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Nokia/N-70 music edition phone

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Nokia/N-70 music edition phone Reviews

August 9, 2008
Nokia N-70 music edition Phone is the worst phone i have ever seen.
I had bought a new Nokia N-70 music edition phone last year, with great joy, hoping my phone was the best among my colleagues.
Problems started very soon with the speed of the phone.it was taking nearly hours to open applications, it was very annoying all time.
soon after my warranty got expired, even the phone stopped working, "I GUESS, NOKIA PHONES WORK ONLY FOR A YEAR".
With great disappointment, i went to the nearest Nokia service center, hoping for something good to happen, Oops, Nokia Service centers are the worst, i have ever seen.They asked me to come after 2 days .
Guess what happened after 2 days, Service people reply, please come after another 2 days, we are rectifying what is the problem,
These people call themselves "Mobile Technicians", God knows what they did to my phone.
After 2 days, they reply me stating, "YOUR PHONE IS TAMPERED, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO REPAIR, PLEASE TAKE YOUR PHONE TO THE NEXT NEAREST NOKIA SERVICE CENTER", I was shocked listening to this. I have never ever given my phone for service since a year, How can these people say like that.Ok fine, Went to the next service center, He took almost a week to say that my phone was tampered and can't be repaired.

So, Nokia service people really don't know how to rectify the phones defects.i suspect some foul play by the nokia service center people.They have tampered my phone, they are responsible for my phone's loss.Had shelled 16ooo for this crap nokia n-70 phone, now really there's no values for this.

Nokia Products are the worst, and there service is even worst.
So all Nokia phone's are just designed to work for a year .
There Service people hardly have any knowledge about the phone's hardware.It really Sucks after spending so much of money and time .

I advice people not to go for NOKIA PRODUCTS.Spending so much off money is worth nothing.
really gonna sue Nokia for fooling people about there products.

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