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Nokia / Nokia c7 mobile

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Nokia / Nokia c7 mobile Reviews

vganesan June 1, 2011
Gross cheating by Nokia India and falsely selling the product claiming for features that are not available with Nokia C7 mobile
Sir, 1. I have purchased a nokia c7 mobile phone (bill no 5144 &5146 dt 07/1/11 ) along with a bluetooth set bh108 mainly believing the nokia web page advertisement hosted on their company web page maps with free gps navigation with clear voice navigation. The web page claims that (maps with free gps navigation) " use the nokia bluetooth headset bh-217 for clear voice navigation as you walk". Please refer their web site url http:/Www.Nokia.Co.In/Find-products/Products/Nokia-c7-00/Features 2. The bluetooth set bh108 DID not function and I was not getting any voice guidance from the bluetooth set. I went to shop keeper and told him it is not working. He told me to make complaints to nokia care. Accordingly I made many complaints to nokia care. It was advised to me citing the web site of nokia ( http:/Www.Nokia.Co.In/Find-products/Products/Nokia-c7-00/Features) to purchase bh217 bluetooth set to use the feature. Again I purchased a bh217 bluetooth (bill no 536 ) set as claimed by nokia website. 3. From the day one never the voice navigation guidance could be heard from bh217 bluetooth set while on walk. I visited (three) nokia care premium centers at ambala cantt, new delhi and noida. None of the nokia care centre staff could solve the problem. They told to change the bh217 set. That was done. Told to re-install all the applications. That was done. No improvement or solution to problem. I get the voice navigation from mobile set while walking and not from bluetooth set. Spoke to one mr. Pulkit nokia care over phone on 14 apr 11 from 1830 to 1930hrs. No response calls till date. Again I called nokia care on 22 apr 11, spoke to one mr. Arvind at 1820hrs. Zero result. After 25 minutes he connected me to one mr sandeep sharma . He spoke to me for 20 minutes he promised that he will come to rectify the issue. No response till date. Till date and time no solution. Again called up nokia care on 25 apr 11, spoke to one samir. He was asking all the details for 40 minutes and told to go to nokia care centre and dropped the phone. Spoken to nokia care customer centre five times. Last I visited mannat telecom at noida india on 26 apr 11. Finally I placed a post on nokia discussion group the issue. Please refer http:/Discussions.Mea.Nokia.Com/T5/Cseries/Not-getting-navigational-voice-guidance-from-bluetooth-set-nokia/Td-p/1007599. 4. One mr malkit claiming as country service manager called me up on 05 may 11 telling that the issue is small and will either get it repaired or replace the whole set and bluetooth set. He asked for 5 days time. He didn't respond till 11 may11. I called him on 11 may 11, he told that someone else will call me. On 12 may 11 one mr dinesh called me and told that he will come back to me after 5 days. He never came back to me. In the meantime, I have sent many emails to nokiaindiadigitalmarketing@ovi.Com and to contactcentre.India@nokia.Com briefed almost 10-12 people from nokia. They(nokia india) were just misleading me only and ever a solution was offered. As I was experiencing gross cheating by the nokia india staff and directed to someone else again and again. I again appraoched nokia global for action on 23 may 11. Finally I was intimated on 24 may 11 by email by wayne michael spillett, global community manager for nokia. The contents are placed below from: "support.Discussions@nokia.Com" to: vganesan_iaf@yahoo.Com sent: tuesday, may 24, 2011 6:36 pm subject: nokia c7-00 / Bh-217 hi mr ganesh, with regard to your case, I regret to inform you that the news that I have received today is not good, I have a response from the c7-00 development programme that the latest symbian devices are actually designed to transmit voice commands through the phone speaker and not over bluetooth radio frequency to the headset; therefore your c7-00 is working as it is designed to do and regrettably the websites were wrong. Nokia is in the process of making sure that the publicity for the c7-00 is corrected. I cannot apologise enough for the inconvenience that this puts you to, not only in having bought the two products under the misapprehension that they would work in a particular way but also for the length of time it has taken nokia care to offer you a definitive response to your enquiries. Unfortunately, there is little that I can do further with regard to these products in this circumstance, if you wish to take matters further I would recommend that you make a complaint to nokia care india by calling +91 (city code) 30303838, I am more than happy that they contact me at this e-mail address if they need to verify any of the information that I have provided in this message. However, as a gesture of our goodwill and as a thank-you for bringing this issue to nokia’s attention, I have received authority to offer you fifty free music tracks to download from ovi music india. All you need to do is to let me know your ovi music account username (if you do not already have one, you can create one at http:/Music.Ovi.Com/In/En/Pc) and I will ensure that the rest is done. Ovi music offers high-quality mp3 music which you can listen to using your nokia c7-00 device or any other mp3-compatible device, and also burn to a CD using nokia’s ovi player software. I would appreciate your keeping this offer between us, because I cannot make such gestures often and do not wish other individuals to be unduly disappointed. If you have any further questions about the content of this e-mail, please do not hesitate to get back in touch with me. Kind regards, wayne spillett community manager – nokia support discussions salo – finland. 5. Sir, as intimated by mr wayne spillett if the web sites were wrong why no action was taken for two months and why I was made to make multiple calls to nokia staff and made to go to various repair centres. Why I should accept the paltry compensation of few songs for highly misleading web advertisement and all the mental and physical torture and monetary expenditure incurred on phone calls. The nokia company by their gross cheating attitude and falsely selling the product claiming of features that are not available and could not rectify. Till yesterday the publicity features was available in the nokia web site(image attached). Today the the publicity features was found removed from the nokia web site(image attached). I request that the company may be punished with open apology for misleading the public and recalling of faulty nokia c7 mobile set and nokia BH217 bluetooth headset . I may be please be given with compensation for mental and physical torture and all my monetary expenditures and the company may be instructed to pay my expenditures and compensation. With regards

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