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Janet Harson

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daveUK January 21, 2012
She looks very convincing
Hello All, I have received lots of emails for Janet Harson, recently I received an email stating my where abouts which was very shocking. I am originally form UK but 2 months back moved to Sweden and she emailed me with my where abouts. I dont know if she is right but please advice. THanks, Davve
Bella2011 June 17, 2011
I kept getting emails from Janet Harson. Her emails sounded so convincing that I placed an order for her astrology forecasting.
I made a payment. I waited for her report which was supposed to be sent to me via email. It never came. I sent her emails asking for the status of my order and cancellation. I've never gotten any replies. Obviously this is a scam. Don't fall for it!!
zule June 7, 2011
non fulfuling the order
On May 28 2011 15:46:25 (UTC/GMT) Merchant URL www.jh-mind.com
Merchant identifier 048296704900016 Order Reference 174506 Order I
paid Total US$ 11.50 for a "reading" from Janet Harson.. I have not
received any readings for the monies spent as yet.What should I do,
janet ji kindly make arragement of my life reading.
janet ji this wrong please send my readings If you dont make
arrangement quickly it will give your bad image
Gabriel Bestbier May 6, 2011
Non-delivery after payment
I've paid her on 29 april and was promised a reading within 3 days. None arrived yet - its 6 May. See all the other complaints. Why is she still allowed to do business?
CorneliaJ September 14, 2010
Janet Harson or Jh-mind.com plagiarizes websites, my personal horoscopes, and sells computer reports as though they were personal readings. The owner of Janet Harson jh-mind.com has been plagiarizing my website (Horoscopes Within) for months. I am NOT affiliated with this person/company, nor do they have permission to use my forecasts. www.Jh-Mind.com server is located in Massy, A8, France on IP address You can google the IP address to see the other websites that are owned by whoever this is.
rbrev September 7, 2010
I see she has a pattern. I also paid for a report and received a lot of mumbo jumbo that did not make any sense. Also, I replied back to her stating that she did not send me ewhat I requested of course no reply.

Never again... I fell so stupid !!!
MidNiteBleu June 14, 2010
rip off
she ripped me off. got payment and never heard from her again. Then today I recieved another e-mail from her soliciting AGAIN!! Can't some one do anything to her to put her out of business??????????????
samc0101 February 19, 2010

This person Janet Harson has been pestering me with her emails for many months. Recently 2 days back decided to give her a chance and paid $14.90 thru my paypal a/c for my astral reading. As per her terms i was supposed to receive my reading within 48 hours, nothing happened.
I guess i have been cheated and she's a fraud. Please take necessary action against her so that others doesn't fall prey to her like me. Attached herewith is the screenshot of my payment transaction for your reference.

sd50 November 27, 2009
fake and fraud
this lady sends emails every day and one was very convincing so I reluctantly ordered the report on 11/18/2009. my bank account was drafted 11/20/2009. It is 11/26/2009 and I have yet to get my report. She doesn't respond to emails either. I am thankful on this special day that I only lost 26.90.
AbrilAmanda October 24, 2009
October 24th., 2009

This fraud woman, Janet Harson, is constantly e mailing me with her offers and they sound very convincing that you should order her forecast. I finally ordered her report, paid for it and never got it.
My account has been charged for something I have not received. This woman is a total con woman and scammer. Ignore and delete her emails..

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