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LaShawn Galang November 27, 2009
RN *UNLIMITED MOVIES 866-420-5832WA ##1009
I signed up for the free real player download last August 2009. Not one movie I've chose works and thats after over an hour buffing waiting for everyone of them for several days of trying I've seen none. On both computers Mac OSX & WinVista, its definitely not my Internet connection Ethernet or wireless. I canceled my "subscription" just after one week frustrated from trying, I didn't get any reply so I thought that would be the end of that. 3 months later I find 2 more charges on my credit card (RN *UNLIMITED MOVIES 866-420-5832WA ##1009 6.95 US DOLLAR) for monthly subscription. Needless to say I'm very disappointed and annoyed by all this, I demand for my money back + a permanent cancellation from this subscription. I would really appreciate it if someone can attend to this matter as soon as possible.
July 5, 2007
Unable to cancel subscription
I signed up for the free real player download. I found this to be a non user friendly item, and tried to cancel the "subscription" several times with no reply or effect. The firm still charges me regularly 11 euros + 6,95 euros per month for "RealMusic" and so called "tonePASS". I just want to get rid of that contract as soon as possible, and want to get my money back, so would someone please help me to cancel the subscription!!!

Reference numbers:

RN *REALMUSIC 866-420-5832


RN *RN TONEPASS 866-420-5832

With regards,
Kirsi Bruck.

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