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Nationstar Mortgage Reviews

TDCorntown December 17, 2010
Inept Customer Service
Mortgage was sold from Citibank (after I asked them to refinance) to NationStar in November of 2010. I had to call them to 'check in' and was told I needed to submit a new automated deduction payment. I ask at the time if this was wrong, if it would be easy to change or cancel. She said yes. Come December I was charged twice for my mortgage. This 2-weeks before Christmas. It drained the account and savings. I called back and they told me I had to wait 30 days, pay an wire transfer fee and call my bank to have it cleared up. Uhm-no. I called Chase bank (my hero), told them of the double payment, which they quickly reversed. Now NationStar can deal with 'em. I saw this site and my heart sank. I guess my loan got sold to a high risk broker. Now I’m really screwed.
Land Shark December 16, 2010
Fraud, breach of contract, organized crime
These phonies sent me a ALT Loan MOD to sign and return to start my new payments. They are trying to get out of the contract they sent me and asked me to sign. I have made all the payments according to the agreement. They want me to start all over again. They lie over and over again. Their representatives are idiots, all of them. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE PART OF A CLASS ACTION SUITE AGAINST THIS COMPANY. They are like organized crime. If you have a problem with these morons, contact me so that I can assist you in dealing with them. I have contacted the FBI, AG office, house representative, fnma and if that does not work I plan on filing suit.
Disgruntled Homeowner December 14, 2010
Losing Payments
Refied in July. Title co sent tax pymt. Wrong amt. Now forwarded to mtg co twice - they say they haven't received. Told me to make a partial payment, now harassing phone calls about partial pymt. Keep calling and asking to be forwarded to different depts and keep getting disconnected. Does this company know what they are doing?
CTLC December 12, 2010
Nationstar Mortgage makes you believe that you are in HAMP I was sending documents since beginning of August I was sending documents that they were requesting and sometimes i already fax them and sent over night had signature confirmation, they have stringed us along thinking we were going to get a trial period and boom the foreclosure is near and still asking for documents, we even got a letter saying while being reviewed our house won't be in foreclosure and it's going to be auctioned December 13th, 2010 and we filed lawsuit against Nationstar. On this note one hand does not what other hand is doing so we all need to start fighting that Nationstar Mortgage has fraudulent activity.
rbay December 11, 2010
Unfair business
Nationstar mortgage carries my current mortgage. It was sold to them from GMAC about 4 years ago. I had went to refinance my loan and proceeded with all the paperwork and the appraisal with a fee of $430 dollars. They took 4 months to try to refinance to tell me they would not do it. I was furious with them!!
JStein December 9, 2010
Rip off
Nationstar bought my home loan from Citi Mortgage, and told my sick husband and I, they would give us a modifacation on our Home loan. We were behind 3 months because my husband had been in the hospital with heart problems. They said there was a 3 months payment trial period and they werec lowering our mortgage payments and we were so releaved we could keep our home. We made every payment on time waiting on the trial period to be over, the time drug on and on and it took a full year. I called them so many times in that year, I lost count. I would call to see what the hold up was and I'd hear every different reason it was taking so long. They lost my papers, they didn't add the Attorney fees. ect, ect and we never got to talk to the same person more then once. when I would call they never knew what I was talking about, and I was getting more and more upset with them. We were making $780 loan Modif. payments like they told us to make instead of the full $1290 payments. We signed 6 different Modif. papers each time they said there was some problem and it did not go through and the papers had to be redone. Each time they assured us this would be the last ones we would have to sign and each time they said it was nothing we did, it was there misstake for one reason or another. I now have a modif. loan with them but we owe over $20, 000 in back loan payments, $5000 in legal fees and doc. fees-this fee and that fee. If it was done in the 3 months like they told us it would take, we would have only owed them less then $5000 all together. Since they drug their feet for a year finishing the Loan Modif. they really made out not us in the end. Now we own them way more then the house is worth. Also we owe more then what we bought the house for 6 years before! We think this was just a way for them to ripe us off by them waiting so long for them to compleat the loan modif.! In the end our Loan Modif. payments changed from $780 to $1050 a month because we owed so much more on it and we are now making payments for another full 30 years. We couldn't do anything but sign as we were at their mercy if we wanted to keep our home. Is there anything we can do now about what they have done?
grace3me November 19, 2010
My mortgage was recently sold to Nationstar 11/1/2010 and I am already having problems. Since it has been sold to Nationstar I have receive 3 separate documents stating how much I am currently 'past due'... each document states a different amount. And when I call I get yet another amount. Document printed on 11/11 states $4062.40. Document printen 11/12 states $2458.12. Document printed on 11/13 $2559.76. Really??? so which one is it... NONE! I signed onto a forbearance plan with Citimortgage in July. In July I would pay $648 and in August I would pay $648, then Sept- Oct-Nov I would pay $1036 and finally in December I am to pay $2974 to bring my loan current. When I call Nationstar and explain they say yeah we see you are in a forebearance plan but you havent made a payment since August and "if you pay 'such and such' right now then you'll only owe blah blah blah. They are just trying to get money from me that I DON'T OWE! So I what am I to do now????
Floridan November 17, 2010
Predatory practices
My mortgage was recently sold to Nationstar. I am outraged that I have to pay $6.95 per month to be sure my payment is received and credited appropriately. I would encourage all Nationstar customers to COMPLAIN LOUDLY. I am contacting my elected officials and I plan to refinance ASAP. They have the amount of my monthly payment wrong. I can already see that they are crooks!
The people 2010 October 28, 2010
Class Action
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Sep 28, 2010 ... DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY;. NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE; ... Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) as a Real ... The “Trust” engaged in a plethora of “prohibited activities” and sold ... rating Agencies are currently under investigation by the Justice Department ...

