyes, which I did.
My eye doctor tells me that my prescription is correct, so he checks my lens that came from Eyemart Express and said the strength was correct, the problem was that the middle segment was not in the correct place in the right lens so I was not looking through the correct strength in that middle section.
Again, I go back to Eyemart thinking this will be an easy fix. I go in and ask to speak to the lab tech that I have been working with. He comes out and waits on several other customers before he gets to me. This is a little weird, since he was not working the front counter anyway, but if he wanted to make sure no one waiting got offended, fine. I have worked retail for years and did not have a problem with that. When he finally gets to me, I tell him what I found out, thinking this is going to solve the problem. That was NOT the case.
He starts arguing with me saying they are made correctly. I am telling him that they can't be made correctly, because I can not see out of them. He gets them and draws circles on them at the points where the different segments are. He says the circles are in the correct place and my pupil is in the middle of the circle. I look in the mirror and the edge of circle on the right lens hits right in the middle of my pupil. I tell him that from what I am seeing, they look out of place to me. He tells me it is because I have my head tilted sideways. What sense does that statement make? Do your glasses not move with the movement of you head? Are they not sitting on your ears and nose?
He asked if he can see the glasses that I was wearing when I came in. I gave then to him explaining that they are about 5 years old. I have had a newer prescription, but do not have the actual glasses now. He holds them up to the light and says these are single vision lens. And I said no, they are progressive. I have been wearing progressive lens for about 15 years now. So, now he is arguing with me over whether my old lens are progressive or not. Trying to prove to me that my old lens are not progressive and are only for distance, he gives me the same card they give everyone to read and asked me to read it with my old lens on. Of course, I can read every word. So he tells me well, they must me for reading only. And I said if they were for reading only, I could not see distances, so tell me why I can see the poster on the back wall with them on and can not see it without them. He then proceeds to tell me that it is because my eyes have adjusted to those glasses.
Up until now, I have been calm. But at this point, even though neither of us ever raises our voices (there is a room full of people), I was getting aggravated. I looked at him and said do you think I am stupid? Think about what you just said. Does that statement make any since whatsoever?
Still trying to prove to me my old lens are single vision lens and that is why I can not see out of my new ones, he takes the old glasses to the doctor next door. He comes back and says I was mistaken, they are progressive and give me a long line of rubbish as to why he could not tell. He says the only thing he can think of to do is to mark the segments at the same places they are on my old lens and put them in the same places on my new lens and see if that fixes them. I said okay, we will try it one more time, but if I can not see out of them after that I want a refund. This time he tells me they will be ready the next day before 12 noon (it had been taking 2 days). Now the whole time all of this has been going on, I have repeatedly said, the left lens is perfect, it does not need anything done to it.
The next day I go in and pick them up. I see immediately that the LEFT lens has been remade and is about 1/2 the thickness as the right lens. I tell the lady at the counter that I do not think they are going to work, but I will go ahead and take them out to see if the vision in the right lens is any better.
Of course, now I can not see out of either lens now. And not only will they not sit straight on my face, they do not look right because one lens is so much thinner than the other.
I do not think any lab tech could be that incompetent, so I think he made the lens that way just to be hateful. I carried them back and got a full refund and will never grace the doors of an Eyemart Express ever again.
avag March 15, 2010
Wrong prescription.poor service
Took my prescription to Eyemart Express, the sales person told me the frames I picked out were too small for bifocals. Then said no they weren't after my sister told her they were bigger than hers and she had bifocals. Came back 2 hrs laterr to pick up new frames with new prescription, extremely long wait. Finally got the new ones but couldn't read with them, was told to take them and wait until morning to put them on after my eyes were rested. I had cataract surgery so couldn't see real well but when I got home my sister looked at them and immediately told me they had trifocals, not bi focals. They also said they didn't file medicare but would give me the form to send in, you couldn't even read the instructions for a wide black smear down the full length of the paper. Mentioned that and was told that was all they had, after all, this was just a courtesy they do. Well, if you can't read the instructions, what good is that.

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