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88 The Mount York North Yorkshire, York, United States, YO24 1AR

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Interior Design Reviews

plbltd June 10, 2019
It’s time to get your visitors talking.

What do you want them to say when they describe their trip to your museum or attraction? How do you want them to feel?

Let us help you to evoke the stories, the emotions and the connections that will create a deep and lasting impression.

With a wealth of experience in interpretation and design, our specialist team will work with you to bring your vision to life. We’ll look at the big picture, the stories and connections. We also love to focus on those small details that really capture the imagination and tell the story for you.

We will develop the design concepts with you to ensure the stories work in harmony with the flow of your space, so your visitors almost feel the presence of the past as they explore what it means to them today.

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