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Government Vacation Rewards

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Government Vacation Rewards Reviews

gallagher007 February 28, 2017
Again. No perks for membership fee. Gvr website gives a discount rate on search page but at checkout it charges full price. Again, no discount for your membership fee. Where does the discount amount go?
GiNoitall July 13, 2010
Unauthorized charge to credit card
I was traveling on government travel orders to Georgia in March of 2010 with another government employee. On 2/26/2010 my co-worker / co-traveler contacted our local Leisure Travel office to reserve two separate rooms in the same hotel for our trip. The Leisure Travel office asked for a credit card to secure the reservation so I gave them my government credit card to reserve both rooms since my co-traveler did not yet have a government credit card.

We checked into the hotel at the same time on 3/2/2010. They did not have a room secured under my name but they had an additional room under my co-travelers name so they put me into that room. When I checked out two day later, I paid the final bill ($100) to the hotel and turned in my key. I returned to my work place and filed the travel settlement paperwork and I was reimbursed for my expenses by the government pay office.

A month later in my government credit card statement, I received a $413 fee from Government Vacations Rewards. They had charged both rooms (co-worker and mine) to my government credit card even though I had paid the hotel directly at checkout. My co-worker had also paid his bill directly when he checked out of his room.

Now Government Vacations Rewards refuses to reimburse my government travel card for the additional $413 charge and told me to contact the hotel directly to ask them for reimbursement. When I talked to the hotel, they have no record of the $413 charge for my stay.

I am continuing to fight this charge because, 1) I never authorized anyone to charge my credit card, 2) I never wanted to pay for my co-travelers room, 3) I have already paid for the hotel room and I have been reimbursed by the government for the receipts for my travel.

This travel agency is not helpful and just keeps telling me sorry but they cannot reimburse me for this erroneous charge. I don't know what else to do to get this charge removed and now the government credit card is showing me late with a balance of $413. I have all documentation to support every statement I have made. This organization is NOT reputable. AVOID USING THEM AT ALL COSTS!

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