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money scam UK-Malaysia

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money scam UK-Malaysia Reviews

MANDALA9 December 3, 2010
fake courier company and parcel
dear sir, below is the fraud, the letter sent by the scammer, where i discovered that the waybilll is fraudulent, the courier company is a fraud (none exist) and the tracking is a made up. it is from a site called Badoo.com, where a profile by the name of Donald Michael, 46 manchester, with this email below: Donald Michael <mickkymore@yahoo.co.uk>

i have also forwarded the two emails from the scammer to you.



From: Donald Michael <mickkymore@yahoo.co.uk>

Airway bill receipt.jpg (294KB) View Image


My darling here is the shipment details of the consignment.


website : www.tmxworldwide.com

The Tracking is : 76698312783

I have also attached the Airway Bill Receipt to this email.


this scammer is using badoo.com, to attracty victims from Malaysia and other places, to me it is a romance scam., as the scammer will pretend to fall in love with me, and revealed to me that he was actually a "runaway" from the SPF unit the special force of US Army, who has been assigned to Aghanistan for special duty. However, the team of operation discover a secret amount of CASH in USD, where they decided to take the money, spit among themselves (13 of them) and the spled the country for their lives. So, this scammer claims that he has been hiding in UK, looking for his love to build a new life with the sum of money.

He has decided he can use the money in Malaysia to build a good life with his love, which he said was me, and then he arranged thru a special courier agent of UK who will help to bring his money in a parcel personally from UK to Malaysia, and i am the receiver. So that is the email with the airway bill (which is fraudulent) and the tracking number of a courier site (this site is found to be just registered in Oct 2010, in Malaysia. ) the site is: http://www.tmxworldwide.com, according to whois check: http://www.who.is/whois/tmxworldwide.com/ it is not a courier company at all.

i also managed to request for a passsport from the scammer, but it should be a fraud passport as well. i have forwarded his email with his USA passport scanned copy for your review.

The scammer informed me that he has sent the parcel to my address, and then today someone contacted me, he said he is from the TM Diplomat company carrying the parcel for Donald Michael personally, but now he is stuck at the airport of Penang, where the malaysia custom found him not doing Vaccination clearance (yellow tag) hence he is being detained, and custom need him to pay charges for the clearance, which is 1700USD, so he called me for emergency help, said that he cannot declare the parcel, so ask me to immediately bank in money to his Hong Leong bank account so that he can take it directly to the custom for his release. And then he claimed that the airway bill also stated that the amount of handling charges of 3500pounds are to be cleared before he can hand over the parcel to me. And the scammer contacted me, said he is taking a ship in order to do a "illegal" transit to Dubai, then will come down to Malaysia from Turkey, so he asked me to pay the agent the 1700USD to get him out of custom first, and then take the parcel open it and get the cash inside the parcel to pay the agent, where he claimed the parcel contains 16million dollars cash bills.

and this is for me to keep safe till his arrival.

I have forwarded the email with the airway bills, and also the email with his passport.

The courier agent guy said his name is Carlos Anderson, and his bank account is: Hong Leong Bank Account no. 15051093047 with the name of Zijad Demirovic . and the cell phone number he is using is: 013-2159756. He even has a Malay lady partner who speaks malay and claims that she is pegawai biasa from custom office, he name is Kamariah Bte Maharuddin, where she verifies that she can take the payment and release the agent from custom office.

These names are involved in this scam:

Donald Michael (yahoo id: mickkymore@yahoo.co.uk, badoo id: donald michael) his cell number is: +44 7415333692, and +44 7031825783

Carlos Anderson (claimed to be the courier agent from TMX) his cell phone number is: 013-2159756

Anderson Judge (David) (yahoo id: andersonjudge@yahoo.com, badoo id: david anderson) his cell number is: +44 7031868776

Please do something about these scammers, i will want to see them be put away and not to victimize any other malaysians and others.

thank you very much.

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