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Glacial Energy Business Development Mana June 29, 2011
One of the people that I signed up as a former "Business Manager of Development" called me screaming at me. They paid double the rates that they were quoted.

That's typical.

Glacial energy scam. Theives who crucify our lord and savior.
dpi May 5, 2011
Going out of business?
Glacial Energy Is being prosecuted again for fraudulent reasons. Gary Mole is apparently shaking in his boot this time. He may completely lose the business he stole and destroyed from a previous business partner. His previous business partner has proof that Mr. Mole has lied an almost all of his Public Utilities Commission applications, that he stole the business plan/ clients and potential clients, and that he stole millions from his ex partner. His previous partner has all the dirt from all the people that hate Gary Mole (because how can you not) and this time sources say he is going to fall hard and may face prison time. He is a disgusting, alcoholic, racist, lying, wife beating man and even more disturbing information about Gary Mole is unfolding and being discovered daily some of which I can not say.

Keep your eyes on your back and for more off this new case bubbling up.
skyy2299 April 30, 2011
Gary Mole and Glacial Energy Continued Fraud
This link leads to a complaint in another lawsuit filed against Gary Mole and Glacial Energy, outlining a case of fraud, misrepresentation and anti-semitic verbal abuse.

skyy2299 April 30, 2011
Gary Mole and Glacial Energy Fraud Case
The included link points to a complaint in a lawsuit, which has been filed against Gary Mole and Glacial Energy which outlines a case of fraud, conspiracy, negligence, misrepresentation, and unjust enrichment.

Glacial Energy Victim January 29, 2011
High Fees
I disabled and cant see good and glacial energies told me I save 25 persent off bill and pay half the utility rate gerantee and give 1 per ent to I do it, I trust him and takes my bank account secret numbers and drains my account with a rate that was double 4 cents higher than promised and more than before I call glacial energy business card 15 times and no answer and ask cancel and call and call and call but next one lot higher I called up to ask about glacial donation from my store and they said their was not one so glacial never gived the donation and they continues to take all of my money from my account. i cant stop high fees that hit me with high rates and cant pay credit card for my cat, surgery what do I do since I was told that I need to stay for year I am very scared and don’t know what I got myself into glacial energy scam please help no more money in account and I own struggling store and am disabled and cant afford high bills and sky high rates scared and cat needs care what to I do really scared help i was scammed and call glacial card and no one answers or return calls when ask for cancel please help
ManufacturerUser December 31, 2010
It was recently brought to my attention by an energy and telecom brokerage company called Pay-tech that I was being over-billed by Glacial Energy by nearly 45% lower than the 13 and a half cents I paid this summer.

They told me that this happens to several hundred of the Glacial Energy customers they provide deals from and so they recently gave me a guaranteed contract with HessE.

I might save as much as $100, 000 this year with a savings of 40-50%.

I strongly urge anyone who is caught in the Glacial Energy scam to contact Pay-tech. They really helped me out and probably saved my job.

Jim from PA
Glacial Energy Business Development Mana December 2, 2010
Steals from Businesses
As a former employee of Glacial I can confirm that Glacial does in fact jack up a customer's prices as a normal business practice, until they complain at which point they may offer to lower the price or cancel the service. The entire model is designed to pump as much money out of a customer as possible. The company mentality is to make as much money as they can as fast as they can with no regard to ethics, sustainability or customer service.

Many of the problems within the organization can be traced back to the ego-maniacal owner and founder of the company Gary Mole and his army of "yes men". The man is a sociopath with zero regard for anyone who might tell him something he does not want to hear. The dysfunction at top has spread through the entire organization to the point that real problems, whether they be financial, technological or regulatory just get brushed under the carpet.
Glacial Energy Business Development Mana December 1, 2010
Rip Off
In the spirit of the recent news of leaks and whistleblowing, I thought I should tell you about Glacial Energy.

Glacial Energy claims that they will give you one rate but then charges more. Apparently, I was told by other senior employees there that they add like "5 cents" wholesale rate but seem to imply that they will only add "1 cent or so" on their quotes. That is why they charge VERY HIGH RATES.

A senior rep there told me that They cheat on their wives, go to JAIL, rip off churches and steal from ministries, and are virtually bankrupt because the owner gambled the money away.

What a SCAM!
Glacial Energy Business Development Mana November 29, 2010
Yes, I was recently fired and came from DC.
Yes, Glacial Energy is a scam.
I was told by a senior sales person that Glacial Energy claims who has been there for AT LEAST 1-2 years that their rates will be like 8 cents, but charges 12 cents.
I was told by a senior sales person that Glacial Energy who has been there for AT LEAST 1-2 years on their quotes adds like a penny to the wholesale rate, but then raises the rates to 3 or 4 cents above the wholesale rate.
It's not bait and switch, but simply a scam.
I am ashamed that as a Christian I deceived people and worked with very lying leadership that claimed Jesus but DENIED and SPIT on him. Shame on you!!!
Glacial Energy Business Devpt Mature November 28, 2010
Glacial Energy hopeful reps LIED
Glacial Energy hopeful forgetful rep lies

hopeful rep given the brochure SHOWING upto 20% electrical savings ACCURATELY, and was showed in brochure the difference between generation on grid IN PRINT from marketing by Glacial with EFT not aft..
and ONLY told what Glacial ACCURATELY represents.
11272010 "hopeful rep " is suffering from age and memory loss. ex-rep is sorely mistaken as he was in a service call forgetting how he miswired a relay, caused failures in Oct 2010.

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