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Gursoy Immigration Law Firm

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Contact Information
1624 Voorhies Ave, Brooklyn, 11235

Phone number: (718) 646-5783

Gursoy Immigration Law Firm Reviews

annamaranda April 27, 2017
very helpful
This Brooklyn immigration attorney is always available to talk to. He is also very helpful with everything. He provides all the information and tips you need to win your case.
kelseytatyana April 27, 2017
I am very impressed!
Why would you ever need another lawyer when Mr. Gursoy is everything you need? As an immigration lawyer, he is exceptional. As a person, he is made of gold. I am very impressed!
daniellesheila April 27, 2017
I highly recommend the services of this law firm to everyone
I highly recommend the services of this law firm to everyone. The immigration attorney helped me obtain the green card without hassle. It was easy working with him and he even worked overtime.
marcusmike April 26, 2017
A good immigration lawyer like Mr. Gursoy is very hard to find. He will find time to talk to you and learn more about the case. He will work hard to solve your case quickly and effectively.
danieltomas April 25, 2017
There was no consultation fee to discuss with Mr. Gursoy. And the consultation took over half an hour. Amazing lawyer! We will be using his services for our immigration issues.
jeffreyshelby April 24, 2017
It has been an awesome experience
It has been an awesome experience working with Gursoy Law Firm. They were responsive and very friendly. Their immigration attorneys were experienced and very courteous.
samueldemarcus April 22, 2017
In my experience, there is only one good immigration attorney in Brooklyn: Mr. Gursoy. He got me out of a lot of trouble a year ago. Now, he managed to get my work visa renewed.
austindeon April 21, 2017
We consulted with Gursoy regarding an immigration matter. He was patient and provided all the guidance we needed. He also helped us with the paperwork and some useful tips.
tylerclifford April 18, 2017
He is a very educated and nice person
He is a very educated and nice person. Also, he is very easy to work with. He takes the time to listen to your problems. He then comes with the best solutions and helps you win your case.
MariannaTracy April 10, 2017
He took care of everything and handled the case like a pro
I was facing possible deportation until the immigration attorney from Gursoy Immigration Law Firm assisted me. He took care of everything and handled the case like a pro. I want to thank him for being the best in Brooklyn!

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