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Patiboir July 5, 2011
I order a comuper three weeks prior to my complaint, it was estimated delivery on a friday. Took friday off. Called hsn.com they said it will come on saturday, called later, the said it will arrive on monday. Tried to make arrangements between ups and hsn because i wan not going to be home at that time. Ups tried to gave a solution over the phone, hsn.com had the authority to change dates but would not. Most of the time they (hsn.com) argued with me insted of trying to help resolve the issue. HSN.com customer service sucks!!!
taurus430 October 17, 2010
CC/purchase Scam
HSN delines my card because they claim they had the wrong expiration date, so therefore I lost my purchase which sold out and was a special value with free shipping on easy pay.

The promo was a $20 discount on first purchase when opening a new CC account. I was approved by the bank and the account was linked instantly so the purchase went through. A few days later I looked at my order to see the order was canceled. I called HSN and they blamed the bank. I called the bank, they blamed HSN. Something involving the expiration date, but I did not have my card since this all was in one process, and this was an immediate purchase. If this is a glitch in their system, I wonder how many other customers get sucked in. They have my phone number and email and they never contacted me either, but even so, I did not know what the expiration date was as the card hadn't arrived yet so this was between the bank and HSN.

I called the bank after losing my purchase and canceled the card, and called HSN to let them know I no longer want to be a customer. Google HSN to see all the complaints about them.
Paulo September 6, 2009
Defective products
I purchased an Acer Netbook, it turned out to be defective. I returned thru the USPS and HSN claims they never received it. Now fighting with them for my refund. Have filed several complaints from the BBB, Atty Gen Offices (FL, CA, TX), and with the USPS (postal inspector - mail theft). When I told HSN I was also disputing chrages with credit card company - they stated if I did so, I would not be allowed to shop with them anymore -how ridiculous is that statement? I also filed a complaint with Acer, as I feel that HSN's policy severely reflects on the brands they advertise and sell on their network.
Religious Hate
HSN banned me from posting on their forums and reviews without any warning. They claim you get 3 warnings. I got none. They banned me for defending my Christian religion against hate postings, of which these posters were not banned. I was singled out by these anti-Christian posters. HSN allows anti-Christian remarks, but if you stand up for your Christian beliefs, they either delete the post or ban you. HSN uses an outside service to monitor their forums. I am a regular customer who spent $1000 last month alone and now I am not allowed to review products even though my defending my faith was never mentioned on reviews. I think that warning was in order, not a banning, but it does prove that they really are anti-Christian.
Lisa April 28, 2009
won't refund
While taking care of my 88 year old grandmother with dementia, I found all the closets in her house filled with HSN and QVC products. Still in the original packages, with receipts. I have spent months sorting out the mess, and I have to say QVC was a class act, took everything back. HSN on the other hand wouldn't even discuss it, although all of the items are still on their website for full price and they would lose nothing by taking back this junk and reselling it. Instead they have robbed an old woman of her social security checks!
Nataly March 13, 2009
No cust. service
HSN deliberately deceives customers concerning shipping policies. While the information relayed on the web site is 5-10 days for shipping, Customer Service tells you verbally that it is 16 days.

It has been 12 days since I ordered a ring and am still waiting for it. HSN refuses to do anything about it until at least April 4. However, they have my money. Their statement is that, 'It will arrive any day now.'

I tried contacting Corporate, and they say there is nothing that can be done.

Warning: If you buy from HSN, be careful. You may or may not receive what you order.
Nixon January 26, 2009
Terrible company
I purchased a Gateway notebook through HSN. I started having problems the day Igot it and wanted to return it. I contacted HSN and was told ok to return computer to HSN Returns, Dock-SPC 10, 4697 Crossroads Park Dr., Liverpool, NY 13088. I sent it through USPS and insured it for $800.00 I was told that tracking information through my local postal service will be connected to my insurance receipt. I return computer using the above address to warehouse in Liverpool, NY. When I contacted Gateway return department I was told that they never received my computer and they have no way of tracking the package and they can not provide me with any warehouse information. I would have to contact USPS since they are the shipper. I contacted HSN and they told me the returns are handle by Gateway and they will not be able to refund me my return if gateway don't have tracking information. So I went back to USPS and they said it was delivered to Gateway. USPS told me to get a letter from Gateway stating they did not receive my computer, but Gateway has given me the run around.

Nither company is taking ownership of the problem or to locate my return I have been getting such a run around... Both companies refuse to give me any help. I have over 12 phone calls to gateway and over 8 hours of being on hold or just hung up on.
Alfred January 7, 2009
Don't do business with them
I ordered a canon FS10 camcorder with bag. The price was good but when I read the reviews on the site i was skeptical whether I should use this site or not? I had heard of HSN before on TV promos.

I thought I would take the risk for the price I'm getting. Amazingly I got the product in 2 business days and the condition was perfect.
I would not mind doing business with the seller in future.
March 11, 2008
Online scam!
HSN is issuing credit cards through GEMB. I attempted to pay my account online., after registering my bank information and other personal information. I paid one payment online 3/3/08, on 38/09 I received notice that my bank had refused payment because I refuted the payment. I called my bank. My bank said nobody from HSN GEMB had requested payment and they know I did not contact them to refute payment. I spoke with regular HSN customer service 3 times, the times I was referred to the credit card side. Until reading this site I thought perhaps I had keyed in a typo on the routing number or bank account number. When speaking to the credit card folks (who are out of country (outsourcing) they first could tell me none of my personal info was accessible to them and they couldn't correct it.

They kept referring me back to normal customer service, who then transferred me back to them. The third person I spoke with said she accessed the information and it was blank-no routing number or bank account number had been filled it. This was clearly inconsistent with their own email saying they had the information to submit the bill, did submit it and was refused payment. The email is inconsistent with the bank (who I have had zero problems with for 15 years). After reading the complaints about GEMB I am now terrified that I am at HIGH RISK for identity theft. I have canceled the card and requested a paper final bill. I think I was phished and don't know what to do.

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