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Gursoy Immigration Law Firm

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1624 Voorhies Ave, Brooklyn, 11235

Phone number: (718) 646-5783

Gursoy Immigration Law Firm Reviews

shanearnold23 January 30, 2018
Mr. Gursoy her immigration lawyer could block
My sister was going to be deported back to Russia after she was coerced into pleading plead guilty to a crime she did not commit. Mr. Gursoy her immigration lawyer could block that until after an appeal of her case for not having a lawyer and being coerced. The case was dismissed and she could retain her green card. She is now working towards naturalization.
ianeverett3 January 30, 2018
I have received my green card thanks to the help I had from Gursoy Law Firm. I am forever grateful to this immigration lawyer for his skill and true concern for my welfare. I highly recommend him.
nathanjarvis23 January 26, 2018
As an illegal immigrant Mr. Gursoy was my immigration lawyer who arranged for several of us from Iran political asylum because of our religious belief. Other attorneys would not handle our case but Mr. Gursoy did We are very thankful and grateful.
calebdarien34 January 25, 2018
Mr. Gursoy from the Brooklyn Gursoy Law firm arranged for our same sex marriage petition, we are now in this country legally and do not have to return to a land where we would face criminal charges for being gay. We are so thankful for his help.
codynorman23 January 24, 2018
I would highly recommend Mike Gursoy of Gursoy Immigration Law as a knowledgeable same sex marriage immigration lawyer. Our very close friends married and one was facing deportation. Because of the recent ruling the gay and lesbian spousal petition could stop the deportation permanently. The INS despite the ruling was still trying to force the issue that the marriage took place prior to the ruling, which made no sense. We are all very grateful to the Brooklyn immigration attorney and the court and thrilled for our good friends.
nicholasbret23 January 23, 2018
We are all very happy
We required an immigration lawyer in Brooklyn for my brother in law, who was facing possible deportation. Despite pending immigration reform the INS agent was unyielding. We got an immigration lawyer from Gursoy Law Firm and the situation was mitigated quickly. He got him a stay until pending changes took place. We are all very happy with the decision and with the lawyer.
annamaranda April 27, 2017
very helpful
This Brooklyn immigration attorney is always available to talk to. He is also very helpful with everything. He provides all the information and tips you need to win your case.
kelseytatyana April 27, 2017
I am very impressed!
Why would you ever need another lawyer when Mr. Gursoy is everything you need? As an immigration lawyer, he is exceptional. As a person, he is made of gold. I am very impressed!
daniellesheila April 27, 2017
I highly recommend the services of this law firm to everyone
I highly recommend the services of this law firm to everyone. The immigration attorney helped me obtain the green card without hassle. It was easy working with him and he even worked overtime.
marcusmike April 26, 2017
A good immigration lawyer like Mr. Gursoy is very hard to find. He will find time to talk to you and learn more about the case. He will work hard to solve your case quickly and effectively.

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