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manhattanista May 9, 2010
shuttle bus
Yesterday on Sat I took the subway from Manhattan to the place in Brooklyn to catch the shuttle, at Borough Hall. I arrived at 12:00 and the bus arrived at 12:36. Your sign says every 20 minutes. We loaded the bus and the bus was hot no air cond. the driver was a white man with a mustache. When we arrived there were several buses just there not loading or going. I had a good experience shopping, I found everything I wanted at very good prices. Had a delicious lunch. I spent about $140 dollars. Got on a smaller shuttle when leaving the store this time a fat black man was the driver. the bus was full and he blasted Caribbean music from the radio.I asked him to turn it down and for the rest of the ride I was told I was depriving all the rest of the people the pleasure of listening to his music. His tyrant never stopped.
you obviously have contracted out this shuttle service to another company. All the positive experience that I had in the store and the restaurant was ruined by my bad shuttle experiences.
i reported the problem to the store but never heard from anyone.
I will think twice and probably not go back to Brooklyn unless I have a car. Your shuttle service is not reliable and the drivers are rude and abusive. And the last driver did not have his seat belt on and was a cowboy in his driving probably since he was so angry about his music.
movingblues May 5, 2010
Return Policy
I am so frustrated because I bought some very expensive furniture for my new house from IKEA last week. When I went to assemble the new furniture I realized the room that I wanted to put the piece of furniture in was .5" to short for it to fit. With the craziness of moving I have misplaced the receipt. I am so upset because I always keep good track of my receipts. Without a receipt I can't even return or exchange an UNOPENED IKEA piece of furniture. How ridiculous is that? Now, I have try and sell a piece of furniture that I picked out so I can afford to buy another one that fits. IKEA please reconsider your exchange policy.
Masnu April 20, 2010
They are simply ridiculous
I bought the "tostarp" 5-light ceiling fixture. It was up only about a month before one of the vertical plastic rods used to secure the arms to the ceiling broke, as a result of reasonably gentle directional adjustment of one of the lamps. It snapped at its insertion in the metal crossbar. Those supports should be made of metal, not plastic.

"No problem, " I thought, "they have a 90 day return policy." But when I found my receipt, it stated that the last valid return date was 30 days after purchase; though the general return policy of 90 days was also printed, right below that. I suspect they know these things are crap.
Kapa March 8, 2010
Product sucks
I purchased an Ikea TROFAST extend-able bed for my 6-year-old son on Oct. 17th, 2009. 4 months later, my son told me that a long wood (bottom one) of a headboard dropped off from the headboard.

Since then, I found that the two major long woods of two headboards are seriously shrinking. In fact, the other pieces of wood of these two headboards are shrinking as well. They cannot support the bed at all now.

I sent these two headboards back to the store on March 1st, 2010. The store manager, "Dan", apologized for the serious quality problem, but refused to do anything with the problem, saying that it has been passing 90 days of return policy.

This product is 100% inferior, with serious quality problem. I believe that this same product will have the problem happening to other kids. However, IKEA did not even pay attention on this issue even thought it can kill little children.

IKEA products suck, and their services are even worse!
Emilio February 19, 2010
Awful business practices
I have just had the most unpleasant experience in your store. We purchased a total of three Poang chairs from your store over the last year. The most recent three weeks ago. We kept the receipt and the box for that one. Yesterday, one of the other chairs delaminated on the right-side and split apart. We packed it in the box and brought it to the store for exchange. Your CSR, Kumar, after looking at it, said it was used and that the receipt and box were not for that chair. Absolutely true, but it was for the same type chair, which you advertise carries a 25 year warranty against defective material or workmanship according to your website. No one disputes it is your product only that the paperwork and the box are not the original. Since when does the box have anything to do with the defective product? Your employee seemed to imply that we were trying to steal something in some way. What we were trying to exchange a defective chair for a new one.

