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Joedokes September 27, 2016
Montage sucks
Having googled Montage Furniture Services, I now know that no matter what you claim, the chances are that they will not honor the claim. Services= what the bull does to the cow. And THAT is what will happen to you.hnud
Happy home maker November 16, 2015
do not buy!
My dtr sat w/ a poopy diaper and it took 6 WEEKS! to get someone out to my home to clean the cushion after MANY phone calls - Now I am waiting to have the bottom of my sofa (A different sofa) repaired (black material is hanging down on the bottom - you would think BROYHILL would do better than having some cheap flimsy material on the bottom) and have been waiting since August (it is mid November) - I will call every Monday until this is repaired Next time I purchase new furniture I will look into the company who is going to be cleaning/doing repairs as I see this company does not get higher than a one star rating (fyi - I would not even give it 1 star, but I had NO CHOICE)
verytired321 May 14, 2014
leather oversized chair
Purchased warranty and Montage said would not cover leather scratches or tears. This company takes money and you are done. Be ware, just another scam, Wow that's a surprise!
P Campbell July 13, 2011
Turned down claim
We were told that Montage Furniture Services would fix our furniture if anything went wrong with it. We paid $179 for coverage and now the first time we submitted a request for repair they have turned it down. That was after having to document the damage and mail it in (they refused to allow for an online submission). This is not a legitimate company. Do not let a store talk you into purchasing this plan.
shirley nelson October 25, 2010
Warranty No Honored
I purchased a recliner chair from you store in Brandywine, Maryland in November 2008 for 549.00 in addition I purchase a 5 year warranty plan for $149.00 in cash.

In June of 2010 I contacted your office to have someone to repair the latch on the chair because it did not work. I was told that a representative would call me back with a date to come to my home for repair. A representative came to my home to repair the chair and was unable to. He told me it would be 4 to 6 weeks because he had to order a part. After waiting 8 weeks I contacted Montage Furniture Services to inquire about the part. I was told that they could not get the part and the chair had been discontinued and I would receive a refund check in the mail in two weeks.

In September, I contacted Montage to ask where my refund was and was told that someone did not put the information in the system. I then, I requested to speak with a supervisor because this had been going on for 3 months and was told no supervisor was available. The representative told me that I had to tell her what was going on and I did. She told me that I would receive a letter in the mail which I had to sign before I could get a check mailed out and no one put the information in the system that is why I did not receive a letter. I then left my number for a supervisor to contact me which no one ever did.

The very next day I call again and was told that my information was in the system and that I would receive a letter in 2 weeks. I received a letter in the mail on October 6, 2010 stating an offer for $219.00 and I had to sign the letter and return it within 10 business days.


I contacted Montage on October 11, 2010 and spoke with a representative to ask for a full refund. I was told that they only pay 40% of the original price of the furniture if they no longer sole the chair. So I asked where that was written I purchased a five year warranty and did not see that in the contract. I representative told me that that is what they offer and it was not in the contract. I then asked could I get a credit she stated usually people just take the offer. I could go into the store and get a manager to write up something for $545.00 what I paid for the chair and fax it over to the office and it would take about 2 weeks before the would make a decision whether it would be approved.

I went to Regency Furniture store on October 23, 2010 and asked for a manager that handles the warranty. I was told she was out and would not be in until Monday. I then explained the situation to the representative in the store. She asked me could she see the offer letter and reciept and I showed her. She then looked in the computer and said “I don’t see where they told you to come in and pick out some furniture, but go ahead and we will have the representative to contact you on Monday. We don’t give refunds and if you find something you like it has to be a recliner chair only.

I paid for a warranty for 5 years in the contact it states “If the original selling retailer is not able to replace the Covered Product originally purchased of provide a satisfactory substitute product. You will be given a refund of the price of the covered Product, excluding sales tax, reinstallation and delivery cost”.

