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G.E.M. Inc. (Euroshield)

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9330 - 48th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Phone number: 403-215-3333

G.E.M. Inc. (Euroshield) Reviews

badroofwork September 25, 2018
Euroshield and G.E.M. and James H
No stars! We had a very bad experience with Eurosheild and G.E.M. and their installer James Heffernan. If you have anything to support us in court please email me at badroofwork@gmail.com Thank you very much!
BrandyChip April 22, 2011
Won't honor warranty
Shown below is my complaint against G.E.M. Inc. for not honoring the warranty I was given for my EurosSlate Roof. G.E.M. Inc. advertises under the name Euroshield, so please be aware when investigating companies, G.E.M. Inc. and Euroshield sell the same products. G.E.M. Inc is the manufacturer. Also, be aware if and when dealing with Sean Zimmer, he was and possibly is affiliated with G.E.M. Inc. and Angel's Roofing Ltd. Pictures of the tiles currently on my roof and not being replaced as per the warranty, must be viewed under the complaint against "Euroshield".

In October, 2003 my husband and I made an agreement with Sean Zimmer (hereafter called Sean), G.E.M. Inc’s Vice-President of Marketing, to install a Euroslate Tile Roof on the retirement home we were having built. Our only decision was the colour of tiles we wanted installed. We were to advise Sean as to when the roof would be finished so the applicators could start installing the tiles. Stated verbally to us and as stated by Sean in an August 9, 2003 Calgary Herald article, “in Calgary, installations are handled by certified applicators at a number of local roofing companies”. In our agreement, Sean, acting on behalf of G.E.M. Inc. (hereafter called GEM), was responsible for arranging for the installation of the tiles and to pay the applicators/roofers for services rendered. Our responsibility was to pay GEM directly, the dollar amount we agreed upon.
The first roofing-crew that Sean hired, arrived and departed shortly thereafter, because of several set-backs due to illness and incompetent applicators. The crew foreman, who was to oversee the project, had a broken arm and was unable to maneuver freely up top of the roof. The roofing-crew began the tile installation and only after one of the house-builders identified a major installation error, did they admit they had never seen this type of shingle and did not know how to install them. This crew walked-off the job. After this incident, a meeting was arranged with GEM’s President and CEO, Henry Kamphuis (hereafter called Henry), Sean, my husband and me. Henry and Sean advised us they had hired Maury Van Der Vliet, who they described as their best installer, to install the EuroSlate tiles on our roof.
On January 12, 2004 Mr. Van Der Vliet and his partner Mark, began the installation of the EuroSlate tiles and completed the installation on February 13, 2004. On February 17, 2004, GEM was paid the total amount owing, less a 15% holdback.
Shortly after completion of the tile installation, a couple who was given our name and telephone number by Sean, called and asked permission to view our roof because they were thinking of using this product on their new home. After viewing the roof, from the ground only, they drew to our attention a distinct colour difference in the roof-tiles. We advised Sean of the colour difference and he co-ordinated the installation of the correct coloured tiles. Apparently, different tile dye-lots had been sent and installed. After completion, the 15% holdback was paid.
Over the next few years several problems arose such as the roof leaking in different areas of the house and tiles blowing off, however, the majority of the problems were resolved by calling Sean. This was the case until August 3, 2009 when twelve tiles ripped off one area of the roof during a rain-storm. After the roof was repaired by Angels Roofing Ltd. (they re-installed the tiles that had blown off and screwed them down to hold them in place), the roofers advised us of the poor condition of the EuroSlate tiles on our roof. They described the problem as: many of the tiles over the entire roof had shrunk, causing the interlock or tabs to not hold properly, if at all, and many of the tiles’ corners had curled or turned-up. The recommendation of the roofers was to replace the entire roof as soon as possible to avoid serious problems such as ruined ceilings, mold and rotting of the exposed wood. Of course this information upset me, but the roofer said there should be no problem with having the tiles replaced because GEM was aware of these problems. Apparently, other customers had also encountered the same problems, and GEM replaced their entire roof with new tiles, without hesitation. This roofing company was experienced in the installation and repair of EuroSlate products because G.E.M. Inc. used them as one of their companies to apply and repair their product.

To re-enforce the recommendations of the roofers, we paid to have the roof inspected by a qualified roofing inspector, who provided a written report complete with pictures. We also obtained feedback in the form of a letter as to the tile condition from a house-building-company owner. Both agreed with what the roofers had advised.
We have advised Henry of the situation and have requested several times verbally that he or a GEM representative inspect the roof. We have also sent two registered letters to Henry requesting an evaluation of the roof. Two separate times he has agreed to inspect the roof himself, after the September 2009 long-weekend (because he was on vacation), however, he insisted we not be present for his inspection. To date, Henry has made no attempt to examine the roof or to contact us to discuss the situation.
Henry consistently claims that GEM does not install roofs nor do they arrange for roof installation for customers, however, I have in my possession a copy of GEM’s WCB (Workers Compensation Board)account number from The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company for the coverage of Rocky Mountain Roofing which was the first company sent, arranged by Sean, to do the EuroSlate installation. A representative at the Customer Contact Centre at The Workers’ Compensation Board advised me to request this information because I was not the person or company responsible for the insurance coverage for the Rocky Mountain Roofing employees, while working on my property. Sean provided this document to me.
On November 8, 2009 several more shingles blew off on a different area of the roof. Henry was notified and we received the same run-around as with previous telephone calls. He yelled at my husband, insisted he call him at a different time, or to contact the roofers directly and not bother him. He then demanded that we “call him tomorrow”, knowing full-well that he probably wouldn’t take the call or would be as nasty and disrespectful as he wanted to be with no recourse for us. My husband has tried several times to talk with Henry, but usually after some nasty, snide remarks, he hangs up the telephone as soon as my husband starts to talk.
We contacted Service Alberta believing that this government-organization was available for the consumer to contact to ensure they are treated fairly under the Fair Trading Act. Service Alberta cannot take sides, but are there to evaluate the evidence and ensure proper business practices are adhered to. To date, they have been of no help whatsoever.
A break-down of the situation is as follows:
1. There is a fifty-year warranty on the EuroSlate roof tiles, however, the warranty can not be exercised without someone at GEM co-ordinating the action. There is no one at GEM willing to take any action. By Sean Zimmer’s own words on February 25, 2011, he is no longer an employee of G.E.M. Inc: he is currently part-owner of the roofing company Angels Roofing Ltd, however, the Better Business Bureau lists Sean Zimmer as the VP Marketing.
2. We cannot take action to have the roof repaired ourselves, because by doing so, could possibly void the fifty-year warranty we are supposed to have on the tiles.
3. Action must be taken before my house is totally ruined, seeing there are shingles missing and deformed tiles cover the roof, however, if I take action, will my warranty be void.
My advice to anyone and everyone looking to install a new or replacement roof—DO NOT USE G.E.M. Inc. products, manufacturer of EUROSHIELD products, identified as EUROSLATE, EUROTILE or EUROSHAKE rubber roofing products. They DO NOT HONOR the 50-year warranty they so boldly advertise.

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