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HP printer

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HP printer Reviews

SHERRYWALJER June 14, 2018
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123hpcomoj4650 June 9, 2018
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spfldpianist January 13, 2010
Warranty Rip Off
My HP Officejet Pro 8500 stopped working and is within the warranty. (1 yr) I called HP 3 times before I could actually talk about the problem with someone and they told me that I would be sent a new printer but had to talk to a diferent department about the problem first. The rep then asked for payment of $35 to transfer my call. I bitched like crazy and he told me a supervisor would call me back within 20 minutes. NO CALL! HP does not honor warranty! This is a rip off!
Teresa Farris May 20, 2009
I bought an Hp All IN One printer in Feb. at my local Best Buy. I purchased a GEEK SQUAD Care Plan/Warranty. Printer kept asking me to reinstall to use Scan Function on it. My Microsoft Vista kept trying to repair driver on it. Sometimes that worked .I finally got tired of it and brought it in to Geek Squad, gave my reciept. The guy plugs it up and puts sheet on glass, presses the copy button and tells me the scan works. I said No, it doesnt, You just copied, hit the scan button and show me it works. He got REAL condesending. Ma'am the scan works. I said again, prove it scan something. He said you need to bring your pc in so I can check that. And that will be extra money. when I do bring the pc in. Your telling me my printer is only compatiable with only my pc?? WHAT?!! Kept talking like I was an idiot, and just could'nt tell the difference between scan and copy. They have TWO different functions and TWO different buttons. Which I said Hook it up to one of your pc's and show me it works. He said no. He cannot do that. I said then what does my plan cover? What was the point of them? Called him a a**hole. He said Ma'am take your printer, I'm refusing service to you. Ok. Grabbed my printer. Called Best Buy they said bring to another store and they'll take care of it. Geek Squad is a franchise that's been with BB 6 years. They cannot get rid of them if noone follows up. They are 2 different companies. People, follow up. They can never get rid of Geek Squad if no one follows up with them.
Scottsspi February 5, 2009
tech support
I called tech support for a 2 year old Photosmart printer. You have to use the special ink cartridges that came with the printer the first time you use it. I lost them. I had the printer out of the box and not used when I moved and finally got back to wanting to use it.
I bought cartridges specifically for Photosmart printers. Did not work. I got on tech support chat and he said it was the wrong brand. I said it's HP Vivera the brand they reccommend. He said take them back maybe they're defective. I explained again that I did not have the introductory cartridges that came with the printer. He said they sell them on the web site so there I went.

I called tech support at HP web site. It took 5 or 6 tries for them to understand the problem. She finally said they have cartridges made specifically for Photosmart 8205 and will work. Trust me. She would not lead me down wrong path. I gave her the numbers on the cartridges I had bought that would not work with printer. What did she do? Sold me the same ones at a higher price after promising me they were different than the ones I told her the number on.

Offshoring tech support may be cheaper for them but sucks for us

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