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mmocs Reviews

jefferyl 10 hr ago
Not bad
Fast, friendly, and discreet. They answered my questions on skype before I placed my order and kept me up to date on the process. It was deposited to me with no issue. Thanks so much for working with me, I will definitely be back.
cliftonmholland November 17, 2017
high recommend
Very fast, and a decent price. I had some issues with another website I normally order from so I decided to check these guys out, and I was very satisfied. I definitely recommend shopping with them for all your mmo currency needs.
Royjwolfe November 15, 2017
safe and cheap
Visited this site a few times, its always been fast and safe. The customer service is good too. Will definitely come back again in the future.
lucasmkibler November 13, 2017
Best site I've used
Very professional and quick, with discreet service. Highly recommended, these guys are really great and also always available on live chat, very nice!
scottmorr November 10, 2017
good site
I love using mmocs I buy gold from them almost every month. It is really easy to use and one of the few sites I feel safe buying gold from.
georgelfranks November 8, 2017
good impression
Just recently heard about mmocs from a friend and thought I would try it out. I was nervous about buying in-game gold with real money but after a few more reassurances from my friend I decided to do it. It was surprisingly simple from start to finish and secure, which was the major concern that I had. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about using them.
henrycbartley November 6, 2017
Excellent service
The customer service at mmocs.com is top notch. Always delivering within less than 5 minutes of purchase. If you are buying gold elsewhere & waiting hours for your purchase, consider switching to Mmocs.com.
alanldavis November 3, 2017
Fast & Honest
There are many sites out there, but this one is legit, Amazing customer service, and the chat feature makes this flawless, Definitely will be coming back again!
markeapodaca November 1, 2017
Fast and efficient!
A really great very professional site. I love the speed of service and they are also quite friendly. Highly recommended to all my friends and fellow mmo players. Keep up the great work.
craigkpena October 30, 2017
very fast service will use again
Mmocs is one of the best gold sites out there. They make sure you get your gold really fast and timely because they are able to deliver within a few minutes usually. Just make sure you talk to them on skype or something and the lady is very nice she willh elp you throughout the whole process and this can be very easy to do. Also be patient because sometimes you gotta log in first and wait for them so they can confirm you. Anyways they are the best and cheapest for all so make sure you buy from them! I know i will, thank you!

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