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Julia Seniw Property Manager/Owner

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15729 Pine Lake, Sedalia, Colorado, United States


Julia Seniw Property Manager/Owner Reviews

BethD March 31, 2020
FRAUD by Julia Seniw
Despite a global pandemic and the inability to travel, Julia Seniw will not refund our deposit to stay in her downtown Denver, CO, condo. We initially booked through Air BnB, but she emailed that there was a glitch in their system and her place could only be rented for a month at a time, not a weekend. She said that she would be charged if she cancelled our reservation, but asked us to cancel it and then rebook directly with her. I know that Air BnB warns against doing this, so we did open ourselves up to be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous person like Julia. Even so, Air BnB is providing refunds, so it would logically follow that Julia Seniw would too. When I kindly emailed her to refund the deposit, she declined the Venmo request--no note as to why, just took our $275 deposit and vanished. I tried reaching out to her via Air BnB, but again, no response. She is a huckster, and I would NOT recommend booking anything with her.
Concerned Party July 14, 2010
Beware VRBO# 162859 "PIKES PEAK RETREAT" outside Woodland Park in the Colorado Springs area. Julia & Anthony Seniw are the owners. This is also listed on VIRTUALLY EVERY VACATION BY OWNER SITE and appears regularly in several Craigs Listings.

Long story short...They will KEEP YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT and they misrepresent their properties. I have filed a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General's office. I am not the only VICTIM of JULIA SENIW. Please beware.

The pictures and posting are purposefully deceptive to the point of fraud. The lake refered to is not accessible by people staying in the cabin - it is a private lake, private to the people that live on it. You CANNOT ride ATVs from the property like she will tell you. The house is falling apart, loose railings, no wood floors under the couch, the large deck is "out of order" because it is rotting, the basement stairs feel like you are going to fall thru them.

She has tenants dumping their trash at one of two locations in Woodland Park (the Laundry Mat & an Apartment Complex). These places have no idea who JULIA SENIW is. The addresses of these locations in the contract. There is a $250 fee imposed if the trash is not removed. This is outrageous!!

Julia Seniw and her husband filed a claim with the Douglas County Assessors office in May 2010 to lower their property taxes stating the property was not built to code and was deteriorating. This property should not even be rented.

The owner is Julia Seniw and she has at least 2 other substandard "vacation rentals" listed in Colorado under literally all of the "vacation by owner" sites. You can spot her listings by all the CAPITAL LETTERS. She is a liar and a fraud and has done this to many people!

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