I purchased a set for my family room and went to your store to find a matching piece and was unable to do so. My sales representative looked on the computer and could not obtain a leather recliner that could match my sofa because of the color. Therefore, I am requesting a full refund of $545.00.
Ron Harwell August 24, 2010
Failure to honor warranty
I have experienced the same situation as others have reported on this site. I spent over $2, 400 with Ashley Furniture and with a very aggressive sales pitch from the sales guy elected to purchase the Montage Premium Protection plan. I was told that the plan would cover anything that happened with the furniture. The furniture was leather and someone spilled something on the leather which discolored it. I have been fighting this for 2 years and Montange, after initially denying the claim because I did have a certificate number that I was never provided, they finally sent a technician out to look at the furniture. It is now 2 years later and this particular line has been discontinued by Ashley and the local Ashley general manager told me that Montage would have to replace the entire living room suit. Needless to say, they are now claiming, that while this area is very limited, it is considered normal wear and tear.They have since come back and offered me a limited settlement which does not cover the replacement cost for the entire suit. There should be enough of us out there to stimulate a class action suit against these people.
I would like to know what we have to do to force these guys to be accountable, and I would also like to know what the incentive is for the Ashley sales force to market this so called product as aggressively as they do.
jaysonncarrie July 29, 2010
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Montage Furniture Services
3959 Centre Pointe Drive, Suite 50
Roseville, Minnesota
United States
Phone: 800-686-5559

Unbelieveable. The company is a joke. We spent thousands of dollars on a quality furniture with Ashleys and almost a thousand dollars on a protection program that is a joke. We have attempted to file a claim x3 on different pieces and everytime they come a reason why they don't cover the furnture. The plans is sold as a furniture mishap protection program..perfect for military personal and families with children. Damage done to leather by a pet is not covered, broken or missing pieces damage during a move by us...not covered. Now damage to finish done by sun and moisture from drinks on a coffee table not covered. Why did we even spent the money on such a program. If you do get them to look at it...it is months to get it looked at and then if it is covered...you must go back to a to the original store to pick up replacements dispite the fact that they are a national store chain. Because we moved 4 times in 28 months for the US ARmy and are now 2800 miles from the original store is this reasonable considering we paid alot of money for a protection plan to cover us!! My husband just came back from his 4th deployment and thought we would be covered by this program only to find out the entire program is a jOKE!!! Don't spend you money on this crap! You might as well just keep your money and take your losses...at least you have you own money to replace the item if it is damaged!
neverpurchasetheprotectionplan July 7, 2010
Protection Plan
I purchased the 5-year protection plan from American Furniture Galleries on several pieces of Ashley Furniture including bedroom and living room furniture. I was told this protection plan would cover absolutely cover anything. In the year since I purchased my furniture I have needed to use the protection plan twice. MFS will not service either claim. The most recent is for a broken zipper that is holding in the cushion stuffing on my sofa. I consider a zipper to be a mechanism - MFS considers it to be a seam (but do not state this explicitly) which I now find out is not covered. Customer service stated I could write in a request for a refund of my purchase of the protection plan but when I received the check it was short $89. I called customer service again and they had prorated the check plus deducted a cancelation fee. My conversation with customer service was not a cancelation of my policy, but a full refund of my purchase since the policy was useless to me. I was led to believe I would receive a full refund with my written request.

Carol C March 28, 2010
Approved Claim Did not Do the work
Montage Furniture Services: Paid for a 5 year warrantee on table top. The company responded and approved my claim. It had merit. Then simply did not support getting the replacement part. I gave them ample time to make good on the claim. They kept coming up with excuses, trucks delivering are slow and not moving, a warehouse closed down... the list went on. I continued to stay in touch with them and 10 month later and many emails and phone calls (what a waste of time) I still do not have my replacement table top.
zzhet June 21, 2009
I purchased 2 Leather Recliners fro Ashley Furniture Store about 3 years ago and also purchased their 'Montage Furniture Services' extended 5 year warranty. The reclining mechanism in both chairs has broken and they cannot get parts to repair the chairs.. I paid over $1600.00 for the 2 chairs... Since they can't be repaired they said that they would replace them & gave me $1674.00 store credit. When I went into the store to select other chairs, they now do not even have chair that cost that much. The 2 chairs I selected will cost $1200.00 and I was told that even though I was given $1674.00 store credit that I can only buy 2 pieces of furniture since that was what I bought originally and that I will just loose the other $474.00, , , , I do not think this is right as I have the credit but am not allowed to spend!!! Calling Indiana State Insurance Commission Tomorrow !!!

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