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Meth Lab Cleanup Company

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13762 E Hellroaring Road, Athol, United States, 83801

Phone number: 208-683-1974

Meth Lab Cleanup Company Reviews

methlabcleanupcompany September 18, 2020
Meth Lab Cleanup Company
Meth Lab Cleanup Company offers responsive, reliable expertise and cost-effective solutions to our clients' clandestine drug lab issues including assessment and decontamination - for 20 years. Our experience and dedication ensures that our clients’ expectations are always met or exceeded.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company began developing instant meth residue test kits, early 2012. The onsite meth testing product available at the time had to be disposed of as hazardous waste and had a history of false positive results. Our objective was to develop an affordable, accurate, instant meth residue test kit that could be disposed of without special handling. AccuMeth® took two years to develop then underwent several successful validation exercises to include independent laboratory, side-by-side field testing and university review. Black Box Reader® used in conjunction with AccuMeth kits is the ONLY methamphetamine residue digital measuring device on the market. Revolutionary. MethAssure®, our laboratory analyzed kit, is unbeatable in quality control and turn-around times. No other lab analyzed kit can match it.

We like what we've come up with - meth residue detection products that are affordable, reliable and accurate. We think you'll like them, too.

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