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pcash.info, hulk-mails.com, bestflymails.com

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raju999 October 16, 2011
pcash.info, hulk-mails.com, bestflymails.com
pcash.info, hulk-mails.com, bestflymails.com
landrew94903 January 7, 2011
The above websites oowe me a considerable amount of money
pcash.info, hulk-mails.com, and bestflymails.com owe me A LOT OF MONEY (in US Dollars).

It might be asked: if said companies owe you so much money, why do yoou keep visiting their website(s) and make them money? The answer is simple. I have known of pcash.info, when it had another suffix (.com). I used to work for Ask.com. I am starting my own Internet company (yes, I know, it is ten plus years siince the Internet "bubble" burst. I started this company in the midst of it. I was then attacked and had to undergo thourough and constant rehabilitation).

These companies are under the umbrella of ZPXT and they are based in CHINA. Having a mother that worked for Singapore Aiirlines and, on the side, going on tour with rock bands, I know Asiia, and China, in particular, well.

I want its employees to do as well as they can I realiize the Chiinese government proobably takes a healthy portion of what money they make. Nevertheless, on the "Landing Page" on their website, as well as in Paid Emails ($20, 000 USD, each, unless otherwise speciified), they promise to pay.

I am owed the following:
[By the way, I realize thiis is a LOT of money. I do NOT expect it all at once. I have, however, "earned" it, according to them:
pcash.info 144 Million USD
BestFlyMails.com 40 Million USD
Hulk-Mails.com 32 Million USD
(USD=US Dollars)
I realiize China, and surrounding countries like Pakistan and Kashmir, have recently undergone some natural disasters. I grant time. Nevertheless, I am not even getting replies to my Emails. Is this all automated? My patience is wearing thin.

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