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M/s.Hebei Wayne Chemical Stock Limited

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Mr.MJ May 28, 2011
I have been member with Alibaba for the last 3years and thru alibaba M/s.Shijiazhuang South Coal Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. and
M/s.Hebei Wayne Chemical Stock Limited - contacted me for supply of PVC resin, when the material reached my factory it turned out to be chalk powder like thing, which we could not analyse what it is till today(USD15, 000Loss), when i made a complaint to Alibaba, theygave me a case number & they took all the documents and finallyafter 40days they said since these two supplier did not contact thru Alibaba, we cannot process the case, it is a shear eyewash on the part of alibaba, eventhough those two companies are Gold Member of Alibaba, even though i submitted that they came thru alibaba with a valid email proof, now alibaba stopped responding to my emails.So i truly and sincerely request all the people who are using Alibaba not to trust them for the simple reason even though myself and the supplier were Gold member of alibaba, they never took pain to identify the problem and get it solved for their members. I am concerned about others also, who can b scammed by these kind of chinese suppliers & that too thru Alibaba portal.

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