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Hardees Reviews

rudy d arthur March 24, 2011
the food is mashed, service is slow even when theres no body there.
the drive through person is rude, unclean, fat, and acts like there just there for a check.
Lysndsay March 14, 2011
sexual gm
Well i go into to order my food and the general manager was making out with the cashier! On top of that she screwed my order up and all i got was a couple sandwhiches i guess he only thing they were worried about was locking their lips! I will never it at this hardees again. the gm there is always rude and in a bad mood he treats those employees like crap.
poor customer service
As stated in many of the complaints, the food is OK but the customer satisfaction/service really sucks.
There appears to be a trend with poor customer satisfaction. Went through drive through and requested two creams and two sugars with the coffee. OOPS none in the bag. Called back and was basically told it was MY FAULT!!! I would think that if Hardees corp. cared about it's customers it would educate the resturants. Oh ya, I sent an email to Hardees corporate and got no response. What a surprise!!! IT'S not about the costs, it's about their lack of customer service.
domstl25 February 1, 2011
i was a employee and they fired me for being mentaly retarded and slow and they treated me like shit they whole crew and they disrepected my preganet wife by wanting to fight her my name is dominic stegeman
emilia342 January 5, 2011
greasy food and rude cashier
we order our food the food tasted old grease and we waited for food for 2hours for them to put it together we order 3 of those boxes i will never eat at hardee again i think taco bell boxes are better than hardees and the girl behind the regsister was rude and smart to us i think her name was candace
joseph rosenburg December 31, 2010
didint get all my food and manager was rude
my wife went thru drive thru this morning before work was in line for over twenty miniutes and the food came out wrong she was running late for work so she came home with the baby to drop off the food because after twenty miniutes it should have ben rite wrong. so i called to complain and the manager was rude and very disrespectful and hung up on me so i tried to call back to ask what her bosses number was she would not give it to me she was verry rude and finally she gave me the number for their store and hung up on me yet again so when i called the number she gave me it was her again tellin me she was going to call the cops for harrasment but she gave me the number to call hmmmm how nice if she would have given me the number in the first place we wouldnt b doin this so i had to call another store to get a number where i could complain
mj104 December 4, 2010
Three times I have witnessed unsanitary conditions at the Harrisburg Hardees restaurant and have addressed it with the manager on staff. To no avail or any form of correction. The issue being, food preparers not wearing protective gloves while handling food. I have witnessed the men not wearing gloves, wiping their noses and continuing to make breakfasts. The first time, the manager said the fellow didn't like to wear the gloves; second time the manager said, they don't have to; the third time, manager said, "oh sorry, I'll send him home". Well, I work for the State of Illinois and I know the Public Health Dept. doesn't handle complaints like this but the local Health Dept will. . .I've given Hardees ample opportunity to address this issue and clearly they have not seen a problem. Disease in foods spreads fast and this time I'm headed to the Egyptian Health Dept. . .and if that doesn't work I'm going to the local newspaper. Please address health issues with your Hardees employees and make sure they follow the State Regulations.
Sharon MdDavid October 1, 2010
waited 25 minutes in takeout lane
Last night, after a long day at work, I decided to go through the take out lane at Hardees to pick up some sides and tea. I placed my order, drove to the window, asked if I could add a tea to my order. The guy at the window told me it would take 6-8 minutes to make the tea. I said forget it, I will just take what I ordered. He did not listen and added the tea to my order. This was at 6:05. I was asked to pull to the front as not to block traffic and they would bring my order right out. At 6:25, I get out of my car in the pouring rain, go inside to see what was going on with my order. The person who was suppose to be filling my order was just walking around just like nothing mattered. I asked another person if they knew anything about my order and I was told no. When all was said and done, it took 3 people to put together a side order of mashed potatoes, slaw, green beans, 2 biscuits and tea. At 6:45 I left Hardees with my order. Ask me if I will "ever" darken the door of Hardees again??? How many people does it take to fill an order at Hardees...should be the new joke and how long!
Angellynn87 September 14, 2010
Bad Food
I just want to say that EVERY time I go to this Hardees in Concordia my curley fries are ALWAYS old and cold. Im so sick of it that I don't really care to go there anymore.
Johny D August 12, 2010
Bad Food
Me and a friend of mine went to Hardees in Orangeburg SC around 930 on Thursday, August 12. I put in an order for a sausage egg and cheese sandwich and they forgot the egg on it. When I realized it I wasnt mad and had no problems at all, I just went up there and asked if this sandwich comes with egg. The lady said yes and she took it in the back and in 25 seconds I had my sandwich back. I was down to nearly the last bite when I tasted something bitter and absolutly gross. Didnt say anything about it and went back to the house, then and hour later my stomach started killing me. I assume it came from the bitter, gross, late egg added on my sandwich. I do not plan on ever eating at Hardees again.

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