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Shidong Wang October 7, 2010
request the finacial compensation for miss items
My name is Shidong Wang, my missing luggage No. is PVGLH34548.Now I would like to write something to you all about my miss luggage when I traveled by Lufthansa plane for Lufthansa China and Lufthansa Shanghai reject to give finacial compensation for my loss, details as beneath:
I traveled by Lufthansa plane flight No.LH4757 from Lundon to Munich Germany on 10th Sep 2010 local time pm 14:55, then from Munich to Shanghai arrived at pm 11th Sep( Peking time) with the flight No. LH726.Then I was told by the airport employee that my luggage hasn’t arrived by the same air line. So I told all the details about my luggage to that person.
In the following week I phoned Pudong airport for several time and everytime I was told they didn’t know where the luggage was. And no active phone from airport was received except for one phone informing me the luggage hasn’t been found temporarily. One thing surprised me most was that no apology phone was made by the airline company during this course. My six sense told me something had been happen to my luggage during the anxiously waiting, so I listed out all the items inside the luggage then e-mailed and faxed to Pudong airport and Lufthansa on 15th Sep. The next day I phone to Lufthansa again and was been told there’s one similar luggage in Lundon and would be sent to Shanghai on 17th Sep.Who can tell me why it took so much time to find it. When I arrived at Pudong airport I have listed all the items inside the missing luggage including the description of the suitcase. Should we call it the high working efficiency of the developed country and the experience of advanced management.
At noon of 17th Sep the Pudong airport sent my suitcase back via express company. When I opened the suitcase together with the deliver(I myself unlock lock button). What a mess! When I opened my wife’s gift – a cartier watch box. Oh my god! The watch has flied while leaving the empty box only. I remembered clearly I have checked it before I passed it to the baggage center. But now it was missing .It is a brand new Cartier female watch Ronde Solo W6700155,€1730.I bought it in Paris on 6th Sep.After finishing checking I also found a packer of Chinese tobacco is missing. So I reported the incident to the police immediately. Then the Police registered the file and the deliver of the express company certificated the whole course of suitcase opening and checking. (Formal approval and photo could be provided)
I traveled by your plane in the whole Europe trip for I holds a favorable impression on germany company’s rigorous before this issue happened. I remembered clearly at the Lundon airport your clerk of baggage center who yawned all the time. It’s hard to image your rigorous process leads to my loss.
And the most angrily thing is the customer service agent’s answer when I reflect the whole luggage missing thing to her via tel No. 021-68345588.The lady who answered the phone said it’s not your fault, finacial compensation would never be given to valuables. My god! Is that my fault to leave it along in Lundon. Is that my fault to let the thief wore my watch and smoke Chinese tobacco. Is that my fault to let the thief at large, then there would be second victim, third one…….So much questions, how dare you say it’s not your fault. How dare you think you should never be responsible for that??????
Here I strongly asked Lufthansa to give finacial compensation at the same time the formal apology and reason explaination should be given. If your company does not act, then I will reflect to the relevant departments and the media in order to protect my interests.I think a responsible multinational airline company, would never turn a deaf ear to client appeal and would never turn a blind eye to client real benefit. Hope you would give me a satisfying feedback, ths!

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