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Keranique Reviews

hailey_rose1 January 11, 2014
Five Stars Yet Because I Just Started Using It-Will Reserve Judgement
I only started using Keranique a few days ago so I cannot say anything positive or negative yet. I will say that I was smart enough to read reviews but to order the product and find out for myself. Not every product works the same for everyone. Also, since all these reviewers have access to the internet, I wonder why they telephoned and gave out their credit card information over the phone? I would NEVER do that. I made my purchase, without a stipulation for future shipments at Dermstore.com. I was not charged anything for shipping, and also received generous sized samples of other products for sale at Dermstore. When I have used my first month's bottle of the product, I will return and give another review about my experience with the product, NOT the shipping charges or rude CSR's an the phone. I wonder that some of you bothered to even try it. It sounds like most reviewers had little to no experience with actual use of it, but were ticked off about the price and the shipping.
clmorgan June 9, 2013
Wish I could give this product minus 10 stars, DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!
This product is HORRIBLE! I wish I could give it minus 10 stars. DOES NOT WORK! And it cost $175 for two months supply. I called customer service to return the product and cancel future shipments, the lady was horribly rude. You can buy the same thing at discount store for about $12. DO NOT BUY!!!!!! I canceled my credit card so they won't be getting anymore money from me.
arianna_one October 21, 2012
Glad I read reviews.
Thanks so much to all of you who posted your horrendous experiences with this fraudulent company. It's folks like you who protect the rest of us and you are greatly appreciated!
AW69 June 27, 2012
Glad I checked into it!
I am a sad user of Nioxin...It has changed hands to being produced in Mexico and is not the same. I am in search for something new. Rather than taking a chance on Keranique's free offer, I decided to check out real reviews online. I am glad I did. Thanks for sharing.
hapngirl May 10, 2012
Thankful for the reviews.
I saw this commmercial on TV. and Went to internet for information on the products. So thankful I did cause it save me a nightmares worth of trouble. I had been caught up in one of these company scams befor to the tune of over $250.00 so now I investagate. Thanks for the review page.
BB May 5, 2012
wish I had read this
I too was harassed with the additional offers and hung up. I immediately called my credit card and I will call the company to cancel as soon as I get the first order then I will change my credit card number. This taught me , I will never order off the TV withoutout checking the internet first. BB
JennBRotureau March 11, 2012
Review of Keranique
Whew! Am I glad I found these reviews. I just saw the advertisement for the Keranique I was thinking this could possibly be a good product for my thinning hair. NOT!!! After reading these reviews there is NO WAY will I even consider this products Thank you for having these reviews! Jennifer Rotureau
Wildcat2 February 13, 2012
I received this product and was immediately dissatisfied. Within days my hair was very dry and brittle. By the end of the week my hair had broken off. I called to return the product and got caught in another scam which was to let them send me their return postage for $6.95. I never got the postage by email or mail. Then after getting the run around for about two weeks, I decided to go to the post office to send it back myself. I made sure to get a return receipt from my post office because things seemed too fishy. Once I got notification they had received back their product, I thought it was all over....but I was wrong!!! I looked at my bank account and noticed they had charged me $79.95. Thank God it was not my primary account but it was an account that I kept little money in so needless to say, it became negative. Although it was clearly their mistake, they gave me the run around they will have to research with their finance department on whether or not I would get the overdraft amount back. I really do not care it was less than $35....but it's my money and it' the principle of the whole matter. Please do not try this product or give out your credit card. I would not want my worst enemy to go through what I have been through these past couple of months. Tell all of your family and friends not to get caught up in the lies from the commercials. You will lose hair, money, and time.
suspiciousII February 4, 2012
Glad I read the reviews
Glad I read the reviews before making the call. I, like all of you, am always suspicious when a company does not reveal the cost of shipping and handling for trying out a product. This company should be reported to whatever agency oversees businesses that advertise one thing and do another.
Fairisetta Smith Johnson July 11, 2011
I paid the 7.95 cents for my first order and called to cancel any future orders but they claim to have sent "several" to my adress. I received one box that I assumed was a simple error on their part and sent it back using my credit card to pay to have their product sent back and they took 80.00 out my account any way and I was told that They would contiue to debit my card until all orders were paid even though I informed them that I had only received one, which I mailed back at my expense.

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