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Medconotright February 15, 2011
Billed and mailed for Drugs not wanted
Was 2010 a bad year for Medco? Did anyone else receive drugs or bills that Medco initiated? A friend said Medco sent them a bill for an error Medco made two years ago. What is going on with Medco? I was sent a drug I did not order. I have 90 pills of Nexium that I do not take. Between myself and my insurance company MEDCO collected over $450. Medco will not credit me my portion. I put in an appeal and am still waiting. I was told I would here this week. It's Friday and still nothing. Checked my account and no credit! The phone call I received last week said I would have an answer this week. They do not stand behind their words.
undercover boss January 19, 2011
What a lousey company...after 3 months of fighting for what I was promised, late getting my meds, lies about shipping overnight, co-pay issues. I was fed up to the max. If you need help on getting some relief I figured it out. David B. Snow is the president and c.e.o. of the company. 1-800-871-4633 mention his name to customer service resolutions. I delt with Marc Schenbart. 800-716-2924 ext. .2924 good luck. Undercover boss in mich.
Stacy January 13, 2011
No insulin delivery
I am a type 1 diabetic on the insulin pump. For 2 years medco has not been able to deliver my mail order to me on time. They lie to you with a different lie every time you call and call and leave messages that your prescription is coming or not coming send emails but nothing ever happens. This time I was so pissed when they told me to get a prescription again from my doctor for extra insulin from the drug store I told them no, get it right. So this time I have actually been without insulin for days.
Oppressed Consumer January 6, 2011
Incapable of getting anything right
Under three different health plans, Medco has been the mail order drug provider. I have never had a positive experience with them. Medco has managed to incorrectly process and invoice prescription orders 90% of the time. The problems have ranged from mailing prescriptions to the wrong address, canceling new orders with a valid doctor's prescription to invoicing the full balance when the account was setup for extended payments. In most circumstances, Medco has been unwilling to correct their mistakes which adversely affect me. I have had to go as long as a week without medication and had the entire balance of my account ($700+) debited from my account in error by Medco. It is unfortunate that the consumer is the one who is impacted without any recourse against Medco. Since Medco is the largest of only a small number of mail order drug companies, they are able to continue to provide an unacceptable level service because of no competition. If companies in other business sectors operated as poorly as Medco, they would be out of business.
HB2003 January 4, 2011
Medical negligence
Anyone who is thinking about joining Medco or just has, DO NOT. Get the heck away. These people are grossly negligent and are stupid. They will think nothing of witholding chronic medication, cancel prescriptions WITHOUT authorisation, or being instructed to do so, send whatever medications they feel like sending, EVEN IF NOT ORDERED. Precription medications are added and put on the online prescription medication list taht has nothing to do with the patient. They are liars to. Even the word of supervisors and higher up do not carry any vlaue. They promise and swear blindly that mediucation will be overnighted to paients, and a week later there is still no delivery. They will NOT deliver medication if there is an outstanding balance, that shoulkd be included in a second medication order, but that was stopped due to incompetence, neglect, and unwarranted interference from idiots that have no right to be working there. So, you can rather die than get your chronic medication from Medco. Does not matter what problem you have, THEY WILL DECIDE IF YOU GET YOUR MEDICATION OR DIE... Legal action is pending
Kevin Ber. December 28, 2010
pill shortage
Medco shipped me 132 vicodine but was suppose to send 360. I called and they said they shipped 360 the enclosed invoice said 360 but in the package was one bottle of three. ONLY ONE BOTTLE of 132. The package was opened by me and did not appear to have been opened prior to me getting it. A controlled substance like this should not be sent to a private individual but sent to a local drugstore or at least to be signed for after checking for proper amounts and identity of the product. Medco has a thief working there and I dont need the thief to know that I have pain pills and where I live to break in and get them. Yes think about it that way folks. Im peed off. From the looks of it I am not the only victim here. Lets get Medco.
Maiza December 21, 2010
Hard to work with
I have Medco insurance through work at Allstate and I have had nothing but problems with them. They have been the most irresponsible company I have ever been forced to work with. If you want to sit out their and act as if Medco is the perfect meds company that's fine. But I have heard a lot more complaints about them than compliments.I have mailed in prescriptions early thinking they would simply add it to my account. So I could place the order when I needed it Meco trashed the prescription, I had to go back to my Dr. and obtain a new one. I also had a problem when I mailed in a prescription that was post marked 8 days after I received it from my Dr. again Meco trashed it, I have had it with Meco. I am going to tell anyone who will listen just how Medco treats people.
Arnold L November 30, 2010
Unreal lack of customer service
I'm not sure why medco has the very worst customer service employees. How high is the unemployment rate?? Why can't they find individuals that are customer service oriented. If this was the first time I would ignore it but it is time and time again that I get the rudest ppl. Today I got a real gem of a gal named Lillian. She repeatedly cut me off and talked over me. I was trying to explain my issue but she obviously knew it all and didn't need my questions or concerns. MEDCO *** AND MY 100 WORDS are up!
conocophillipsemployee October 20, 2010
customer service
Medco, the prescription service WE pay good money for through conocophillips, ranks right on up there with Sprint regarding their customer service department. I have been on and off the phone for weeks trying to get my husbands high blood pressure meds filled. I have talked to doctors, and medco over the last 2 - 3 weeks! Medco lies about when they get the faxes from the doctors, you cannot get an address or phone number to turn in a complaint, no, the CUSTOMER SERVICE person your aggravated with wants to TURN IN YOUR COMPLAINT!
Anybody out there have a address or phone number I can call?
bgeisel October 17, 2010
I am a retired IBMer. If I have any other option for prescriptions this renewal (other than MEDCO), I am going to take it. MEDCO's website takes 10 seconds to deliver any screen. When they communicate to a question, they send you an email and tell you to sign on to see their answer.

I have been trying to get a 2008 expense total for a month. For the 3rd time, they want to call me to confirm personal information.

I stopped sending in my prescription to MEDCO because I could get it for $10 at Target. MEDCO was $15. Recently MEDCO reduced it to $10 - so now I can buy my medicine from MEDCO for the same price I get it at Target without insurance.

Sell this stock short.

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