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Indane Gas

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Indane Gas Reviews

kpgairola July 20, 2010
Gas not delivered
My consumer no. is 29474 with Domestic Gas Service, Lucknow an IOC dealer for Indane Gas. Booking was done telephonically on 12.07.2010 vide no. 4983 but the gas has not been delivered by the dealer till today i.e. 20.07.2010 . I am fed up with the services of this dealer. Will IOC do something about it?

K.P. Gairola
Mobile : 9452527991
B. Somasundaram July 1, 2010
Not responding to service compalints
When we tried to replace the empty cylinder with the new refill which was delivered by the Gas Agency a couple of weeks back, there was too much pressure and and gas leackage was found. Immediately we replaced the cap and registered a complaint with the Indane Gas Distributor, M/s. MJV Indane Gas Agency, Ambattur Indl. Estate, Chennai-58, who has delivered the cylinder to me and I asked them to come by 5.00 pm on 28th June 2010. We could not reach home by 5.00 pm on that day and the Mechanic came sharp by 5.00 pm and went back saying door closed. The next day we took leave and waited for the meachanic duly infoming the Agency. To our surprise he did not come on 29th June. Again I requested on 30th June and took leave on that day also and waited for the mechanic who has again not turned up on 30th also.

I am using Indane Gas for the past 25 years and I had neve got this kind of response from any of the Indane Distributors in the past. This is my 3rd Distributor. My consumer No.2947 with the distributor.

Considering the nature of the compalint, I request that serious action has to be taken against this Distributor.

Please acknowledge receipt of this complaint and confirm.
veeru sharma June 21, 2010
refilling gas
iam veeru sharma from ganj basoda dis, vidisha M.P india complain for gas owner
agency name 'basoda gas agency'reffling of gas is very poor distributers of gas cylenders are under age of15years there are not at all manage any service for costumers please take suitable action .
Satoko Chatterjee June 21, 2010
Dealer closed office,no supply
I have gas connection from Indane card serial no 0006143, my distributor was United novelties
of Chandannagar[dist no 99210567.
Suddenly they have closed their office and i do not know who will supply gas cylinders to me any longer as no information was given.
Who should i contact to confirm id of new dealer?
Satoko Chatterjee June 21, 2010
Dealer closed office,no supply
I have gas connection from Indane card serial no 0006143, my distributor was United novelties
of Chandannagar[dist no 99210567.
Suddenly they have closed their office and i do not know who will supply gas cylinders to me any longer as no information was given.
Who should i contact to confirm id of new dealer?
Vaswati Mondal June 3, 2010
abnormal delay in supply

Last month (11.05.10), I had booked a cyllinder with Banagar Gas Service. My consumer number is 188798. Till date, the same is not delivered to me. though the delivery man come regularly to our area and refuses to give the cylinder. When I went to the agency to enquire about it, the staff had used filthy language against me. I request you to please look into the issue.
kuheli4ever May 28, 2010
Customer Harassment & Cylinder not being delivered

Sub.: Gas Consumer No.N-76924 - Ananth Gas Agencies,
Indane Gas Distributors,
Near HAL Hospital
Bangalore 560017

I had booked my cyinder more than a month back & had catergorically instructed the distributors to deliver the cylinder on a Saturday as we are not available on weekdays.
But inspite of that, the cylinder was not delivered & when I called up they said that they would be delivering it by 12 PM today(i.e 27th May 2010).
After waiting till 12:45 PM, I called up the agency & they said in a very rude tone that the cylinder can be delivered at any time & I need to stay at home to collect it.
Then they suddenly hung up the call & thereafter did not pick up the call inspite of calling them repeatedly.
So is this the type of service we expect & receive from the registered distributors of companies like Indane?
Moreover I also got to hear a lot of complaints from other consumers for this particular GAS AGENCY.
As per my knowledge there are lots of guidelines that needs to be followed for a company to become a registered distributor of INDANE & one such is Customer Service.
So I would request INDANE to take appropiate action against this agency so that they improve their behavior towards the customer & in turn keep the image of INDANE untarnished.
Siddharth Ranjan May 26, 2010
Gross delinquency of the dealer
I am CA Siddharth Ranjan, a consumer of Indane Gas, bearing Consumer no KLG 18847. My dealer is Kleen gas, # 26 (SCR) Kharvel Nagar, unit- III, Bhubaneswar .

Till date, since obtaining the consumer card one year back, I have taken only 4 (four) Gas cylinders from the above named dealer and on all four occasions I had to personally visit their office and plead before them- personally- to get the cylinders.

At their office I saw- in their computer- that about 10 booking have been made in my name and all those have been delivered!

To appear concerned they have made provisions of multiple telephone numbers and also a cell number where one can make reservations through SMS.

They frustrate genuine consumers, like me, in the following manner:
1. It’s virtually impossible to reach to one of their customer care executives as all the numbers provided by them remain perpetually busy or the calls are not attended despite the telephone ringing for a very long time. Even if you are fortunate enough to reach to one of their representatives the curt answers and tendency to evade or lie leaves no other alternative but to visit them personally.
2. As fraudulent reservations are made, from their side, the computer system automatically rejects genuine cylinder booking requests sent through SMS. For the system may have been programmed to send an automatic SMS intimating the rejection of the booking if a booking has already been made with in 10/15 day. Though the genuine consumer may have taken the last delivery a month back; now owing to the fraudulent booking/ delivery at the dealer’s end the genuine booking of the genuine consumer meets with this rejection. Now also he is left with no other option but to go personally and plead his case as he can not talk to them over the phone.
3. Personal visits cost a lot of opportunity cost so one would not be able to run after them every time and they benefit by this.
Rampant illegal use of subsidized cooking gas at commercial establishments like hotels etc and increasing use of the same in cars and autos has put an enormous pressure on this subsidized product.
Ready availability of cooking gas in the black market and their wide illegal use points out that a lot of people are involved in this. It’s no surprise that all the complaints yield no redressed or just cosmetic reprieves, in the form of expeditious allocation of a cylinder to the complaint after a few personal visits to the dealers place.

A realistic solution would be to do away with the subsidy; for the genuine consumers anyway pay up the extra money and only the black market and the enforcement officers are benefiting at the expense of revenue!
Brij May 26, 2010
Refill cylinder not provided
When trying to apply for the refill (extra) GAS cylinder, we are not provided with it and asked the agency says they are not providing it and later got to know that they are selling it in black (at extra cost). Its not astonishing that INDIA is a corrupt place. Only problem is not getting correct source. Can you help me out in getting refill cylinder...
arvind kr choudhary May 14, 2010
weight loss cylinder
Dear sir/mam
i am arvind kumar choudhary, D-2nd/44, madangir, new delhi-110062, my phone no. is-9650224651, i have complaint aginst maheshwari gas service becuz i book my cylinder dated on-1st may 2010, he delever me deted on 6th may2010 but i refuse the accpet the cylinder due to allmost 2nd half kg less then he promiss me today eving i change ur cyl.untill today i complaint so many time to costmer care and also visit every day to mahehaswari gas service but till now no one can change my cylinder then i don't hav'e any opation after that i write to you this mail
my complaint no. is 55966 .
i need soluation as soon as possable
thanks with regards
cust no.-----18757
my add.is--D-2nd/44, madangir, nd110062
my cell no is----9650224651

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