Class Action vs Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Gmac ...
Sep 28, 2010 ... The Deutsche Bank as “Trustee” is a generic term for an entity not ... Nationstar Mortgage is thought to be a foreign corporation, but is not ... The “Trust” engaged in a plethora of “prohibited activities” and sold There are ... The rating Agencies are currently under investigation by the Justice ...
www.scribd.com/.../Class-Action-vs-Mortgage-Electronic-Registration-Systems-Gmac-Deutsche-Bank-Nation-Star-Aurora-Bac-Citi-Us-Ban... - Cached
racross October 26, 2010
Holding Insurance Repair Funds
We too had our GMAC loan sold to Nationstar. There were issues with making the initial payments, and then we too got one of those July 2009 letters about having not made our payment. At least for that mistake, they did later send an apology letter.
But our big problem with them is due to their refusal and endless excuses for not releasing our insurance money to pay for our home repairs. Our home sustained major damage from a tornado back in March 2010. We received an initial insurance check that we signed and forwarded to Nationstar in May. They released an initial amount of the money (10% of what we owed on the house) in late May. At the halfway point they released half of the remaining funds.
But since the house repairs were completed on August 27, 2010, we have received no additional money. They have given us every excuse in the book to hold on to the remaining funds. They were demanding that we send them a "Paid in Full" invoice from our contractor; they said they would not release the money until we did. To which we responded, "How can we pay him, if you will not release our insurance money to us????" They have also "misplaced" the depreciation check that we sent to them from our insurance company. We finally got them to agree that they would release all of the money that they were holding after they processed the depreciation check. So we over nighted it to them. They admit that they received it almost 20 days ago, but they don't seem to know where it is now.
I have had it with this company. Every time you call, you speak to someone different, and you get a different story. I just want what is lawfully mine, so that I can pay my contractor what is due him. And I have filed a complaint with the State's Attorney General's office.
My advice is to avoid this company like the plague! If your home is financed through them, do anything and everything you can to refinance somewhere else.

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