He stated he wouldn't accept the chair and that WE had to remove it from the store. I left it in a cart out front. We had planned to buy a $149 wardrobe after exchanging the broken $60 chair. Needless to say we did not, nor will we shop with you again. So this poor treatment has cost you $149 in sales in the near term, I have called my daughter and suggested she not shop there and I will encourage my friends not to do so either. Monday I will call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. Hopefully knowledge about your business practices will either force you to improve them or at least cost you dearly.
Belor63 February 15, 2010
IKEA practices deceptive advertising
They advertised a stock pot, regularly $40 for $10. One per household, while supplies last. Store opens at 10 AM - they offered free breakfast between 9 - 10 AM so I got there about 9:30. I noticed they were giving something out at door, looked like a flyer about the breakfast but I already had the ad from Sunday paper. Had breakfast, then waited in the line to get in store. 10 AM I enter and look for stock pot. None in the kitchen supply area. The other item I was looking for from the ad was there and I got my limit. Someone said you had to have a coupon to get the stockpot and they were up by the checkout counters. Strange I thought. The paper ad nor the TV ad say anything about a coupon or first so many customers. I go to checkout and see the stockpots being held hostage on the far left wall by the clerks. They would not sell me one without the coupon they gave out before the store opened. I had to make a scene but I got my stockpot ("someone gave their coupon up"). IKEA practices deceptive advertising and I will not let one of their ads lure me back to their store again.
Bbbad January 28, 2010
Will never buy anything from them again
I bought book shelf at IKEA for $100. and since it was my 1st time in one of their stores I looked at many things and thought after I experienced putting the book shelf together and finding out how easy it was I would go back to the store the following day and buy a dining room set, which was a little pricy, but I like the way it looked. I passed by the book shelf I had bought and noticed it was $30. less because it was on sale. I went to customer service and encountered a very rude & sarcastic woman who said she was the manager. She told me she would not refund the difference. I asked her if I brought back my receipt the following day would she then adjust the price? She became even more sarcastic & rude so I left. I went back the next day and showed her my receipt. She laughed and said that item isn't on sale today, when just the day before it was. I went and looked at the item and she had removed the sale tag. I sent all the information to IKEA Customer Service, but they did bother replying. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM IKEA AGAIN.
LeoP88 January 19, 2010
Confusing advertising
I made a trip to IKEA specially to buy a special offer cabinet, when i got there I took an aluminum colored one, but the cashier told me that one was not in sale, only the white ones, I couldn't find that remark in the advertising I received and the cashier was very rude and he told me they were out of stock already (it was 11 am in the morning, how cuould that happen??!!)

I WAS PISSED and left all of the other stuff I was going to buy..! I guess that't their trick they advertise very good deals, but suddenly they are "out of stock" and you end up buying all other stuff you really didn't go there for.
Apillo January 14, 2010
Terrible company
I tried to retun a chair today on Nov 8, 08 at Ikea covina. I was at the customer service. The customer svc representative said it was opened box and took my item and went to back room and said he has to inspect it. And it took him about half and hour. Finally, he came with the chair assembled and told me nothing wrong with it.

It looks sturdy to him. And he won't issue the refund because it was assembled. But the item was opened for seeing but never installed or used. But it is ridiculous because he assembled it, of course, it is assembled and considered to be his definition "Used" and against the store return policy. So, I asked for customer service manager. There was a young girl came out and I recalled her name is Shiela, and she is the person in charge there which I doubted. And she said she could do us favor and grant me 70% of the original value store credit. I refuse because I won't shop again at this store. I tried to take some pics there so, I might be able to post on the net to share my experiences. But she was trying to take my camera away. I told her that you better not to touch me. I was totally disgruntled! Bad Service! Unbelievable & Amazing! Never See this kind of customer service In USA. And customer service will risk their company reputation or facing possibilites of violating a consumers's right for a $ 50 merchandise.
Tumbo January 5, 2010
Misleading their customers
I had the same problem. I bought a foam mattress from Ikea after I asked the lady responsible of that division about their return policy. She said clearly that it is 90 days if you are not satisfied “Satisfaction Quarentie”. I tried to return the mattress after 10 days since it was a vey bad quality and they had the following excuses:

I am returning a used mattress. Which I couldn’t be satisfied if I don’t try it. I am not returning the mattress in its original package. There is no ways I can package the mattress again in its original package. The packaging they have is designed not to be reused. Then they took the mattress to their warehouse to inspected, and they mentioned that it has a stain and they can not take it back. Of course, I couldn’t go with them and probably, if there is any stain, it would be from their dirty floor.

I will never shop in Ikea again since they are misleading their consumers about the return policy, so they can sell their products.

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