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C Crouthamel June 30, 2011
Customer Service
I ordered ( 5) 5 gal of the Bostik MVP4 moisture barrier on 6/07/2011 and was told by the saleman that the order would take less than two weeks. After two weeks and no product received they have one excuse after another why the product is delayed.
Called corporate office and was told it would be at least 7/07/2011 for it to arrive due to back orders and they do not guarantee dates of delivery.
Corrin Gee June 11, 2011
Defective Product, Poor Customer Service
Buyer Beware! Defective Products, Worst Customer Service, Fraudulent Actions and Charges. I purchased (first quality “not seconds”/”odd lot”) engineered flooring on 4/14/2011. My credit card was charged in full on that same day. They did not have the product to ship yet they fraudulently did not communicate that to me. I was never alerted when it was shipped to the store. It was only after yet another complaint that I found out 6 weeks after my purchase that it had finally shipped to the store. There was no statement or communication that it was not in stock or that they would not be shipping the product. I checked my status on the website repeatedly and it read “Partially Processed.” I routinely complained and asked when I would receive shipment since they had already charged my credit card in full. Of course I could not cancel my order because they had already charged my card.
Next, we picked up our order at the store and when we complained that the box looked like “odd lot” pieces, was not full nor looked like 30 square feet, we were told, “what do you expect this is not Home Depot.” After loading the wood and driving 40 minutes back home, unloading the wood, we opened the first box. Piece after piece was clearly marked by the manufacturer inspector as rejects. The manufacturer had marked a large “c” and long lines on each piece of wood noting the many defects. These included holes, large gashes, uneven coloring and mismatching grooves. I immediately called and demanded a refund. I was told this is normal and to open the second box, which of course had the same clearly marked inspection rejects. I called again and demanded a refund and advised them to pick up this wood immediately. I am still arguing with a very highly trained Customer Service Staff who are scripted to change the subject and state that it is your fault and manufacturer rejects are what is to be expected. Customer Service provides no assistance in resolving the complaint. In fact, they lie and you end up wasting even more time as they try to blame you. I now realize I am not going to get anywhere with them. They are trained NOT to process your claim and delay the matter so that after 30 days and you prove you have defective products, they can charge you a 20% restock fee.
I have wasted so much time since 4/14/2011 on this fraudulent company. They should not be allowed to do business as is documented by all the complaints on the web. I am going to the Attorney General next to demand they take action against this nationwide company who markets on the web, mails catalogs and fliers to your home and also employs salesman to call you.
DIY Home Builder May 10, 2011
Deceptive Sales Practices
The sales representative at the store indicated that they would accept returns on excess sale material as long as it was still in the box and in good shape. After I finished the project, which looks good, I returned an unopened box only to be told by the Asst Store Manager that they do not accept returns on sale items, or laminate flooring at all. He acknowledged that the original sales representative had lied about the return policy, but he refused to offer anything but store credit, which will not do me any good because I will not do business with this dishonest company again.
carlachicago April 27, 2011
inferior product/not honoring warranty
Complaint Description:
On July 9 2009, I purchased Schon Quic Clic Carbonized Strand Bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators (LLI) for $5000. Installation was $2000. After months of comparative shopping, the sales rep had convinced me that this was the best product for high rise living. It was 10X stronger than the teak wood I had previously decided upon, it installed well over concrete floors and it had a 30 year warranty. I asked if there was any problem installing it during the summer, due to the extreme weather and was told that I only needed to have the wood delivered 3 days before installation so that it could acclimate. When I inquired whether I needed to have the air conditioning on or off, I was specifically informed that the product worked well in a wide range of temperatures. Within 18 months, the surface of the bamboo flooring began to raise and crack on 40% of the installation. I called LLI and there acted very concerned. I mailed then a disclosure statement and photos on January 5, 2011. They sent an independent inspector from All Flooring Inspections, who noted the cracking throughout my home, including on the extra wood, still in the original packaging, which had not been installed. LLI sent me a letter on March 2, which states, "Cracking is indicative of the wood reacting to its environment. Future cracking can be managed by maintaining correct environmental controls. Temperature should be maintained at 60º to 80º and humidity 35% to 55% during installation and throughout the life of the floor." This is what is stated on the Schon warranty, which LLI sent with their letter. LLI also states that they "will take no additional action regarding this matter as this is not a warrantable claim." When this product was recommended to me for my condo, I was specifically told how well it would work in a high rise. Even if I were never to open my windows or the door to my balcony, it is impossible to control the temperature in a high rise, much less the humidity, because there are vents in the kitchen and bathrooms that circulate the air throughout the building. During the winter when the heat is on, the humidity is much less than 35%. In the summer, the average relative humidity in Chicago is more than 70%. If the conditions of the warranty can never be met in Chicago, should the sales rep suggest this product and tell you that it is a better choice than wood? Hoping to spread the word to prevent others from making the same mistake.
NYPDWife April 2, 2011
Bad Flooring
Recently I purchased a floor from Lumber Liquidators. When I was looking at the floors trying to determine which one to purchase for my newly renovated kitchen, a salesman approached my husband and I. We explained to him that we were looking to purchase a laminate floor for our kitchen. We were looking for a cherry wood but wanted the most durable floor for a kitchen, The salesman showed us a beautiful floor, it was resonably priced. We asked him if it was durable enough for the traffic in the kitchen, and he told us that it was fine for a kitchen. Taking their word for it, we purchased the floor. My parents purchased a floor from them a few months prior and had a great experience with them, so I trusted them.

