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jixhostscamalert June 18, 2011
Terible the worst hosting ever they took over $2000 of my creditcard beware people they are real bad scammers beware jixhost.com the owner jose is a criminal and has been in prision for credit card fruad before. NEVER HOST WITH JIXHOST.COM THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!
James007AAA May 12, 2011
Their service is wonderful and performance is great. I would recommend jixhost to anyone.
Their service is wonderful and performance is great. I would recommend jixhost to anyone. They are probably one of the few RELIABLE alpha sellers around.
BarryH1971 May 11, 2011
Jixhost is the best hosting that i ever had, i find them at the recommendation of a friend of mine !
Jixhost is the best hosting that i ever had, i find them at the recommendation of a friend of mine ! The uptime is very good until now it was 100% they have announced the one time downtime so far (1-2 hours at midnight) by mail ! The support is sometimes slow BUT EFFICIENT ! 24/7 additional online support provided ! I think they are providing best prices on market ! NO PROBLEM ! Who says that JixHost is a bad company is WRONG ! THANKS JIXHOST FOR PROVIDING US WITH BEST HOSTING SOLUTIONS [...]
Gerry19688 May 10, 2011
Jixhost is better then more expensive hosts Ive used
Hello, I am giving my review because I feel they have been excellent in taking care of me and my websites. They are the best hosting company I have used and they are cheap. I use WordPress and do not have any issues. I recommend jixhost and will continue to use them. Thank you, Gerry
Jose777 May 10, 2011
The negative reviews below are done by the same person, on the same day.
The negative reviews were done by the same person on the same day as an attempt to extort JixHost for funds. JixHost has an excellent reputation in the hosting industry.
johnphil123 April 13, 2011
jixhost are not to be trusted
I have been a Detective for 35 years and never saw such a slimy bunch of thieves — Remember jixhost.com – THEY ARE ALL THE SAME COMPANY." THE OWNER jose is a KIDDY FIDDLER
crazyfrog April 13, 2011
Never host with jixhost.com they are not to be trusted ever
I set up a hosting account with them set up payments via my credit card and after 2 months my account was closed and suddenly they had taken over $2000 of my credit card, the police are investigating this now they have tracked the charges to jixhost.com and will be makeing charges of internet fraud soon. I just want people to be aware this company jixhost.com steal credit card info and take money from your card with out your permission so look out for jixhost people.
bobthebuilder April 13, 2011
Jixhost cheated me as well
I bought a alpha reseller account from them and as soon as I had paid for 6 months in advance they closed my account down and stole my money as well... Look out for jixhost.com people they are complete scammers... the owner jose is just a yellow coward, stealing from people from behind a computer as he is so brave I bet he gets that from his yellow belly father people never host with jixhost.com they are scammers
dmnbuilding April 13, 2011
Yes I agree I was also scammed by jixhost.com
I hosted my site with them first month ws ok then when i paid the next 4 months in advance suddenly they closed my account down and that jose guy who clearly owns the company said he can do what ever he likes and there is nothing I can do about it... I want everyone to know what scammers jixhost.com are they will steal your money people so please never host with them
dmnbuilding April 13, 2011
Jixhost.com are scammers they steal your money and then make up lies about your website as there reason for taking your money and close your account down I advise everyone not to host with jixhost.com as they will steal your money the owner jose has also just got out of prison for credit card fraud so make sure not to use your credit card on his phishing scammer site jixhost.com he will surely have your credit card number and steal money from it.... Look out everyone jixhost.com are scammers

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