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Handyman in Mississauga

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Milkwood Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5N 8H5

Phone number: 6476993193

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handymanmiss January 26, 2021
Types of Paint Finishes
There's the standard emulsion in pure brilliant white or ultra-white, that's certainly going to brighten up your home. Or if it's somewhere that needs cleaning more often, like the hallway or a kid's playroom, then you can still pick a white paint or a light colour, but go for a durable acrylic option, which is going to be easier to maintain. And if you're sick of painting your white wall and then noticing you've missed a spot, then why not try Magic White, because this is a paint that goes on pink and it fades the brilliant white as it dries.
There's also specialist paint for new plaster that's going to seal it ready for painting with a top coat or another colour. Or how about base coat which is great if you have an older house with some hairline cracks in the walls that need covering, or if perhaps you're changing from a strong red colour to a much lighter Magnolia. If you'd like to create an effect, then you can use textured or rippled paint, which is great for ceilings and a standard cold emotion is ideal for low traffic areas like the dining room and there are lots of ready mixed colour options for you to choose from that will help you get that perfect look.

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