My husband had installed five laminate floors prior to this one. As soon as the installation started the trouble BEGAN!!! The lock and groove on the floor was terrible and by far was that hardest floor my husband installed. Once the floor was down we started noticing dents, scratches, and scuffs. The floor wasn't down one day and it looked as if it was down for years. Being that LL made us believe that we had a warranty I called customer Service. They are the absolute worse Customer Service team ever!!! I called and explained my problem. I explained that I was not happy about being mislead to believe that the floor was adequate enough to be installed in a kitchen. I was told that the warranty only covers sun damage!!! Are you kidding, SUN DAMAGE? What floor gets ruined from the sun. They also told me that they would send me something that I could apply to floor to hide the scartches. Its been two months and I recieved NOTHING!!!

I will be writing a letter to the manager and if I get no where with him I am getting an attorney. We work hard for our money and I don't appreciate being mislead to purchase a crappy floor for my kitchen.
kellim March 7, 2011
Awful customer service
After spending close to $10k on our floors, they quickly detoriated to 'cupping' and actually splitting in half!! After numerous attempts to lumber Liquidators customer service, I was totally brushed off and they even accused me that I caused the problem!! Not the case, I used an installer that the local Austin shop recommended. Their final communication to me was so tasteless. We need to ensure that this company no longer does business. This company must own up to their responsibilities and represent themselves with some dignity. Is there a class action law suit we all can participate?
maf07 February 8, 2011
No product
I ordered flooring in November of 2010 and we are now 3 months into the order and still no product! I have contacted Lumber Liquidators THREE TIMES and am told each time that "order times may vary" and to basically just deal with it. Do I have to wait 6 months to a YEAR to recieve an order from these people?

I placed an inquiry last week asking for a full refund or a substantial discount for not receiving the product in a timely manner. I still have received no response.
divad February 3, 2011
Lumber Liquidators, Oklahoma City, OK said to trowel down this Bostiks MVP4 moisture barrier; 5 gals x 2 = 333.98 and it would protect the wood floor from any ground moisture coming through the concrete slab. He promised to put in writing which I did not get. I had reservations about buying solid wood because of problems heard putting this floor on concrete. The sales guy Brandon Banks, assured me there would no problem if I used their moisture barrier. It failed after 2 months and the floors cupped and crowned in 2 places. It had no rained for months the ground was dry. Brenda A <brendaa@lumberliquidators.com> Customer Care II Lumber Liquidators, Inc. mailed a packet denying my claim because of slab moisture.
IJK January 31, 2011
Horrible customer service
We purchased approximately $2000 worth of their top of the lime 12mm dream home laminate flooring a couple of months ago for finishing our lower level. We had a highly rated and well respected contractor attempt to install this flooring. The contractor read the installation guide carefully and began the process. After two days of struggling with the flooring the contractor finally gave in and shared the problems with us.

Not only were the pieces not lining up properly they were't locking together in many instances despite numerous techniques and strategies. What's even worse is that of the first 12 boxes he opened, approximately 30 percent of the flooring pieces had blemishes, chips, inconsistent sizing, or other problems.

We contacted our local store and were very quick to blame our contractor for not installing it correctly. We explained what was happening - very carefully and kindly - they basically offered no guidance, sympathy, or assistance whatsoever.

We asked if someone could come and look at the flooring that we had attempted to install and they refused, stating it was not allowed.

So we, along with our contractor's help took blue painters tape, wrote on the tape specifically what was wrong with each piece and packed up over 2 boxes of problem pieces to show the. At the store once again they were quick to blame us before looking at the samples. We tried to be as nice as we could about it to get cooperation.

After practically begging for help and explaining that it was costing us over $600 each day for our contractor's lost time they said they could send in the sample pieces to their headquarters, and that the headquarters would be in contact in a couple of days.

After allowing a few days pass my husband called them. No response. After multiple calls he finally reached someone who said they would send out an independent assessor to our home. The assessor came out and validated our problems. He said he would file the report within 2 days and the headquarters would contact us.

It's now been a week. My husband has called and left 3 messages with our claims adjuster and, just like the other 12 times he tried to reach her, she never answers or calls back. My husband has spoken with a manager, several others at the customer service center and has sought help from our lock (Columbus, oh) location. No help. No ownership. And we have no hope of getting this resolved at this point.

We have thousands of dollars of this flooring sitting in boxes in our house - likely that a lot of it is faulty - and no answers, no assistance, and no idea what we can do about it. We have lost time and money as we wait. Yet Lumber Liquidators does seem to care in the least.

I work in the customer service business and have heard about and experienced poor service in the past. But this has been the worst. We are extremely frustrated and need this to be resolved.
Tommy l January 6, 2011
Sell defect products
We bought 1600sf Bellawood floor from Lumber Liquidators and installed it in our house. Right after the installation, my family started suffering irritated eyes, skin rash, and burning throat, respiratory stress. Indoor air testing showed the formaldehyde level was above 0.2ppm, which is 25 time higher than the normal level(0.008ppm). We have to move to other place to avoid exposure. The Lumber Liquidators and their insurance company Liberty Mutual kicked the ball back and forth, and made us a homeless for 8 months. I would like to tell other customers of Lumber Liquidators, if you are suffering some respirotary symptoms, check the Formaldehyde level in your house. If you are going to buy products from Lumber Liquidator, please think about my experience.

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