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MoneyPak Reviews

LaLivid May 31, 2011
Bad Card / Service
Purchased a $125.00 MoneyPak GreenDot from CVS on May 31, 2011 8:09 a.m. However, when I tried to use it, I found that the card was defective! When attempting to scratch off the silver strip to reveal number, the entire silver strip came off taking the number with it! Number was unreadable! In a panic, I immediately called CVS to let them know what happened. The store manager said there was nothing they could do. He said, once the card leaves the store, its out of their hands. He said I need to call MoneyPak. Well, that was reassuring. So I immediately called MoneyPak and got a rep that basically laughed all of the way through my complaint. He must have been a past bill collector, because he couldn't care less about my problem. After I spent 20 mins on the phone with him giving him ALL my information including my name, phone number, my receipt date, store information, card detail... he told me to make copies of the card and receipt and fax it. He said "We, will go through the thousands and maybe millions of records to find the MoneyPak number and someone will get back to you in 24 hrs.." 24 hrs!? I need to do my business today, not tomorrow! He continued to laugh. He obviously was not a professional. Now, I'm out of $125.00 for who knows how long + the $4.95 service fee, not to mention the cost of sending a fax. I am a very UNHAPPY Customer and will NEVER risk my money on MoneyPak again.
Jennifer1983 May 19, 2011
Can't read code scratched to hard
My complaint so far is, I scratched the silver coding of where the number is hidden under, and I can get the rest of the number. I called then number, I have to wait est to call them, and I am on California time. And there's no code on a cvs receipt, and we don't have walmart.
Jpeterman April 8, 2011
Stolen Money
Wow. Purchase a moneypak for $300, go to use it the next day and my funds are GONE. $0.00

How does this happen?
PinkNH255 January 20, 2011
My account
I reloaded my GreenDot, Visa card 2 times and I thought I did it. But when I tried to order something they said it was denied. AND, my MoneyPak account says that I paid for it! But they, the company that I ordered from, said it was denied! So I should still have ALL of the money that I put in! So how do I get my money back into my account?
Christopher Oprah December 3, 2010
Wrong Information
Greendot Company in whole has very bad Customer service, The Customer Service Representatives dont co-ordinate among themselves. When Ever you call different person picks and tell you different thing. I have a refund Cheque i was suppose to pick from them. They promised me that I was going to receive it within (7-10) business days and today as am writing this article is the 13th business day i havent receive any cheque and all they could tell me was to wait for another (7-10) business days again for them to reprocess a new cheque. i needed the Money urgently to pay for my sons hospital bills and even need to travel form the address i gave to them. i have a flight which cost $1, 700 and cannot cancel the flight because of the cheque which is not up to half the ticket flight. Infact no body could help me there and am suprise. I need the money and dont know what to do now. Please to all people who deal with MONEY PAK from green dot. They are not a reliable company and should be very careful dealing with them they cant help you in any way when you get trouble. Infact Now is between Live and Death for my son and they told me their sorry they cant help me. If possible people should desist from using the greendot Moneypak because of their bad customer service. They Cant even track the cheque in US post.

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