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McCart’s Auto Center

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Category: Automotive

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1228 Green Street SE, Conyers, Georgia, United States, 30012

Phone number: 770-483-0222

McCart’s Auto Center Reviews

mccartsautocenter February 19, 2020
McCart’s Auto Center
Why choose McCart’s? Here's why: we value quality over quantity. Instead of pushing as many cars as we can through the shop, we believe to stay in business we must retain our customers.In order to retain our customers we must provide the greatest customer satisfaction. We must spend the amount of time necessary to not only fix your car but confirm its fixed. Let's face it, it is already an inconvenience that you're having to find another way around while your car is in the shop, but it would be a bigger inconvenience to have to bring it back for a ""recheck"" because it wasn't repaired correctly the first time.

That's why at McCart's Auto Center we do the ""recheck"" before the car leaves the first time. Every repair made to your vehicle goes through multiple checks and re-checks before it's delivered back to you. Although these checks may cost you a small amount of extra time initially they are in place to save you more time in the long run. Every vehicle goes through an extensive test drive before coming into the shop. After the repairs it may be driven two to three times before it can be approved by our Quality Control Manager for delivery. We do this for the most important part of our business, you, the customer.

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